What Is Aquarius’ Spirit Animal?

What Is Aquarius Spirit Animal?

Sometimes, life does not go according to plan and could become overwhelming to bear. When this happens, many people try to find a way to seek solace from universal powers they believe in, and due to their unwavering faith, the obstacles they face may fade away after they do this.

As much as this is a commendable strategy, it is essential to note that the Universe has other means through which it helps when you are in situations like this. One of these is the similarities between zodiac signs and their spirit animals.

Each zodiac sign has at least one spirit animal that can be used to illustrate some of its unique attributes. Aquarius is one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs, and the reason for this can be traced to some of their spirit animals.

Most zodiac signs have animals as symbols, making it easy to figure out which animal best represents them by merely observing these symbols. This is not the case for Aquarius, as their symbol is a water bearer. However, their most suitable spirit animal is Dolphin, an aquatic animal.

Read through to the end if you are interested in finding out some of the spirit animals for Aquarius.  

Spirit Animals That Are Associated With Aquarius

Spirit animals are like the Universe’s manual book for humankind. They are there to explain some mysteries that many people may struggle to understand, including some behavioral effects.

If you are an Aquarius and are curious to learn about your spirit animals, they are as follows.



The similarities between a dolphin and Aquarius are too uncanny.

It is arguably the best example to use to illustrate the connection between zodiac signs and their spirit animals because you can find attributes such as high intellectual capacity, free-spiritedness, strength, and also playfulness present in both the sign and the animal.

If you have been around an Aquarius person before and have also tried swimming with the dolphins, then you should be able to ascertain this claim.

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent sea animals and are also known for being highly entertaining. You can barely spend an hour with an Aquarius before noticing that they are knowledgeable people and entertaining to be around.



When Aquarius is not being playful and goofy, they will most likely be in solitude, channeling their creative side and conducting some productive activities. These are the similarities they share with a spider.

Aquarius, like spiders, are mostly always misunderstood. Their default response to this is withdrawing completely into a hideaway and using their energy for something better than trying to prove their value to others.

Understandably, Aquarius is greatly misunderstood because they are a very complex sign. Similar to the spider, they have a great deal of energy and intricacy that many people may find difficult to understand. Because of this, nature granted them the ability to be patient.

Aquarius and spiders are very patient and would instead choose to withdraw from confrontations rather than face them head-on. However, don’t mistake their patience for weakness because Aquarius has the strength of a dolphin.



Many people think of rabbits as easy animals to prey on, but in reality, they are survivors. This is the same way many people misconstrue Aquarius’s gentleness for weakness.

Although both rabbits and Aquarius are highly vulnerable, they always find a way to survive most attacks and unpleasant situations regardless.

Another attribute that Aquarius and rabbits share is their love for being distinct and independent always. They are not the type that would jump on the bandwagon or choose to do something because everyone else finds it cool.

While some other people may pride themselves on their actions inspiring others to want to be like them, Aquarius, on the contrary, will dump that action altogether because they hate being imitated.

Once they notice that people are starting to do what used to be their unique craft, they will abandon it and dive into another.


Understanding the connection between zodiac signs and spirit animals takes you one step closer to having the ability to unravel some of the mysteries behind people’s line of actions and attributes.

Perhaps, you are with an Aquarius person, and you find it challenging to comprehend how they can go from being the fun-loving, free-spirited person to being the withdrawn and cautious type.

The answer to all of these lies in the fact that their spirit animals can either be a dolphin or a spider, depending on the circumstances.