16 Telltale Signs a Gemini Man Secretly Likes You

Signs A Gemini Man Secretly Likes You

Are you crushing on a charming Gemini man but aren’t sure how he really feels? Have you been trying to figure out if he has a liking for you, or is he just being friendly?

Geminis enjoy seducing females, and they’re incredibly good at it. It’s hard to tell whether you’re one in the row of his conquests or the only one for him.

It’s been several weeks, and you still can’t make out what he is hinting at. His actions show his interest one day, and he seems to be a different person the next day.

So, what are some signs a Gemini man secretly likes you?

If a Gemini man likes you, he will become a hopeless romantic. He wants more than to sleep with you. He throws surprises and gifts your way, hoping to stay in your heart. His body language changes, and he begins to touch you more often. He regularly texts and calls you to check on you.

In this article, you’ll go through all the signs a Gemini man displays when secretly attracted to a girl. Let’s find out how to tell if your believed admirer happens to like you too!

A Gemini Man Shows Interest in 16 Ways

A Gemini Man Shows Interest In 16 Ways

As an air sign of astrology, Geminis always look for something new and exciting. If you’ve got his attention, he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.

Here are the 16 most common signs he’s secretly in love with you.

1. He Flirts Openly but With Class

He Flirts Openly But With Class

Imagine being in the same room with a Gemini guy. He makes you feel like his entire world. He stares at you with love-filled eyes while flirting. You will feel like he is seeing straight into your soul.

He uses humor and wit to make you laugh but won’t overstep boundaries. You start feeling the intense energy between you two, and that’s how he makes his move.

2. He Surprises You With Gifts

He Surprises You With Gifts

Geminis like to stay in the spotlight; one way to do that is through gifts. He shows his affection for you with thoughtful presents.

For example:

  • A bunch of red roses.
  • Chocolates as a token of love.
  • A teddy bear with a heartfelt message written on it.
  • A piece of jewelry.
  • Your favorite book or a movie ticket.

This is a great indication he likes you and wants to please you. If he’s not afraid of investing in you, it means his feelings are real.

3. He Finds Excuses To Talk to You or Text You

People born under this zodiac are social creatures. They find ways to keep in touch with the person they like.

There are many signs a Gemini man likes you through text. He can ask you for help or to discuss something of general interest. He might call you up or text you out of nowhere just because he wants to hear his sweetheart’s voice.

He never ignores your messages and replies with great enthusiasm. You must learn to seduce him through text and reciprocate the same efforts. This is a sure sign he’s into you and likes to get closer.

4. You Will Receive Compliments From Him

You Will Receive Compliments From Him

Suppose you and a Gemini male are on an outing together. He’s going to charm you with his sweet and gentle words. He notices your dress, hair, and makeup.

He gives compliments like:

  • “You look beautiful today!”
  • “Your eyes are mesmerizing.”
  • “I love your dress and the way you carry it.”

These compliments are a way of expressing his admiration for you. It signifies how attractive and desirable you are in his eyes.

5. PDAs Are His Thing

Pdas Are His Thing

Public displays of affection (PDA) are his way of showing love. Gemini is among the most flirtatious zodiac signs. So, don’t be surprised if he holds your hand in public or wraps his arms around you.

  • He keeps his arm around your shoulder while walking.
  • He kisses your forehead when you least expect it.
  • He gives gentle hugs and cuddles with you. 

All these gestures are a subtle clue he aspires to you as more than just a friend.

6. He Wants You To Know He Is Single

Think for a moment, why does a man need to tell you that he’s single?

It’s simple. He wants you to understand that his heart only belongs to you. He desires to make it clear that no other woman has the same importance as you in his life.

He makes it known by introducing himself as “single” or showing interest in you in front of his friends. It indicates he is smitten with you and aims to make it official soon!

7. He Asks a Lot of Questions

A Gemini guy doesn’t shy away from asking questions. He’s curious and struggles to know more about you. He is interested in your hobbies, dreams, likes, and dislikes.

He will ask personal questions too, because he wishes to get close to you as much as possible. It’s a clear signal he is falling for you and is ready to dive deep into a relationship with you.

Editor’s Note

The love language of a Gemini man means going the extra mile to make his crush feel special. You become a kind of challenge for him to win. And he leaves no stone unturned to show his affection.

8. He Will Do Silly Things With You

He Will Do Silly Things With You

Have you ever gone to a movie theatre where you dress up like your favorite character? Maybe not! But, a Gemini boy likes to experiment with his partner.

He’s spontaneous and enjoys doing crazy things to see your smile. He teases you, plays pranks on you, or tries something new every day. His playful attitude is a reflection of his emotions.

Give him a surprise by planning an adventurous date or a movie night at home. He loves it and enjoys your company even more.

9. His Friends Subtly Hint His Love for You

Let’s say he is talking about you in front of his friends. He mentions your name with a sincere smile on his face. His buddies may tell you some great stories about him and how much he adores you.

His friends know everything related to his love life. So, they are the right source to get an insight into his sentiments.

10. He Gets Jealous With Your Guy Friends

He Gets Jealous With Your Guy Friends

Well, it’s normal for anyone to feel possessive about their partner. The same goes for a Gemini guy. He gets angry and jealous when he sees you talking to your male friends. He can’t stand it when you hang out with another guy.

He tries to find out what you are up to and is always on the lookout. His possessiveness is a way of showing his care toward you.

11. He Wants More Than To Sleep With You

It’s not always about one night stand for him. He looks for an emotional connection with his partner and loves to explore more about her.

He is passionate in bed but makes sure you feel safe, secure, and valued. He will respect your decision if you don’t want to get too physical. This means he is in it for the long haul.

12. His Eye Contact Betrays Him

His Eye Contact Betrays Him

A Gemini man’s eye contact is enough to speak his heart out. When he likes you, his gaze gets stuck on yours, and it speaks volumes about the depth of his feelings.

He starts observing your lips when you talk and tries to read every sensation in your eyes. Moreover, his eyes sparkle as soon as they meet yours – a sign that he is deeply attracted to you.

13. He Values Your Opinion

Geminis express love in numerous ways. He respects your opinion and listens keenly to whatever you have to say. He pays attention to every detail and studies your body language too.

  • He never interrupts you while you’re speaking.
  • He takes your opinion seriously and considers it in his decisions.
  • He looks up to you for support and guidance.
  • He makes an effort to include you in meaningful conversations.

14. He Introduces You to His Social Circle

He Introduces You To His Social Circle

He is proud of you and wishes to show you off to the world. He introduces you to his family and friends. It shows a Gemini man has a strong liking for you, and he trusts this relationship.

He participates actively in social gatherings with you and ensures that all his loved ones know about your story.

15. His Body Language Says It All

His Body Language Says It All

Let’s start with his smile. His lips curve a little more when he sees you, and his face glows in your presence. He will try to stand close to you, mirror your movements, and keep his hands around yours for longer.

He loves touching and hugging you as it helps him display his passion without saying much. All these physical cues are enough to hint at his hidden love for you.

16. He Accepts Your Invitations to Parties

He Accepts Your Invitations To Parties

Due to his airy nature, a Gemini guy likes a party girl the most. He never says no to your invitations and jumps into the party mood more quickly than anyone.

He is the life of the party and does whatever it takes to make you smile. He cheers for you and loves it when you show off your moves on the dance floor.

In Conclusion

A Gemini man is truly wonderful to be in a relationship with. His zest for life, positive vibes, and endearing nature win the heart of many people around him. If he likes you secretly, then it becomes necessary to observe his little gestures and clues carefully.

His loving expressions are there for you to pick up if you pay attention closely. All these signs will help you understand how much this guy loves and cares about you!