Why Virgo Man Is Pulling Away from You (&What To Do)

Why Does A Virgo Man Withdraw

A Virgo man may be the right match if you want a committed relationship. Virgo men often have a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

They are partners who always look out for their partner’s best interests. They want to ensure that their partners are happy and content in the relationship.

Virgos are also known for being very loyal and reliable partners. These qualities make them great fathers and husband material. If you can appreciate these things, then a Virgo man may be the right choice for you.

There might be multiple reasons if you are in a relationship with a Virgo man and notice he suddenly withdraws.

Sometimes the reason your Virgo man withdraws might be related to you; sometimes, it is not. He may be having a hard time in his personal life or work. He might also be experiencing health issues or issues he doesn’t feel ready to reveal to you. Alternatively, he may lose interest in you or feel you are not meeting his needs.

Virgo men are awesome partners, and their relationship is usually very satisfying. However, they are still humans with their personal needs, feelings, and quirks.

If your man is suddenly withdrawing, there are many possible reasons. Regardless of his reasons for withdrawing, how you react when it happens determines the further course of your relationship. Keep reading to discover the most popular reasons your Virgo man might be withdrawing and choose an appropriate course of action.

10 Reasons Why Your Virgo Man Might Withdraw

10 Reasons Why A Virgo Man Might Withdraw

When your man starts to withdraw, take a deep breath and relax. You will likely worsen the situation if you start to panic or stress. Remember that we can’t control others and their feelings; their behavior is out of our control.

If you support him through his hardships and give him space when he needs it, he is guaranteed to see you as a wonderful and supportive partner and will return to you when he is ready.

1. He Feels Like He Is Not Getting Enough Attention From You

Although Virgo men seem practical and down to earth, deep down, they crave romance and expect to receive affection from you. Feeling connection and your attention is very important for a Virgo man.

If you are in a relationship and notice he is withdrawing, this might be the reason. Think through your interactions and the way you communicate with him.

Are you giving him enough attention? How are you expressing your affection toward him?

If he feels depleted of attention, he might start to think of looking for it elsewhere.

2. He Is Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed

Virgo men are very detail oriented and often like to be in control. This need for control can sometimes leave them feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.

If you notice that your Virgo man is starting to withdraw, it might be because he feels overwhelmed by everything in his life. Try to help him relax and let him take some time for himself. Maybe suggest a weekend getaway where he can unwind and recharge.

3. He Is Going Through a Difficult Time in His Life

We all go through tough times in our lives, and sometimes our loved ones need space to deal with their issues. It can include problems in his work, problems related to his parents, or health issues that he might need more time to be ready to discuss.

If your Virgo man is going through a difficult time, he might start withdrawing from you. He might need some time alone to sort things out. Try to be understanding and give him the space he needs.

He will appreciate it and come back to you when he is ready.

4. He Is Feeling Disconnected From You

If a Virgo man feels like he is not getting enough attention or connection from you, he might start to withdraw. It is important to keep the lines of communication open in any relationship.

If you notice your Virgo man is starting to withdraw, ask him what is going on and try to work on reconnecting with him. Instead of guessing what is happening with him, ask him directly and openly.

Please don’t be pushy and demanding. Instead, allow him to share how he is feeling, and let him know you are ready to listen to him without judgment.

If he is not ready to share what he is going through, give him space and time to process his feelings on his own and come back to you when he is ready.

5. He Feels Like You Are Not Meeting His Needs

Virgo men often have very specific needs and expectations in a relationship. If they feel like you are not meeting their needs, they might start to withdraw. Talk to your Virgo man and see what he is looking for in the relationship.

Once you know what he needs, try to work on accommodating his needs. Don’t guess about it and ask him directly. Be open, and don’t judge him when he shares his feelings.

When you judge his feelings when he opens up to you, you will likely push him further away.

6. He Is Worried About Something

If something’s bothering him, he might start to withdraw from you. Try to talk to him and find out what worries him. His problems might not be related to you.

There is no way to know other than asking him about it directly. Please wait for a good moment to ask, and don’t ask when you feel he is busy or overwhelmed. Once you know the problem, you can help him find solutions or provide support and understanding.

7. He Is Not Getting Enough Alone Time

Although Virgo men crave connection and attention from their partners, they also need time alone to recharge. They might start withdrawing if they feel like they are not getting enough alone time.

Make sure you are giving your Virgo man enough space and time to himself. He will appreciate it, and some space will help him feel more connected to you.

8. He Is Feeling Unappreciated

Virgo men often feel underappreciated by their partners. He might start withdrawing if you do not show appreciation for everything he does. Make sure you take the time to show your Virgo man how much you appreciate him.

Thank him for his help around the house or for being a great listener. Show him you respect his passions and hobbies and compliment him on his good traits and achievements. Don’t take these things for granted.

Tell him how much you value him and what he brings to the relationship.

9. He Is Going Through Difficulties at Work

Virgo men take their work very seriously and can get stressed out easily by work problems. If he is having difficulties at work, he might start withdrawing from you.

Try to be understanding and give him space to deal with his work issues. Let him know you are there for him and support him through his challenges.

Please don’t give him work-related advice unless he asks for it. Once things settle down at work, he can focus more on the relationship.

10. He Has Lost Interest In You

If a Virgo man has lost interest in you, he might start withdrawing from the relationship. He might not have the same feelings of connection and start pulling away. If you notice your Virgo man is starting to lose interest, try to talk to him and see what is happening.

If he is no longer interested in the relationship, let go. Don’t start punishing yourself with self-doubt or thinking something is wrong with you. Only some people are a perfect match for us, and if your Virgo man has lost interest in you, it might mean there is someone better waiting for you!


There can be many different reasons a man can be withdrawing from you. Whatever the reason is, don’t beat yourself up, and know that everything happens for a reason. Trust life and know that everything always happens in the best way for you.

If your man is withdrawing for reasons that are not related to you – give him space and time to process his problems. Be there for him if he asks for your help. If he has lost interest in you, remember that rejection is a form of divine protection!

The Universe might be preparing something new for you that is a much better match! Don’t beat yourself up, have full confidence that everything always works according to your highest good!