How To Know When a Capricorn Man Is Done With You

How To Know When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You

Capricorn men have a reputation for being overly ambitious and completely focused on their future and career.

They are also not the type of men you’d expect to be all cuddly or open with matters of the heart, but once they find someone they love, someone they are comfortable with, you’ll see a different and amazing side to the Capricorn man.

However, there comes a time in your relationship with a Capricorn man when you start to feel like he’s pulling away. You start to notice uncommon behavioral changes and possible threats to the relationship.

If you’re in this stage, it can be very tricky because Capricorn men are not fully capable of expressing this type of emotions, and you don’t want to jump to conclusions cause you might be wrong and ruin things.

If you want to confirm if something is truly off or if he’s just going through a phase, you need to know more about Capricorn men and how they withdraw from relationships.

So what are the signs that a Capricorn man is done with you?

When a Capricorn man is done with you, he’ll no longer tell you he loves you. He’ll also criticize you more often and try to exclude you from his personal life. Also, he’s no longer interested in your life details or jealous when he sees you with other guys.

Capricorn men excel at everything except expressing emotions. Read on to learn more about them and the signs that they are no longer interested in a love relationship with you.

Clear Signs A Capricorn Man Is Done With You

Clear Signs A Capricorn Man Is Done With You

There’s nothing quite frustrating as uncertainty in a relationship. The constant state of paranoia where you’re not sure if it’s the end or a little rough patch. This is even worse with Capricorn men because of their inability to express feelings properly.

Capricorn men don’t like to hold such uncomfortable emotional conversations and would rather you find out yourself that things are over. Here are 8 sure signs to look out for.

He Doesn’t Tell You How Much He Loves You Anymore

Yes, it’s true; Capricorn men take longer to get close to people and even longer to openly express their feelings. But once they get there, there’s no holding back.

A Capricorn man in love with you will let you know all the time. He believes in openness and trust in his relationships and will leave no room for doubts.

When a Capricorn man is no longer interested in you, he will cease expressing his feelings for you. You’ll no longer get those random love texts, and he’ll stop telling you he loves you. Even when you say it to him, he might change the topic or find an excuse to leave the room.

This is mainly because Capricorns value their words highly. They don’t like to say things they don’t mean, and even if he no longer likes you, a Capricorn man will never lie to you.

He Becomes Busier

It’s already common knowledge that Capricorn men always have something to do. It could be a work project or personal milestone, whichever, there’s always something to achieve, so he’s hardly ever available.

Nevertheless, all these changes when he gets into a relationship. You’ll be surprised how much a Capricorn man will twist his schedule to create time for his heartthrob.

Sadly, when he’s done with you, he’ll start making excuses not to be around you. Remember how things were before he fell for you? How he always stayed late at work and hardly ever have time to chat or call? You will start to notice those signs again.

Since Capricorn men are not good at the verbal expression of love, they usually let their actions do the talking. It’s simple, a Capricorn man that cannot find quality time to spend with you is no longer interested in you. This is, in fact, one of the easiest ways to find out if the relationship is over.

He Criticizes You More Often

Capricorn men are very intelligent and opinionated. To some extent, they are perfectionists and will criticize your every mistake. However, they tend to tone this trait down when they are in love. A Capricorn man who loves you would not want to hurt you by being too harsh, so he’ll rather let you be or use logic to address issues.

This all changes when he’s done with you. A Capricorn man will feel like he no longer needs to withhold his opinions from you, no matter how harsh, and will dish them out at any time. Capricorn men generally have an annoying trait where they like to point out the tiniest mistakes. You’ll start to see this side of him.

Sometimes he might be doing it unconsciously because he no longer cares, or it could be that he’s doing it intentionally to try and frustrate and push you away.

He No Longer Wants To Hear About Your Life

When a Capricorn man is interested in you, he isn’t just interested in you alone. He wants to be involved in your entire life. Your family, friends, career, and dreams. He wants a major stake in your life. It’s not because he’s possessive or a control freak. He just wants to be important to you in any way possible.

Nevertheless, he becomes indifferent to you when he’s done with you. Suddenly, he no longer wants to know what Susan said to you at work or that’s it your cousin’s birthday. This is a sign that you no longer interest him.

He Becomes More Personal With His Finances

Capricorns don’t joke around with their future. There’s no room for uncertainty, and they can’t sleep unless everything in their life is figured out. Before a Capricorn man enters a relationship, he must have enough confidence and trust in you. This is because he’ll make sure you’re involved in every aspect of your life, including his finances.

So when he’s done with you and no longer sees a future, he wastes no time separating himself from you financially. You might think he’s ruthless for this, but we promise you, he doesn’t care.

Editor’s Comments

Finance is a very sensitive area for Capricorn men. If you both had a joint account, he might suggest closing it and start encouraging you to do things separately. This is a very clear sign that things are over.

You Might Notice It From His Friends or Family

Capricorn men prefer long-term relationships and will always fight heavily to maintain any relationship they are in.

Capricorn men generally keep close circles filled with people they trust and go to for valuable advice. Once they start having doubts about you and can no longer keep it to themselves, they usually ask their friends or family for opinions.

Letting you go is a critical decision, so they can never rush things. Though you might not explicitly hear that it’s over from his circle, you’ll start to notice a change in their countenance.

These guys are loyal to him too, so they won’t tell you, but from how they speak or behave when you’re around, you should know when something is up.

He Is No Longer Jealous

Capricorn men can be very possessive. They are loyal lovers who easily get jealous when they see their partner with other guys. Most times, their possessiveness and jealousy are mild and hidden.

Still, if you’re observant enough, you’ll notice how uncomfortable he is when you’re around others, especially those he feels threatened by.

However, when he’s done with you, this jealousy and possessiveness are gone. He no longer sees you as someone close to him, so he doesn’t care how much you mingle with others.

He Lets You Know

Capricorns are known for their honesty and bluntness. Sometimes, he might just skip all the theatrics and tell you directly.

The only thing that can stop him is if he knows a direct message like that could cause a severe emotional collapse for the other person. In such cases, he’ll slowly withdraw his affection and let the person figure things out themselves.

Capricorn men don’t like emotional outbursts from anyone. If he believes you can take the news well, he’ll be extremely blunt with you.

The Bottom Line

Capricorn men are old souls trapped in young bodies. They are born with years of wisdom relating to almost any part of life you can think of, like relationships.

While they might seem distant and uncaring at first, these guys are excellent lovers. They understand what it takes to make a woman happy, and like everything in their life, they are good at it.

That’s why it’s challenging when you feel your Capricorn man is tearing away from you. Him being unable to adequately express such extreme emotions makes it so much harder because you might not even know where you stand.

Luckily, while a Capricorn man might not explicitly tell you it’s over, there are signs you can use to know.

For one, he doesn’t profess his love to you anymore. This is because Capricorns hate lies. Also, he becomes busier and never has time for you. He’ll also criticize your every move, lose interest in your life, try to personalize his finances, and even tell his close friends.

Lastly, if he knows you’re emotionally strong, he might approach you and say everything.