How To Tell When a Capricorn Man Is Lying: 10 Clear Signs

How To Tell When A Capricorn Man Is Lying

Have you ever wondered how a Capricorn man reacts to what you’re saying? Do you want to know how to spot a Capricorn liar?

Capricorn men lie as if they are telling the truth. But they forget one thing – their body language will always give them away.

From false claims to evasive answers, nothing escapes their poker face. A Capricorn boyfriend or husband takes benefit of the situation to benefit himself.

Telling lies here and there is human nature. And in most cases, those little white lies are harmless. However, it’s still good to be able to spot a liar when you meet one.

Some Cap guys are pathological liars. So, if you could uncover their dishonesty early on, it would help protect you from further deceit.

This begs the question, what are the common signs to tell when a Capricorn man is lying?

A Capricorn guy rubs his neck or head when covering the truth. He avoids eye contact and takes a long time to answer your questions. His body language and tone of voice shift like the wind. He can’t explain his story backward. He also uses vague words like ”perhaps,” ”maybe,” and ”kind of.”

Keep reading to find out what these indicators of dishonesty are so that you can protect yourself from potential deception. Following are the 10 telltale clues to catch a Capricorn male in a lie.

10 Obvious Signs a Capricorn Man Is Lying

Signs A Capricorn Man Is Lying

Being an earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorns are the master of hiding their true feelings. It means not every time you can easily guess their lies.

Sometimes a Cap guy will lie to save his own skin. Other times, he may do it out of fear or to protect you from something unpleasant.

But you can find if he is fibbing by looking for the following changes in his behavior.

1. He Is Rubbing the Back of His Neck or Head

He Is Rubbing The Back Of His Neck Or Head

Tell me one thing. Have you ever felt the need to rub your head, face, or arms when you don’t believe in the words coming out of your mouth?

We all are guilty of this. We do this out of nervousness or to cover up a lie that we just made up. Similarly, if you notice a Capricorn man rubbing the back of his neck or head, he is trying to hide something.

He wants to avoid getting caught in the act. He’s feeling uncomfortable, anxious, or scared. It is also a sign that he feels guilty about it.

2. He Avoids Eye Contact

He Avoids Eye Contact

A Capricorn man will look away when asked a direct question. His eyes dart around the room, and his gaze turns away from yours.

It indicates that he’s not okay with what you’re asking. If this behavior becomes consistent, something may be off, and you should investigate further.

By avoiding eye contact, a Cap man hopes to keep his lies concealed and out of sight.

Pro Tip

Tell him this when he is talking to you but seeing someone else. “Hey, what if I keep seeing someone else when I’m with you?” If his forehead wrinkles, you have a liar on your hands.

3. His Overly Detailed Answers

When telling lies, people tend to give too much information in an attempt to make their story believable.

He is fabricating some story if he is also going into detail about things that don’t matter.

For example, when you ask him about where his last night was spent, he will say:

“Oh, I went to the movies with my friends. The weather was nice, and the seats in the theater were comfortable. We got popcorn and watched this new movie that had just come out.”

What did you notice? He is convincing you too much by giving unimportant details. This behavior is a clue he’s trying too hard to cover up something.

4. He Tells Stories That Don’t Make Sense

He Tells Stories That Don’t Make Sense

If a Capricorn guy tells stories that don’t make sense or fail to add up logically, it could be a sign of dishonesty. He deliberately confuses you to hide the truth.

You might be wondering if he is cheating on you. It’s a kind of mind game he plays to conceal the facts. And you are the one who gets affected by it in the end.

5. He Takes a Long Time To Answer Your Questions

Imagine you and your Capricorn boyfriend are on a date. Suddenly, you ask him something related to his past.

  • But instead of giving you an answer, he is just staring blankly at the wall.
  • He pauses for a few moments, looks away, and then responds.
  • It indicates that he’s going through some story in his head.

So you can tell when a Capricorn man is lying by noticing hesitation in conversation.

6. His Tone of Voice Changes

His Tone Of Voice Changes

Pay attention to the pitch and volume of his voice. These guys sound like they aren’t comfortable when lying.

The tone of their voice will be lower or higher than usual. It can also sound shaky or strained. They mumble more when attempting to avoid detection.

If his voice goes up or down, he’s not telling the truth. A liar will often raise the pitch of their words, like a kid who’s been caught stealing candy.

7. He Can’t Explain His Story Backwards

A good indicator of falsehood is someone who can’t justify their story backward. A liar Cap feels like he needs to repeat himself or doesn’t give a clear explanation.

He tells you about his office work, and the next time; he has some new scenarios with different details.

Ask him to elaborate on his version again in reverse order (starting from the end). If he has difficulty explaining it, something fishy is going on.

Editor’s Comments

A Capricorn male doesn’t fib 24/7. It is also possible that he is done with you and wants to end the relationship. And now he is giving you these excuses to make a graceful exit.

8. His Body Language Shifts

His Body Language Shifts

A Capricorn guy is lying if you see any of the following shifts in his body language.

  • He comes off as nervous or tense.
  • His sitting posture becomes stiff.
  • He folds his arms and looks away.
  • He starts to fidget or touch his face. 
  • His head drops when asked a question.

Try to calm him down and have a clear conversation. Get close to him and hold your partner’s hands. If he is still not able to connect with you, his words are not trustworthy.

9. He Will Stare at You Without Blinking Much

He Will Stare At You Without Blinking Much

Communication is not just verbal. It is also non-verbal. You should observe the eyes of a Capricorn man. The truth comes out through intense eye contact.

He maintains a longer-than-normal gaze when you are talking to him. One big tip-off is that he may not even blink for a few seconds.

Instead of focusing on what he says, observe the way his eyes move. If his eyes are not in sync with the words, it’s a symbol that something is up!

10. He Uses Words Like ”Maybe” or “Perhaps”

These words are indicators of deceit or dishonesty in love and relationships. When he uses the terms too often, it suggests he’s not being entirely honest with you.

For instance:

  • You: “Did your ex call you last night?”
  • He: “Perhaps, but you know how things are.”
  • You: “What about our plans for this weekend? I am sure you have some?”
  • He: “Yes, but maybe my boss needs me to stay late. So, I am kind of uncertain.”

It’s his way of dodging questions. He wants to create an escape route while still maintaining his integrity.


In conclusion, it’s easy to tell when a Capricorn man is lying. You must pay attention to his body language, speech patterns, emotional response, and facial expressions. But wait, don’t jump the gun.

Before you accuse him, test the waters first. Give him the benefit of the doubt and talk to him about what you are thinking. Ask him to be honest and explain the situation. Be clear that dishonesty isn’t a good foundation for any relationship.

That way, you can avoid any misunderstandings. Finally, trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!