How To Tell if an Aries Man Likes You (5 Sure Signs)

How To Tell If An Aries Man Likes You

When it comes to matters of the heart, Aries men are basically open books. They are usually very clear about the things they like and hate twisting and hiding feelings.

If you’re in love with an Aries man and trying to find out if the feeling is mutual, you might not have much to worry about.

However, Aries men give off a lot of energy, and if you’re not careful, you might mistake their friendship energy for love energy and end up heartbroken. To avoid such misunderstandings, astrology has helped us understand this passionate fire sign.

So how can you tell if an Aries man likes you?

An Aries man that likes you will always want to be around you. He’ll also treat you like a queen, shower you with compliments, show you off to his family and friends, and strive to know more about you.

However, there’s more to know if an Aries man likes you than this summary above. Here, we’ll disclose everything you need to know about Aries men and how they display love.

How To Tell if an Aries Man Likes You

How To Tell If An Aries Man Likes You

Aries men are independent and driven by their own ambitions, but they can also be a bit standoffish in relationships.

When an Aries man is interested in someone, he will make his intentions clear with his actions – though it may take some detective work to figure out what those actions mean!

Now you’ll learn the various signs that an Aries man likes you so you can be sure before making any big moves.

1. He Loves Being Around You

He Loves Being Around You Always

You must have heard how energetic Aries men are. But that doesn’t mean they go around dispelling energy to anyone they meet.

Aries men are very selective about the people they choose to spend time with because they don’t like vibing or putting effort into someone they don’t value.

So if an Aries man is always trying to be with you, asking for your whereabouts and setting up dates, he might be deeply in love with you. If you always get his texts or calls or notice how excited he’s when you come over, you might have found an Aries man who likes you.

Unlike most men from the other signs that see spending too much time as an invasion of privacy or lack of boundaries, Aries men see it as a show of love.

Their time is precious to them, and before they give it to anyone, they must really like that person.

2. He Compliments You All The Time

He Compliments You All The Time

Compared to men from other signs like Scorpio and Gemini, Aries men are not good with words. But you can’t blame them; due to their confidence and love for attention, they’re used to being at the receiving end of these compliments.

Also, an Aries man will rather choose to show you how he feels than tell you.

But this all changes when they love someone. They won’t automatically turn into Shakespeare with their words, but you’ll feel the genuine passion behind every compliment they make.

Once they like someone, everything about the person fascinates them. So prepare to hear compliments about how nice your bracelet or jeans are or how he admires the color of your eyes or the way you walk.

However, don’t expect any deep compliments about personalities or behavior. Aries men compliments are usually about aesthetics, but even while they might feel shallow, they are deep and come from a place of love.

3. He Brags About You To His Friends

He Brags About You To His Friends

It’s no secret that Aries men are very proud. They believe in the power of their thoughts, ideas, and decisions. So they usually stand by their choices no matter what.

When an Aries man likes you, he’ll be very proud of you. He’ll see you as a trophy that he wants the world to see. To show everyone that he made another great decision falling for you.

So if you notice him telling his friends how awesome you’re or talking about you and sharing your pictures online, he’s definitely in love with you.

Furthermore, Aries men cherish deep connections, and that’s why they’re usually very close to their families, especially their moms.

An Aries man that likes you will want you to meet his family. If he’s always trying to set up a date for you and his mother, this is a sign that he wants you and wants to be in a lengthy and love-filled relationship with you.

Family and friendship are two things Aries men cherish deeply. If you steadily get invites to watch sports with his friends or have dinner with his family, it’s just him trying to show the people close to you how awesome you are. And how he likes and wants to keep you around.

4. He’s Always Ready To Help You

He'S Always Ready To Help You

As we’ve said before, Aries men are not fans of fancies words. They like to show affection through their actions. One of the ways they do this is by being ready to help you at all times.

They see themselves as kings and love to treat their women as queens. Sometimes, they do this while inconveniencing themself, but it is all because of their feelings.

So an Aries man that loves you will always want to help you solve your problems; he’ll send you random gifts, buy you food, and help you run errands.

Aries men are very blunt; they don’t like to go through corners or play hard to get. If they like you, they’ll show you through their behavior. They’ll immediately become so generous and kind to you.

This show of affection won’t fluctuate, they’ll keep displaying it till they get your attention.

5. He’ll Share His Interests With You

He'Ll Share His Interests With You

Many have described Aries men as being self-centered, and while there’s an atom of truth in this, it’s also a way you can use to know if an Aries man likes you.

Aries men are always filled with energy and don’t like to stop; they want to live on the go and are always hyperactive.

If an Aries man settles down with you and is calm enough to listen to you speak about your life and interests, this is a huge sign that he likes you. They don’t do that for anybody.

Furthermore, their self-centeredness means they might spend the entirety of your conversations talking about themself. But don’t see it as selfishness; they all share their life with people they like and trust.

An Aries man that likes you will want to know about your interests just to know if it aligns with theirs. He’ll also be fascinated with things in your life and will want to update you about his.

Editor’s Comments

Aries men are not fans of conversations, but they can endure them when they want to build a deep connection with someone.

The Bottom Line

Aries is the first zodiac sign; that’s why Aries men are very confident and act like kings. Their strength, boldness, and enthusiasm make them one of the most desirable signs in the zodiac. It’s probably the reason why you fell for one.

Aries men are also very open about their feelings, and if you’re observant enough, you can tell if they like you.

Firstly, they’ll always want to spend as much time with you as they can. You’ll also notice that they’re now complimenting you more often, plus they’re always showing you and bragging about you to everybody close to them.

They’ll also become very generous and make efforts to know you better. Lastly, if you want to fully understand how an Aries man feels about you, focus on his actions rather than his words.