Why an Aquarius Man Ignores You (& What To Do)

Why Aquarius Man Ignores You

Speaking of Aquarius men, the first thing that comes to mind is their charming personalities. Also, if you have known them well enough, you will surely understand their extrovert habits, emphasis on independence, and lastly, their rebellious nature.

However, leaving these traits aside, when you get an Aquarius man to commit, know this; he will be loyal for life. Your Aquarius man will try to accommodate your requests, but getting him to commit to a relationship is an ordeal, as Aquarius men prefer freedom.

Also, Aquarius men are notorious for their mood transitions. Your Aquarius man may be sweet at one moment, or you mean the world to him, but in another one, he may give you the cold shoulder.

It brings us to the question, i.e., why Aquarius man ignores you?

It all boils down to a couple of reasons, e.g., he needs some space, you have hurt his feelings, and he isn’t in for a romantic relationship. Or he is genuinely busy, he is unknowingly ignoring you, and lastly, he is not interested anymore.

Continue reading to get a deep insight into why these reasons arise and what you should do in such cases. So, let’s dive in without further ado.

1. He Needs Some Space

He Needs Some Space

The creativity and thinking outside the norm of your Aquarius man come from thinking a lot, meaning; he will suddenly start ignoring you if he is thinking about some ideas.

It may come across as your Aquarius man being disloyal but fret not! All you have to do is give him some space. He will eventually tell you about the thing keeping him engrossed and distant from you.

That is the most usual reason for your Aquarius man ignoring you so that he can get things done in his space, but there may be a few more reasons behind him wanting space by ignoring you.

He will need some space if he thinks you are unable to engage him and get his mind into interesting conversations, so he will ignore you to do his own thing.

Or you are being pushy and clingy. Aquarius men are free-spirited, so they take this approach as a restriction to their freedom, resulting in them ignoring you.

2. He Doesn’t Want a Romantic Relationship

He Doesn’t Want A Romantic Relationship

People belonging to this zodiac sign fall into the category of zodiacs afraid of commitment. You can guess from this if you push for a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man before he is ready, he will start to ignore you.

So, if he doesn’t want to take the relationship further, an Aquarius will usually be upright with you and tell you. However, that may not always be the case, so the result is ignoring you.

That is why you need to bide your time and wait for the signs to know if an Aquarius man is interested in you.

3. He Is Angry With You

He Is Angry With You

The most probable reason if the above two don’t fit your bill is your Aquarius man is furious at you.

There could be several reasons why your Aquarius is angry with you. It could be because you gossiped about his friends or family members. He values friendship and family bonds above everything, so ignoring you is his response.

Or he has lost trust in you. It could be because he suspects your loyalty, so he is ignoring you to validate and question things about this issue. Also, it could be in response to you ignoring him first (knowingly or unknowingly).

When you combine all these reasons, you can see why your Aquarius man will ignore you.

4. He Is Genuinely Busy

He Is Genuinely Busy

Ignoring you may not always be the case of something related to your relationship. Aquarius follows a single-mind routine, meaning if they start focusing on some task, they get so absorbed in it that they will forget to contact you.

Aquarius men don’t fall into the category of most workaholic zodiac signs. But the main reason is they do the work for the greater good or for innovative purposes rather than benefitting themselves.

However, it doesn’t mean your Aquarius man won’t want stability, he will first focus on getting that, and his drive to explore more will make him strive for more. It will result in your Aquarius man ghosting you, but it is unintentional.

You can confront your Aquarius man about this issue, but he will rarely change his habits, as it is ingrained in his personality.

5. He Is Unknowingly Ignoring You

He Is Unknowingly Ignoring You

If you are not yet in a relationship with an Aquarius man, chances are he is ignoring your advances because he is unsure of your feelings.

Aquarius men, especially among other zodiacs, fall in this category because they are the least emotionally sensitive zodiac sign. Unless he is sure you like him or are interested in a relationship with him, chances are, your Aquarius will continue to ignore you.

It can still happen even if you are in a relationship, but in this case, your Aquarius man gets engrossed in his thoughts/work and forgets you are there. You need to remind him of your presence and tell your Aquarius man that he is unintentionally ignoring you.

6. He Isn’t Interested in You Anymore

He Isn’t Interested In You Anymore

The last reason you need to watch out for is that he has lost interest in you. While he may want to let you know about it; however, to avoid hurting you, he may start ignoring you.

The primary reason, in this case, is a change in your style, e.g., your Aquarius man fell for your independence, but now he is starting to feel you are becoming dependent on him.

Editor’s Note

If you have gone through everything and still nothing rings the bell, know this, the problem may not be on your side. Aquarius men are known for their stubborn natures, so before thinking it’s your fault, it may be just him.


To wrap up, your charming, captivating, and intelligent Aquarius man can ignore you for several reasons. These reasons may be a fault on your side or just him being distant.

To know why your Aquarius is ignoring you, firstly, check if he needs space. Or if he is afraid of commitment, is furious at you, is plain busy, is unaware he is ignoring you, doesn’t want to carry the relationship forward, or lastly, his personality at play, that’s all.