How Does a Scorpio Man Pursue a Woman?

How Does A Scorpio Man Pursue A Woman?

Are you in the early stages of dating a Scorpio man and curious about how this water sign expresses love? Or you are crushing on a Scorpio guy and wondering how he feels about you.

You like him, but you’re unsure if he likes you back.

He is the most passionate, mysterious, and intense guy you will ever meet. His eyes pierce through your soul. Sometimes it feels like he can read your mind. You can expect him to chase you with utter determination. He will, but not in the way you expect.

So, how does a Scorpio man pursue a woman if he is in love with her?

A Scorpio guy will make it known that he’s interested in you. You can expect him to be honest about his feelings. He will surprise you with gifts. He may also stand close to you and show his possessive side. His attention will be focused on you, and he will want to know everything about you.

After reading this article, you will know exactly how a Scorpio man expresses his love and the 8 obvious signs that he is interested in you.

1. He Pays You More Attention

Did you notice that he always tries to be near you? He always ends up at your desk or in your group during project meetings. Maybe he even helps you with your work.

A Scorpio guy who likes you will find any excuse to be near you and spend time with you. He wants to get to know you better and learn all your secrets. He will go out of his way to make you feel special.

2. He Surprises You

Surprises are one of his love languages. Imagine coming home from a long day at work to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers or your favorite dessert waiting for you. Or he might show up at your door with tickets to a concert you’ve been dying to see.

Just when you think you have him figured out, he will do something to surprise you. He loves to keep you on your toes!

3. He Compliments You Often

Which woman would not feel special when a handsome man tells her she looks beautiful?

A Scorpio guy in love will compliment you often. He notices the little things about you that others might not. He can admire your:

  • Beauty
  • Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Achievements
  • Strength
  • Kindness

The compliments he gives you will be genuine and specific. He wants you to know that he sees the best in you. So, next time you see him, make yourself look beautiful by wearing your favorite dress, putting on some make-up and doing your hair.

4. He Shows Affection in Public

Not all men are comfortable with this, but a Scorpio guy has no problem showing his affection for you in public. And I bet you’re going to love the attention!

  1. He might hold your hand.
  2. He may put his arm around you.
  3. He can give you a quick kiss on the cheek.

He wants everyone to know that you are his girl!

5. He Buys You Gifts

There are many ways to express love, but one of the most romantic is through gifts.

A Scorpio guy will go out of his way to find the perfect present for you. He will give you something special and meaningful.

Suppose you’re together at a bookstore. He notices you admiring a particular book, but you don’t buy it. The next day, he shows up at your door with that book in hand.

Or, if it’s a rainy day, he can buy you a cute umbrella with your favorite cartoon character.

Don’t disappoint him by not reacting to his gifts. Give him a big hug and cook his favorite meal to show your appreciation.

6. He Subtly Flirts With You

Well, Scorpio men are known for being flirty.

But when a Scorpio guy is in love with you, his flirting will be more subtle. He doesn’t want to scare you off! You might find him:

  • Staring at you from across the room
  • Smiling at you
  • Making eye contact
  • Asking you personal questions
  • Touching you “accidentally.”

He picks up little things you say and uses them as an excuse to touch you. For example, if you mention that you’re cold, he will offer you his jacket. Or if you say you’re tired, he will massage your shoulders.

And if both of you are walking alone on a rainy night, he wouldn’t resist lifting you in his arms and carrying you to your home by singing a romantic song!

So, don’t hesitate to hold him tight if you find yourself in this wonderful situation.

7. He Shows His Possessive Side

Have you observed your Scorpio man getting jealous when you talk to other guys? Do you find him getting angry when you go out with your friends without him?

Don’t take it as a negative sign. These are actually signs that he is in love with you!

A Scorpio guy loves fiercely and passionately. When he falls in love with you, he wants to claim you as his own.

He doesn’t want to share you with anyone else. In a way, his possessiveness can be a good thing. It shows that he is committed to you and is serious about the relationship.

8. He Breaks Up To Make Up: The #1 Scorpio Test

Before progressing to the next relationship stage, Scorpio will test you first whether you’re compatible with him or not. This is his way of solidifying the relationship to the next level.

The make-or-break test. Yes!

He will tell you that he is going to walk out of your life and see if you try to stop him. If you do, it means you’re meant to be together.

He would love you to cling to him and say, “I can’t live without you! I love you. Please don’t go. Things will be fine soon.”

Trust me; this will be a huge clue for him whether you’re the one or not.

Denise has spent years living among Scorpios and shares her experience on how to spot and pass this test if a Scorpio has put it on you.

Let’s figure it out in this video!

The #1 Scorpio Test--How to spot it, how to pass it, and WHY they do it.


Scorpios are intense and passionate lovers. They will go above and beyond to make the woman they love feel special. If you want to know how a Scorpio man pursues a woman, look for these 8 signs.

The #1 test for a Scorpio man is whether he breaks up with you and then tries to come back. If you can pass his tests, then congratulations! You’ve won the heart of a passionate Scorpio guy.