How To Make an Aries Woman Obsessed With You

How To Make An Aries Woman Obsessed With You

So you’ve fallen hard for any Aries woman, and we seriously can’t blame you. Their contagious energy and dominance make them almost impossible to resist. 

Being the first sign in the zodiac, Aries women are more confident, energic, and direct than other signs. Some might even go as far as calling them masculine and rough. However, they have a soft sensitive side that you can get to if you play the right cards.

So how can you make an Aries woman obsessed with you?

The first step is to accept her for who she is and let her be herself around you. Then try to be more competitive with her, be adventurous, passionate, and spontaneous, and try not to show your weakness around her.

Here, we’ll guide you through how you can make an Aries woman obsessed with you.

How To Make an Aries Woman Obsessed With You

Getting an Aries woman to fall for you requires a lot of work. You’ll have to penetrate through their tough and resilient skin to get to the sensitive areas. Here’s how you can do it.

Accept Her for Her

Accept Her For Her

Before getting an Aries woman obsessed with you, you first must accept her domineering, direct, and masculine energy. This is just who she is; if you’re uncomfortable with her energy, she’ll quickly notice and push you away.

Aries women love to be in control, they want things to go according to their terms, and it’s your job to be strong and support them. She might unknowingly try to push you away with her confidence and temper, but don’t buck under pressure.

Constantly show her that you love everything about her, especially the things you know she’s insecure about, and she’ll slowly start falling for you.

Don’t Show Her Your Weakness

Don'T Show Her Your Weakness

Aries women are mentally and emotionally strong, and they are also attracted to people alike. If you want to make her think about you all the time, you’ll have to convince her that you can take on challenges without fear.

Show her how you’re killing it in your job and how well your life and health are going. Also, tone down the complaining when you’re around her, and if you can, totally stop it. Aries women don’t like to whine and despise people who do.

Also, though they love physically appealing men, it’s not necessarily a priority for them; they prefer men with emotional and mental strength. So you don’t have to spend hours in the gym because of her, although it wouldn’t hurt if you did.

Be Adventurous

Be Adventurous

Are you the type that loves to plan every single detail before you make a move? Do you prefer staying all day indoors? If your answers to these questions are yes, you are in for a very long and uncomfortable ride.

An Aries woman is naturally spontaneous; she loves to think on the go. She can wake up and decide to go on a trip to the other side of the world.

So, if you want an Aries woman to fall for you deeply, you’ll have to show her you’re one of a kind. Plan surprise exciting trips for her, be spontaneous around her, act mysterious, and she’ll have no choice but to follow you.

Editor’s Tip

Before you make any surprise plans for an Aries woman, get to know her very well. While most are into energetic, spontaneous adventures, some are not fans of that lifestyle. Some would rather go on an adventure to an art museum than bike riding in the hills. So, know your Aries woman and plan accordingly.

Be Direct and Honest

Be Direct And Honest

Aries women are very straightforward. They don’t like to mince words, so they’ll always tell you how they’re feeling and expect you to do the same.

From the very first meeting, you’ll have to be clear and open with her. Don’t try to play tricks on her; they will appreciate you more if you come direct. Once they’ve confirmed that you’re brave enough to speak about yourself, they’ll immediately get drawn to you.

Aries women love to be direct because they don’t like uncertainty in their life. Once they sense an ounce of dishonesty in you, they might never trust you again.

So, be fierce and assertive around her. Do not try to overshadow her or dull her energy; just show her that you can match it and, if need be, surpass it. She’ll slowly start getting obsessed with you because you’re everything she loves about herself and more.

Be Competitive

Be Competitive

Do you want an Aries woman to think of you even when you’re not around? Then try being competitive with her. Competition stimulates the hot-blooded passion in them and incorporates the major things Aries women love: energy, fun, and adventure.

That’s why they always strive to come first at school or get that promotion at work; the thrills of competing and winning are things Aries women don’t take lightly. You can start by playing her favorite games with her. It could be a sport, a table game, or even a task; just be competitive around her.

Furthermore, try to keep the competition friendly. Aries women love to win, so let her win sometimes. But don’t overdo it; once she senses that there’s no competition and you’re intentionally allowing her to win, she will start to lose interest.

Sometimes, you can even beat her exceptionally in a game she thought she was the best at. You’ll have her obsessed with thinking of ways to defeat you, and the more she plays with you, the stronger your bond.

Let Her Be in Control

Let Her Be In Control

This is loosely tied to the above step. Once you have seen a little spark between you two, you can withdraw your energy a bit and start playing hard to get. Put her in control, make yourself the price, a competition she’ll want to win.

Another reason why this step is important is that it lets you know if you’ve been making progress.

Aries women are straightforward and don’t like hiding their feelings. So if they notice your energy diminishing, they’ll most likely talk to you about it or at least show concern. She’ll unconsciously start thinking about what she did to push you away, and if you truly gave her energy before, she might make an effort to get it back.

The Bottom Line

There are three things an Aries woman wants in a partner; strength(emotional and mental), independence, and confidence. So if you want to make an Aries woman obsessed with you, you’ll have to develop these three traits.

They are one of the most energetic signs and are drawn to people who can manage that energy, and if you follow our guide completely, you’ll have an Aries woman who wants to be with you all the time.