How To Text a Capricorn Man (With Message Examples)

How To Text A Capricorn Man

If you get butterflies from a Capricorn man, it’s already complicated! He is one of the hardest to understand among zodiac signs.

Ruled by Saturn, Caps are grounded, responsible, and fortified. Often he is titled the “assertive daddy of the zodiac.”

Although he is a cold and unemotional buddy, you can fuel his love with a gentle approach.

So, are you utterly confused about how to text this guy?

Always go for a thoughtful conversation and flaunt your confidence in him. You have to keep texting a mystery to spark his interest. He is a mature guy, so don’t always stuff the text with emojis. Keep flirting subtle and modest. Finally, don’t hesitate to send a follow-up text if he doesn’t reply.

I have listed below 7 plausible ways to text a Capricorn man. Let’s go through a more profound read!

Spark Your Capricorn Man’s Interest With These 7 Texting Tips

Spark Your Capricorn Man'S Interest With These 7 Texting Tips

A Capricorn man is much distinct from other signs. Being a cardinal earth sign, he is least inclined toward showing his emotions.

So, before you hit that send button, read the list below!

1. Go for a Thoughtful Conversation

A Capricorn guy is sharp as a tack. He loves in-depth conversations and enjoys using his brain when communicating. He won’t show interest if you stick around idol gossip.

So, prefer talking about his career, interests, and hobbies.

You can also tell about your latest educational conquest, such as your grades or a new skill you’ve learned through your career. Win over your man’s interest through intelligence to make your texting game stronger.

Check out these ideas to have a purpose-driven talk.

  • “I have finished this fantastic book you recommended. Let’s have a discussion!”
  • “I’ll give a guess to you about who got the promotion!”
  • “I was trying to get through my to-do list. But I’m stuck in a jam! I would appreciate it if you shared your advice.”

2. Make Texting a Mystery

Caps are crazy for a little strategy and mystery. Not only will it give you a considerable boost in his eyes, but you will also win his interest. Send him short messages with little details.

All you have to do is become a mystery through your texts.

Don’t text a Capricorn man too quickly to tell him all about yourself and your story. Give him some room to guess who you are. You can drop bits for him to keep wondering about you.

It will make him hook more interest when texting you back next time.

3. Flaunt Your Self-Confident Energy

Capricorn as a boyfriend, is practical and independent, and even his romantic pursuits are purpose-driven. Hence, he is drawn toward a goal-driven and ambitious woman.

If you’re a lady with self-confidence and competency, you can pull a Cap guy fast.

Whenever you text him, make sure it has some purpose. Don’t bombard him with baseless texts. You can instead showcase your talents and strengths. Let him see that you can stand in water with and without anyone.

You can also turn the conversation upon him, asking about his passions and interests. Doing so will spark his appeal to have more discussions with you.

When flaunting self-confident energy, you can say something like this to him.

  • “I’ll update you about my career promotion whenever we hang out next. I’d love to know about your project too.”
  • “You are someone I want to connect with in more profound love. Let me know if you have time this weekend.”
  • “I’m working on a new goal. Do you want to hear?”           

4. Keep the Flirt Subtle and Modest

In the case of Capricorn man, flirting should be subtle and modest. The traits of his personality are miles far from emotions.

If you try flirting with boldness, you are at a great mistake! Keep your teasing milder.

You can send him a cute selfie but avoid the bold pictures. He is a different guy, so you must adjust to his level. Have a light and playful tone to make him comfortable with your jokes.

Try these phrases to flirt without sounding cheap.

  • “I feel over the moon when I’m around you.”
  • “I just listened to this fantastic song and can’t help thinking of you!”
  • “You are the missing puzzle in the picture of my life.”

5. Don’t Stuff a Bunch of Emojis

Unlike other zodiac signs who love childish emojis and stickers, try avoiding it in Capricorn’s case. He is a mature guy and is attracted to a sensible girl.

Don’t stuff your text with a bunch of funky stickers. A big no for Cap guy!

This man wants to be with someone mature enough to go along on the course of life. He would never like texting with a teenage girl in high school! Keep your message short, concise, and value-packed.

Editor’s Tip

Clean up your language when texting a Capricorn man. He has a solid resistance to vulgar slang and cheap talk.

6. Don’t Drag Him to Boredom

If you keep hovering around dull subjects, he will lose interest in you quickly. Let him learn who you are but try not to drag long sentences or explanations of little things.

Make sure to see the most exciting parts of your life. Don’t always go on about what you had for lunch or that you visited a bird on your walk. It’ll make you seem uninteresting, and he won’t be able to form a proper bond with you.

Keep things exciting and invite him to an adventure or a challenge. You can ask him to try out a thrilling experience at the weekend. He won’t resist!

7. Follow Up to Show Care

Nobody likes a jerk, and neither does the Capricorn guy. Although he is a dry and cold cardinal sign, he possesses a kind hard beneath.

You need to bring out your kind self. Not only will it allow you to connect with him, but it’ll also make him open up to you.

It’s hard for a Capricorn man to connect emotionally with the right person. If you send the follow-up texts, his frosted emotions will likely melt. Let him see that you remember even the little details about him.

Send him these texts to show care.

  • “Are you okay now? I want to let you know that I am here if you need to talk.”
  • “Was your presentation today? Curious to know how it went.”

Final Thoughts

A Capricorn is unique as a blue diamond. Being an earth sign, this guy is influenced by grounded energy. His ruling planet is Saturn, which reflects his disciplined and mature personality.

Now that you know how to text a Capricorn man frame your message efficiently. Let your confidence melt the cold in your guy’s heart. Remember, you don’t have to use fluffy language to impress him. Go plain, and he’s yours!

Go and rock the texting!