How To Make a Taurus Man Miss You (Get in His Head)

How To Make A Taurus Man Miss You

If you want your Taurus man to miss you and keep thinking about you, know that it’s really not all that hard. Taurus men are hard-working, wonderfully trustworthy, and caring.

You might be looking to have a little distance from him for a while, but at the same time, you want to add some spice to the relationship.

So, how to make your Taurus man miss you like crazy when you’re not around?

Show some unavailability that would keep him thinking about you. Be flirty with him and keep the romance alive. Always show a little mysteriousness, and don’t give away everything about yourself at once. Reminding him of the memorable moments you shared and appreciating him will also attract him to you.

Here is a complete list of effective tips on how you can make your Taurus miss you, so he’ll be eager to see you again. Let’s reveal the ideas!

1. Show Some Unavailability to Him

Show Some Unavailability To Him

Being available all the time isn’t going to make a Taurus want you more. In fact, it might even do the opposite. You should be a little bit unavailable to your guy to achieve your target. This will make him start to miss you and wonder what you’re up to.

You don’t need to be too obvious about it. Just act like you’re busy with work or other things in your life and don’t have much time to text him or talk on the phone. If you usually spend your weekends together, let him know that you have plans with your friends and can’t see him.

Post some of the pictures of your girls’ night out on social media so he can see that you’re having fun without him.

This will make him miss your company, and he’ll be glad to have you back when he finally sees you again.

2. Be Flirty and Romantic With Him

Be Flirty And Romantic With Him

In any relationship, flirting is always a good idea. It’s a way to keep the romance alive and make your partner feel wanted. When it comes to Taurus men, they love being flirted with. They’ll feel appreciated and miss you more when you’re not around.

Suppose you are texting him, and he sends you a funny meme. You can reply with something like, “I miss your sense of humor. I can’t wait to see you again so you can make me laugh.” This will definitely make him smile and miss you at the same time.

When you’re together, don’t be afraid to compliment him. Tell him how good he looks in that new shirt or how sexy his new haircut is. It will ignite his passions, and he’ll be eager to see you again to get more compliments.

3. Always Look Stunning

Always Look Stunning

Appearances stimulate Taurus guys. They are visual creatures who are attracted to beautiful things and passionate about them. A Taurus man is always excited to see you in something new that he hasn’t seen before.

Try to wear something like a new dress with a combination of his favorite colors. Do your hair in a unique style that should wonder him. Put on some red lipstick and give him a seductive look.

You can also try sending him your romantic and sexy pictures when you’re not around. This will surely make him aroused and miss your physical presence.

Temptation is a powerful tool to attract your guy. If you can be the object of his desire, he’ll definitely start thinking about you in your absence.

4. Add Some Suspense by Being a Little Mysterious

Add Some Suspense By Being A Little Mysterious

A Taurus man is always ready to learn more about you. Only give him enough information that would make him want to know more. Be a little mysterious, and don’t reveal everything about yourself at once.

Suppose you are on a date and talking with him about your past. Say something like, “I had an interesting childhood, but I’ll tell you more about it some other day.”

Or if he is trying to explore your hobbies, just give him a brief explanation. For example, you can say, “I like hiking, and it’s one of my favorite activities. I’ll take you on a hike with me sometime so you can see why I like it so much.”

Opening up everything to him during a first meeting is a huge turn-off for a Taurus. He’ll get bored and might even lose interest in you completely.

5. Remind Him of the Memorable Moments You Shared

Remind Him Of The Memorable Moments You Shared

Now you might be thinking, what if I plan to spend the upcoming weekends with my friends?

What if I’m not available for him?

That’s a valid concern.

Taurus men are sentimental and nostalgic, so recalling happy memories will make them miss you all the more.

  • Send him a cute picture of your last date with him with a caption, “We had such a great time. I can’t wait to do it again.”
  • You can also send him a special song with the caption, ”OMG; this song always reminds me of you. I hope you’re doing great.”
  • To inspire him more about good old times, you can even gift him something that would remind him of you every time he sees it. It could be anything like a keychain, a mug, or even a clothing item.

These steps will help imprint you in his memory so he can’t help but think of you every time.

To Summarize

Flirting, complimenting, and being a little mysterious are all great ways to make your Taurus man miss you. If you’re not around, you can still remind him of the great times you’ve had together by sending pictures or gifts.

Some other ways to attract your Taurus guy can be through your physical appearance, sense of humor, and intelligence. Express yourself as a self-possessed woman and show him you have the substance and the confidence to speak your inner truth.

Be the best version of yourself, and he’ll be head over heels for you in no time!