Does a Sagittarius Man Cheat? (7 Signs He’s Not Loyal)

Does A Sagittarius Man Cheat

Are you wondering if your Sagittarius man is going to be a faithful partner or if he might be tempted to stray from the relationship?

Is he giving off the signs that he’s seeking some extra-marital fun?

Both of you were having a fantastic journey of love and understanding, and now, you are feeling a bit lost.

He began to stay outside more than usual. That early spark is missing, and his weird actions make you suspect his love.

What led him off the way?

It’s possible that the Sagittarian guy is playing with your feelings! This man is a hippie soul. Whether love or career, he loves experimenting with new things. He rarely goes for a serious commitment.

This begs the question—does a Sagittarius man cheat?

The Sagittarius man is likely to cheat due to his free-spirited nature. He loves to follow “the wind of excitement” and is unsatisfied with one person. If he’s deceiving you, he will act mysteriously, and the physical intimacy will reduce. He tells you half-truths, and his actions become strange. He starts making excuses to go out.

In today’s article, you’ll explore seven obvious signs to know if a Sagittarius guy is cheating on you. Spotting the red flags is crucial, so give a keen reading to the signs below!

A Sagittarius Man Cheats in 7 Ways

A Sagittarius Man Cheats In 7 Ways

Being a fire sign of the zodiac, a Sagittarius man is a huge risk-taker and loves to explore new horizons.

He holds the spirit of freedom, regardless of his relationship status.

Although cheating on his girlfriend is not always his goal, he is prone to indulge in a fling if he finds some thrill from it.

Here are seven signs that indicate your Sagi guy is cheating.

1. He Fights Without a Reason

He Fights Without A Reason

Fighting and giving arrogant remarks are one of his weaknesses in love.

You will notice that suddenly this guy starts giving you the cold shoulder. He picks the fights he never used to have.

The worst-case scenario is that he declares you wrong each time. Fighting has become frequent between you two, and it’s turning into a toxic relationship!

What does all that signal? When a man brings baseless arguments, he wants to eliminate you. He is simply trying to make the relationship painful and uncomfortable.

Such action will help him escape this relationship without guilt.

It’s a surefire sign of a Sagittarius man cheating on you, and you should not ignore this. He can turn passive-aggressive and fiery to prove his point.

2. He Is Glued to His Phone

He Is Glued To His Phone

So, the Sagittarius boyfriend has been glued to his phone lately. Does he keep checking for notifications? There is undoubtedly something fishy around his head.

When a man truly loves someone, he has nothing to hide on the phone. But, if your partner acts suspiciously, he might be involved in an affair.

Here are a few red flags you should look for in the Sagittarius man to know if he’s stabbing in your back.

  • He attends the calls out of the room.
  • He has put in the passcode.
  • You are not allowed to unlock his phone.
  • He doesn’t let anyone look at what he is doing.
  • He keeps waiting for someone’s text.
What Does It Mean When He Hides His Phone From You?

3. He Is Mysterious About His Time Away From You

If a Sagittarian truly loves you, he’ll be eager to share the little details. But, if he remains secretive about his time away, he’s hiding something.

He won’t answer you straight because he wants to conceal the details of his affair.

Watch keenly for his behavior to see if he’s lying or deceiving you. He gets irritated upon your questions if you try to dig deep. He’ll burst into anger and make you feel like the wrong person.

Ask him about the restaurant or theatre he visited to spot the actual case. He hesitates to share the details. He fears that you may pick up evidence of his secret meetings.

Just notice his reaction and gestures; you’ll soon know the reality.

Editor’s Note

If you’re convinced he’s cheating, follow him to a workplace or any other place to catch the betrayer red-handed. It’s essential to make sure that he is genuinely lying.

Gather evidence of his infidelity for confronting him when the time comes. This step might be risky for your relationship, but it’s a practical way to verify his cheating.

4. He Stops Noticing You

He Stops Noticing You

Every time you go the extra mile to glam up the look for your boyfriend. You spent hours finding the best attire and styling hair in braids.

But isn’t it strange that the Sagittarian guy has stopped noticing you? Your looks make no difference to him anymore.

  • He may be eyeing someone else with more enthusiasm.
  • He still compliments the looks – but not yours!
  • His attention hooked someone else, so your new curls and fancy braids won’t come under his notice.
  • Another girl in his circle might have stolen his heart, and he’s not pretending to make you feel better.

Hence, if a Sagittarius man is cheating, he no longer points out the small details. Another woman has occupied his attention, and he no longer gives that love to you.

5. Slacking Off and Daydreaming

Do you often watch a Sagi guy lost in a cloud of thoughts?

He keeps looking at the window when you two are having dinner. He continues to chat with you, but his heart is somewhere else. He’s daydreaming and losing touch with the real world.

What’s unique about that? He might be thinking about his secret lover out of your sight.

A Sagittarian man is usually full of thrill and adventure. It’s rare for him to slack off during work. So, if he gets lost in the dreams and smiles when working, there is a good chance that he is missing his secret lady lover.

Slacking off and daydreaming is a sign that he isn’t in a normal tie-up with you. Instead, he has hooked up with the other woman to live his fantasies.

Test Him This Way

Talk about a mutual friend who recently hooked up with someone and watch his response. If he looks uncomfortable, it’s an alarming sign that he may be involved in an affair. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to find out if a Sagittarius man cheats or not.

6. Drastic Change in His Physical Grooming

Drastic Change In His Physical Grooming

Has he recently got a new haircut? A different styling sense or even makeup?

If a Sagittarian guy is paying more attention to his outlook, you need to consider it seriously. Grooming oneself is good, but unexplained and sudden change is suspicious.

The drastic change in his physical grooming signals that he is updating his outlook for impressing the other girl in town.

If he does all this for freshness, he must clearly explain. But if he answers in vague statements, it’s a sign that he is not loyal in this relationship.  

“Not at all, honey! Don’t act like that again. I love you” – this sweet response doesn’t guarantee his loyalty.

The following are some changes you are going to observe in him.

  • New hairstyle.
  • A different choice of clothing.
  • Spending more time on makeup.
  • Applying scents and fragrances.
  • Joining the gym all of a sudden.
  • Doing manicures, pedicures, and waxing.     

7. Lack of Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is the core of every relationship. But, if your partner drifts away and the romance seems dead, you must recheck the bond.

When the relationship goes blank of cuddles and kisses, it’s a major red flag!

The old spark sounds missing because this guy has lost interest in you. He no longer publicly reaches out to hold your hand and avoids eye contact.

What could be the reason? He is getting intimate with someone else.

You need to build the guts to converse directly with him. Ask him about the reasons behind the lack of physical intimacy and watch his response closely.

Let him spill the truth that he is a blunt cheat!

In Conclusion

The signs of a Sagittarius man cheating can be hard to spot, but they’re there. Pay attention to his behavior, and don’t be afraid to ask him tough questions if something doesn’t seem quite right.

For example, if he’s suddenly changing his look, or spending less time with you, don’t be afraid to ask him why. The more early warning signs you can identify, the better your chance of saving your relationship.

But if all else fails, the best thing to do is accept the situation and move on. It’s time to make him regret losing you and find someone who deserves your loyalty and love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a Sagittarius cheat?

His adventurous nature and thirst for thrilling experiences can make him a bad guy. He loves to explore new things. His desire for a high sex drive often leads him to an affair.

What if my Sagittarian guy still loves me?

If he loves you, yet seeing another lady, it’s not healthy, though. You must confront him and talk skillfully with facts so that he accepts his mistake.