How To Know if a Scorpio Man Likes You (Sure Signs)

How To Know If A Scorpio Man Likes You

If you’re here because you’ve fallen for a Scorpio man but having trouble knowing if the feelings are mutual, worry not; we understand you.

Scorpio men are very private and mysterious beings. It’s almost impossible to know something about them unless they show it to you.

When a Scorpio man is in love with you, he likes to keep a secret at first.

Scorpio men are calm and calculative; they don’t like rushing into things, especially relationships, so they’ll patiently and secretly analyze you before showing their love.

However, feelings are one of the hardest things to hide, and if you know exactly where or what to look out for, you’ll know if the Scorpio man dreams about you the same way you dream about him.

So how do you know if a Scorpio man likes you?

A Scorpio man that likes you wants to be around you all the time. He also has deep and meaningful conversations with you and doesn’t mind fighting for your attention. He will show you extreme physical affection and regularly make intense eye contact with you.

You’ll need far more than those pointers to fully understand a Scorpio man. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the details of how a Scorpio man shows his feelings.

5 Sure Signs That A Scorpio Man Likes You

5 Sure Signs That A Scorpio Man Likes You

Like their spiritual animal, Scorpion, Scorpio men are patient, reserved, and never make hasty decisions.

They hate being wrong, and since they’re intense lovers, they don’t want to give their love to someone that won’t value it. That’s why they can be very difficult to read.

But Scorpio men are humans too, and in as much as they try to be secretive and mysterious, there are still ways they subtly show feelings.

Here are five sure signs that prove a Scorpio man really likes you.

He Always Wants To Be Around You

A Scorpio man is not one to write love poems or songs about someone they like, especially when they’re not in a romantic relationship. But one subtle way they show their feelings is by always being around.

A Scorpio man doesn’t mind being alone. In fact, he loves it! But when he likes someone, he goes out of his way to make himself available.

One other reason why he wants to spend time around you is to observe and learn more about you before making his move.

He’s ready to give you all the love in the world, but he must be sure your feelings for him are genuine.

So if you start seeing him regularly at the local restaurant, you like to visit even when you’re sure he doesn’t like their menu, or you start seeing him in places where you don’t usually see him.

This is a sign that he likes you and wants to be around you.

He Wants To Have Conversations With You

Scorpio men are very reserved, some might even tag them as shy, but the truth is, they hate small talk and unnecessary convos. They’ll do everything in their power to avoid being in a situation where they have to talk to someone for no particular reason.

However, this changes when they like someone. A Scorpio man with feelings for you will even go as far as starting conversations with you.

He wants to learn more about you, so be careful of the kind of answers you give him. Scorpio men love to analyze, and he’ll probably break your words down into little pieces and analyze the tiniest of details.

But don’t overthink it, though. No matter how much you like him, don’t alter your personality to fit his.

Just be yourself, and he’ll appreciate you.

He Will Show You More Physical Affection

Physical intimacy is one of the primary ways that Scorpio men express their feelings. Once he starts to get fond of you, he’ll try to get more physical with you.

If you notice him trying to hold your hands or hug you more often, it’s a sign that he’s into you.

Sometimes, he might rest his arms on your legs or slightly massage your shoulders. That’s just him trying to pass across his message.

However, let him know if you’re uncomfortable with his physical affection. Scorpio men value privacy highly and understand boundaries.

They’ll definitely withdraw and even apologize if you voice out your discomfort.

Good To Know

Scorpio men are great listeners with high emotional intelligence; never be afraid to tell them how you truly feel.

He Will Fight For Your Love and Attention

Scorpio men are very competitive. When they see something they like, they will fight for it no matter the cost. This is one of the reasons why they tend to be possessive and easily jealous.

A Scorpio man that likes will be uncomfortable when he sees another guy flirting with you. He wants to be the main man in your life and doesn’t mind fighting for that.

For example, if he sees you flirting with another guy, he might try to bring up an excuse to take you away and will subtly remind you that he’s perfect for you.

He might even start flirting harder, buying gifts, or taking you out on dates.

He Makes Intense Eye Contact

Scorpio men are known for their legendary intense gaze.

Once he looks into your eyes, you’ll feel it. No one can truly explain the science behind the intensity of a Scorpio man’s gaze. But it’s an actual love language to them and one of the ways they pass their message.

Sometimes, the gaze will be too intense and scary. It might feel like he’s seeing through your soul and reading your mind.

This is a romantic gesture to them and proof that he wants to form a deep emotional connection with you.

The Bottom Line

There’s no sign quite like the Scorpio sign. They are the most mysterious sign in the zodiac and still rank high amongst astrology’s best lovers.

Sadly, falling for a Scorpio man can be very stressful because, due to their secretiveness, you can never really tell if they like you or not.

However, they’re humans too and show feelings in certain ways; you just have to know the signs. A Scorpio man that likes you will go out of his way to spend time with you; he will even ask you on a date or request to see a scary movie with you.

Also, he’ll try to have meaningful conversations with you, show you extreme physical flirtations, and is ready to fight for your attention.

Lastly, a Scorpio man who likes you will constantly make intense eye contact with you and always protect you.