How To Tell if a Gemini Woman Loves You

How To Tell If A Gemini Woman Loves You

Born between May 20 and June 20, Gemini women are often characterized by their love, open nature, calm demeanor, and love to make new friends but can be extra picky when it comes to their romantic relationships. 

While you and a Gemini woman are developing your friendship, you may notice that her behavior and expressions indicate that her feelings for you are developing. You want to make sure that these feelings are genuine. 

When a Gemini woman falls for you, she acts like a young teen in love. It’s not hard to notice the signs of romance. You can see that a Gemini woman is in love when she wants to have a deep conversation with you, she gives you her attention and she’s openly flirtatious. This will allow you to respond appropriately.

So how do you tell if your Gemini woman likes you? Here are some subtle and obvious signs that you should look out for.

She Wants to Have Lengthy and Deep Conversations

She Wants To Have Lengthy And Deep Conversations

A Gemini woman’s intelligence will never cease to amaze you because she is the true definition of an intellectual who sees clearly and far ahead of her time. If a Gemini lady likes you, she’ll want to talk for long hours, leapfrogging from one topic to another and never run out of words to express. Once this lady has feelings for you, she does not have any difficulty communicating her heart de hi sires, her words beautifully chosen to sway you in her charm.

She Openly Flirts with You

Although a Gemini woman may seem flirty in friendships, their behavior is different when they have a crush on you. Flirting, subtle comments and obvious signs that they find you attractive. Playing with words comes naturally to her, and once smitten, she will pour herself into engaging her heart and mind with the right words that you wish for her.

She Gives You Her Full Attention

A Gemini woman would only offer you her time and attention if you are deserving of it. If she communicates with you, spends time texting you, or stays late at events to connect to you, she makes it clear that her interest is in you.

She Opens Up to You

The sun sign beauties don’t reveal their innermost thoughts to everyone. It means a lot if the girl you’re interested in starts to get more vulnerable with you. Expressing her emotions more freely, revealing her darker sense of humor, or sharing her art with you. A Gemini woman who likes you would ask you questions to encourage you to open up as well.

She’s Physically Affectionate

She'S Physically Affectionate

Gemini women like to express their emotions through gentle touches. If a Gemini woman is attracted to you, she will give you warm hugs, touch your arm during conversations and even cuddle up next to you when you are watching a movie together. Physical touches could be her way of expressing her feelings for you.

She Introduces You to Her Friends

Gemini women do not like keeping you hidden from their friends if they like you. They will introduce you to her friends and loved ones in a quest to show you off.  These women strive to include you in their inner circle and take you along in their adventures. 

Her Body Language Is Open

The sign of Gemini is ruled by the hands and arms. If the girl uses expressive hand gestures as she speaks to you, it is a subtle sign that she’s interested in the conversation and your company. They make frequent eye contact while talking. Their chirpiness and exaggerated expressiveness could be a good hint about her feelings for you.

She Doesn’t Give Up on You Easily

When you are going through rough and hard times in your life, a Gemini woman sticks around if she likes you. Through any difficult situation, a Gemini woman will be there for you if her feelings for you are real. They will do everything they can to help you sail through the situation and support you by all means.

She Buys Gifts for You

She Buys Gifts For You

Gemini women love making gifts for their loved ones. They can be creative by putting a lot of effort into finding you the best presents. A Gemini woman’s presents show her attempts to seek something that interests you to express her affections for you.


A Gemini woman is flirty, cheeky, and fun when she’s in love. She will enjoy your company. She looks forward to having conversations with you.  A Gemini woman will not turn down a date when she has feelings for you. She will show up when you invite her. She will be interested in your life and take every opportunity to know you better.

When you see these signs, it’s only appropriate that you respond accordingly. Be careful lest you hurt her tender feelings. Open your mind and heart to the fun and adventure cause Gemini women have a strong liking for outgoing people.