Aquarius Man Acting Weird (8 Reasons & What To Do)

Aquarius Man Acting Weird

You are in love with an Aquarius guy. He is charming, intelligent, and witty. His sense of humor has got you hooked, and you feel like he’s the one for you.

You are drawn to him and enjoy the time you spend together. But lately, his behavior has been a bit strange. He seems distant and is not responding to your messages.

He is canceling plans last minute and not calling you back. You don’t know why he is acting this way, and it’s driving you crazy.

You start asking yourself, “Is he done with me? Am I not attractive enough? Is he seeing someone else?”

It’s normal to feel confused and frustrated in such a situation, but don’t lose your cool yet! This is the beauty of a relationship with an Aqua guy. You never get bored. He loves you, but he loves his freedom too.

So the question is, why is an Aquarian boyfriend acting distant suddenly?

An Aquarius man acting weird is angry with you. He hesitates to move forward and is probably afraid of commitment. Lack of romance is making him feel disconnected from you. He needs some space to realize what he really wants in life. Acting strange is also his way of testing your loyalty.

Let’s dive into the most probable reasons why he has been acting hot and cold. You’ll also learn tips for handling an Aquarius man giving you the cold shoulder.

8 Reasons Why an Aquarius Man Is Acting Weird

Reasons Why An Aquarius Man Is Acting Weird

You must accept one thing, an Aquarius man can’t be tamed. It’s in his nature to give you mixed signals, and this is something you have to live with.

Being an air sign of the zodiac, Aquarians are constantly looking for change and freedom. It’s like a quest for them to explore the world. This journey often leads them to act weird or distant.

Here are the 8 most common causes behind his unexpected behavior.

1. He Is Angry With You

He Is Angry With You

An Aquarius male tends to get angry very quickly. He will lash out at you if provoked. If he’s acting cold, it could be because of something that happened between you two.

  • Have you recently disagreed with him?
  • Did you say something that hurt his feelings?
  • Was it your non-stop nagging that pushed him away?

It’s essential to understand why he is upset and then move on from there. Talk to him about it and try to resolve the conflict. He appreciates honesty and hates dishonesty.

2. He Has Changed His Mind

Water bearers can change their mind frequently. If your Aqua man is acting unnatural, his feelings have also changed.

He’s not sure about the relationship anymore and needs some time alone to think things through. There are many factors behind this decision.

  • You would have pushed him too hard to commit.
  • The spark between you two is gone.
  • You’re probably not giving him what he wants in a lady.
  • He is fed up with the same old routine.

So, instead of trying to force things, give him the time he needs. But during this period, do one thing. Tell him that you still care for him and will listen when he is ready.

3. Lack of Intimacy

Lack Of Intimacy

Aren’t you tired of hearing the same excuses? “I’m too busy,” “Let’s do it later,” “It’s complicated.” Despite all the efforts, he has been pushing you away from him.

Why? It’s you who is behind this problem. You’re the one who has forgotten the importance of romance in a relationship.

When an Aquarian feels you’re not being physically intimate with him, he starts to show distance. He is never okay with a dull and unromantic girlfriend.

Editor’s Tip

Surprise him with a super romantic date and express your love creatively. Wear a red dress with a revealing neckline and high heels. Give him a hug and goodbye kiss when he leaves. Doing so will make him come back to you with open arms.

4. He Doesn’t Want To Rush Things

Men born under this zodiac hate being rushed and pressured into making decisions. If he feels like his freedom is threatened, he starts to pull away from you.

You’re probably making his life too tricky by setting unrealistic expectations. He’s simply telling you he needs time to explore the world and figure out his life.

Let him enjoy his freedom without any strings attached. Don’t act like a possessive girlfriend. This can prove to be a major turn-off for him.

5. He Might Be Testing You

He loves testing people to see if they are ‘worthy’ of his trust and affection. So if an Aqua guy is ignoring you, it’s because he is testing you to see if you are loyal and reliable.

  • He puts you in a situation of doubt to see how you react.
  • He makes and breaks promises to check your patience.
  • He chooses to stay silent instead of expressing his feelings.
  • He acts like he doesn’t care when deep down, he does.

If he sees that you are different from other women, then congratulations. He will accept you as a potential partner and come back to you after a short time. With a due apology, of course!

6. You’re Not Emotionally Connected With Him

You’re Not Emotionally Connected With Him

Well, emotions are the basis of every relationship. When you lack an emotional connection with an Aquarius male, he starts to drift away from you.

But these emotions are not just about hugs and kisses. You need to establish a deeper bond with him on an intellectual level. Talk to him about his passions and ambitions.

Learn to be his cheerleader. Pave the way for him to achieve his dreams. Be supportive and understanding of his needs.

Make Him Chase You

If you want to get him hooked on you, showcase your intelligence and wit. Have a joyful spirit by talking about interesting topics. Let the real you shine through. This proves to be an irresistible combination for him.

7. He’s Dealing With Personal Issues

He’s Dealing With Personal Issues

Just like everyone else, people of this zodiac sign also have issues in their personal life. He is probably going through a rough phase and is not ready to tell you about it yet.

Family issues, financial problems, or mental health concerns are the possible reasons behind an Aquarius man acting weird.

He needs your support now more than ever.

  • Instead of being a demanding lady, be a friendly partner.
  • He needs someone’s shoulders to cry on. And that should be yours.
  • Join him in his activities. Go on outdoor trips, watch a movie or have dinner together.
  • Laugh with him, talk to him and share the burden of his pain.

These favors are enough to make him realize your worth in his life. His heart is sure to melt, and he will not hesitate to say those “three magical words.”

8. He Doesn’t Want To Be Tied Down

He Doesn’t Want To Be Tied Down

The fault is not always yours. It can be his airy nature that is making him fly away from you. He thinks that he has lived enough to be tied in a relationship.

It’s hard for him to accept the idea of being in an exclusive commitment. He can be a great friend but not a faithful partner.

So, don’t be disheartened if he shows signs of cheating on you. Things are already gone beyond repair.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Aquarian creatures are unpredictable and act weird from time to time. However, if you understand the reasons behind their behavior and know how to fix it, you have nothing to worry about!

But you must draw a line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. If, by all means, he still doesn’t realize his mistakes, he’s the culprit. He doesn’t deserve your attention. Finally, don’t forget to put yourself first and ensure your mental health is a top priority.