How To Lose a Pisces Woman (9 Different Ways)

How To Lose A Pisces Woman

Pisces is known to be highly sensitive, they’re probably the most sensitive in the entire zodiac. They’re very intuitive and sentimental people who genuinely care about other people.

They’re the dreamers of the zodiac because they’re extremely imaginative. The Pisces woman takes some time to warm up to people and can be a bit shy until they trust you.

However, you may have your reasons for wanting to lose a Pisces woman. Maybe, she’s not the one for you, or maybe the relationship isn’t healthy anymore.

So how do you lose a Pisces woman?

To make a Pisces woman lose interest in you, disregard her feelings, neglect her or don’t give her enough attention; don’t support her dreams or fantasies, and be judgemental.

Below is a detailed guide on how to lose a Pisces woman.

9 Ways How To Lose a Pisces Woman

How To Lose A Pisces Woman

It’s important to remember that you should never be cruel or intentionally hurtful. The Pisces woman is very sensitive, and it’s important to be mindful of that when trying to end a relationship with her.

1. Tell Her She’s Too Emotional

A Pisces woman knows she’s sensitive but hates it when people tell her or use it as an excuse. Her feelings are her driving force, and they’re a huge part of who she is.

Whether it’s a romantic or platonic relationship, the Pisces woman won’t be with someone who doesn’t understand that part of her.

She’s proud of how emotional she gets, and she’s empathetic to people and situations because of it. That’s how she’s wired, how she expresses love, how she makes sense of the world, and what she won’t apologize for.

2. Be Judgemental

Pisces women understand that everyone is fighting their own battles, so they try to see from different perspectives, and they’re very slow to judge.

If you’re constantly judging her and the people around you, you’re on her blacklist. Judgment can range from telling people what to do with their free time to telling them what to wear.

3. Don’t Support or Believe in Her Dreams

The Pisces woman loves to escape reality and dream. She wants a partner who can dream with her and support her. If you’re the type that shuns her fantasies, she won’t tolerate being with you.

She gets lost in her world most of the time and needs to be brought back, but she wants a partner who’ll be there to stand by and believe in her whether she accomplishes her dreams or not.

4. Treat Her as an Afterthought

No amount of attention is too much for a Pisces woman. She wants to be taken care of because she would do the same for you. She won’t hesitate to go out of her way to ensure you feel loved, and she’ll always try to help you in any way she can.

If she feels neglected by you or you behave like she’s making you uncomfortable, she’s gone. She doesn’t tolerate being undervalued.

A Pisces woman wants to spend time with you. They need someone to confide in and tell all their secrets to. If you stop talking or listening to her over a long period, she’ll divert her attention to where it’s needed.

5. Be Indecisive

One of the worst things you can tell a Pisces woman is for her to decide for you. She dreads taking the lead on anything, and you’ll lose her if you’re the Indecisive type.

If you’re firm on your choices, you’ll build a good relationship with her because they love people that can easily make good decisions and stick to them.

So whether you’re in a relationship with a Pisces woman or just friends, one of the quickest ways to make her lose interest in you is to be Indecisive.

6. Be Boring

Pisces women value excellent communication and love any man that can communicate clearly. Their attention span is very short, so they easily zone out of discussions.

If they feel you’re not making sense or talking in a boring manner—no facial expressions or hand gestures—you’re already losing them.

The Pisces woman also hates poor listeners. If she talked about her vacation last week and brings it up in a conversation but you can’t remember, it’s such a turn-off for her.

She wants you to be on the same page with her at all times. Ask questions, talk about something she’s interested in, and don’t speak in a boring manner.

7. Try To Change Her

She loves herself just the way she is. People are always giving her advice on how to become callous or insensitive, and she’s had it up to her neck.

She knows she gets too emotional and can easily be taken advantage of, but ringing it in her ears constantly will make her leave.

She wants to be accepted just the way she is, and she won’t become insensitive just because you said so.

8. Be Unromantic and Emotionless

Pisces women are hopeless romantics. They hold idealistic views on love despite experiences and heartbreaks that say otherwise.

If you’re stiff and unromantic when it comes to expressing love, she won’t like you very much. If you don’t relate to her emotions or understand how she feels and responds to things, she won’t connect with you.

She also craves vulnerability in a partner. If your walls are too high and you can’t open up to her, you’re telling her that you can’t trust her.

She doesn’t open up to people easily, but when she does, it shows that she can trust you. If she’s opening up to you, but you still can’t bring down your walls, you’ll lose her.

9. Rush Things

She wants to take her time when it comes to relationships. A Pisces woman wants to be sure you’re the right person for her so she won’t make a decision she’ll regret.

It may take weeks or even months for her to trust and accept you. Throughout that time, she’s trying to access you, so if you grow impatient, it’s your loss.

She likes romance, but if you overdo it, she’ll get turned off. If you also make decisions without communicating or carrying her along, don’t be shocked when she excuses herself.


It’s difficult to attract the Pisces woman, but easy to lose her. The easiest ways to lose her are to invalidate her feelings, not give her enough attention, try to change her, and take things too fast.