Taurus Color Palette: Colors That Complement Taurus

What Color Is Taurus?

Some quick color facts before we dive in:

  • Your color choice impacts about 62-90% of the first impression decisions about you
  • Colors, when seen or heard, can trigger deep memories–good or bad
  • Colors affect the taste of things.

Why am I telling you this? Firstly, to demonstrate the impacts of color, and secondly, because in this article we’re exploring Taurus’s color.

Taking into account the complexities of the Taurean’s strong, practical and dominant traits and astrological predisposition, we derive a stunning color palette that’s aesthetically pleasing and true to the bull’s nature.

This palette allows Taureans to tap into the essence of their astrological sign when they surround themselves with colors of the palette. 

So, what are Taurus’s colors?

As a fixed earth sign, the Taurus color palette is made up of green, pink, white, and black. These colors hold significant importance to Taureans because it aligns with their analytical, practical, and strong, opinionated minds.

Let’s take a deeper dive and explore these colors in detail.

Taurus Zodiac Colors

We will look into each Taurus color below and why they complement and resonate with Taurus’s personality.



Green–typically forest green, earthy green, emerald green, or similar deep shades–is Taurus’s power color, and there are a couple of reasons for this.

Green symbolizes life, revitalizing Taureans and providing them the energy to pursue their passion.

Green is also associated with wealth–which ultimately leads to power. As a Venus-ruled sign, Taureans are fond of wealth, material possessions, self-worth, and self-love, which the color green lets them embrace.

Lastly, green is associated with growth and progress. Just as fresh vegetation allows for a re-emergence of life, the color green nurtures Taurus’s spirit, providing the bulls the energy that allow them to grow and expand.



Taurus is ruled by Venus (or Aphrodite if Greek mythology is your thing), the goddess of love, making pink an obvious addition to the Taurus color palette.

Often associated with feminine love and first crushes, the color highlights Taurus’s loving side and the importance of relationships to them. Pink also helps to control anger and anxiety.



With innocence, calmness, and purity, the color white helps create a balance between the various aspects of a Taurean.

Like pink, the color white has an inherent ability to stabilize a Taurean’s mental state amid problems and soothe their anger and pessimism.



The color black suits Taurus’s temperament, helping them assert their sophistication, power, and elegance. It also highlights their strong will and lack of fear to pursue their passion.

When Taureans put on black, they step into their most professional nature.

Application of Taurus Zodiac Colors

Below, we look into how the Taurus zodiac palette can be used depending on the occasion or situation.

Romantic Outing

As a Taurus, putting on green will give you the needed boost for that love date. For even more luck, you can accessorize with emerald jewelry or tie clasp in green and add green plants to your home for liveliness.

On the first date or during the romantic dinner, a deeper shade of green that isn’t too vibrant will give you that extra boost of confidence.

This hue exudes a tremendous amount of positivity and might serve as a wonderful indicator of a possible companion a Taurus is hoping to impress.

House Paint

Regarding interior colors, Taureans tend to go for neutral colors. It might be surprising, but a Taurus’s home has a lot of different aspects, which means a neutral color is needed to tie everything together.

A seemingly perfect choice for an interior color will be Alabaster, a white paint that comes with a warm undertone. You’re also likely to find a Taurus going for beige. These colors are relaxing and soothe the eyes well.

Colors Taureans Should Avoid

As a Taurean, you should avoid the following colors:



This color is stimulating and energizing but also unstable for the Taurean personality. It can make them feel irritated and agitated, traits that aren’t in line with their demeanor.

Being surrounded by yellow may cause them to lose focus on important things.



A perceived alpha human plus a domineering color isn’t the kind of appeal a Taurean wants to give off. You hold fervent beliefs.

The last thing you need is to introduce dominating energy to the equation.


Carefully ponder each color in the Taurus color palette of green, pink, white, and black to determine the one that most connects with you. Whichever color you feel represents you the most, take advantage of the energy it brings you, and use it as often as possible when making color choices.

In design, the ideal color combinations come in groups of three.

You can come up with and use any three Taurus-specific color palette combinations for your wardrobe, home décor, and office décor.