What To Text a Scorpio Man (With Message Examples)

What To Text A Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are commonly known for their secretiveness. It’s almost impossible to tell what’s on their mind.

If you’re crushing on a Scorpio man or just want to be friends, it can be challenging to get into his heart because they generally have lots of defenses in place to ensure they don’t get heartbroken. So be prepared because you have one hell of a challenge coming your way.

Nevertheless, their hearts are not stones, and if you know what you’re doing, you can make a Scorpio man’s head and hills over you. One of the few ways you can do this is through texting, but that’s only possible if you know what to text him.

So what do you text a Scorpio man?

When texting a Scorpio man, ask him intelligent questions, don’t abandon serious topics, genuinely show him you care by asking about him, share something personal with him, and be a dirty flirt.

Despite their mysterious nature, Scorpio men are the complete package. Here, we cover everything you need to know about texting your Scorpio crush and making him fall for you.

Things To Know When Texting a Scorpio Man

Things To Know When Texting A Scorpio Man

Scorpios are often known for being dark, mysterious, and brooding. They’re also notoriously difficult to read. So if you’ve found yourself crushing on a Scorpio man, you might be wondering what to text him to get his attention.

Here are a few tips on how to text a Scorpio man that will get his attention and keep him interested.

Ask Him Intellectual Questions

Scorpios are known for their brilliance and inquisitiveness. They know a lot but are eager to know more. Scorpio men also love to share their knowledge, so an excellent way to open a text conversation with them is by asking intellectual questions.

Furthermore, Scorpio men are attracted to people that can or at least try to match their level of intellect. Ask him deep questions about science, psychology, or art. He’ll appreciate you trying to stimulate his mind and reward you with a detailed and thoughtful answer.

  • For example, you could ask him things like, “Would you open an envelope with the date of your death inside? I’ve been thinking about what I’d do, and I would love to hear what you’d do. Or you could ask him about his favorite book or author.

Scorpio men generally don’t like to engage in small talk, but through his answers to your deep questions, you can at least have a tiny peek into his mysterious mind.

Editor’s Comments

Scorpio men are only attracted to people whose intellect can wow them. They like to be challenged and enthralled by intelligent people.

Stay On Topic

Let’s say you were having a serious conversation with a Scorpio man over text the day before, and for some reason, you both had to leave the chat.

If you’re to message him the next day, don’t start with an entirely new topic. You’d make him feel like his previous messages had no impression on you and the entire sequence was a waste of time.

One way to kick off the chat is by sending him a link that explains some of the things you both discussed. This is you telling him that he was on your mind throughout the day and that you respect him and his views.

Ask About Him

Scorpio men are very secretive and mostly like to keep things to themselves. However, they appreciate it when people genuinely show interest in their well-being. Emotional sensitivity is one of their major traits, and they admire it in others too.

During a conversation, you can randomly ask him how he’s feeling and if he’s ok, especially if you notice a change in the mood of his replies. Scorpio men also value security and trust, so try to assure him that you’re comfortable holding deep and emotional conversations.

There’s a high chance he won’t open up everything to you because of his nature, but he’ll surely appreciate your effort.

  • You could say, “Hey James, I notice that your messages have been dull lately. Is everything ok with you?” Then assure him that you’re there for him.
  • “I’m sorry if you’re going through things, but I want you to know that I’m here for you whenever you need me. Be safe, James.”

Share Something Personal With Him

It could be a wild dream you had when you were eight and are yet to forget or a personal secret you’ve never told anyone. Just share something meaningful with him.

Scorpio men love mysteries and will appreciate that you let him in on yours. However, it would be best to keep him in suspense a little. Don’t flesh out the full details to him. Give him tiny bits and let his imagination do the rest.

Also, sharing your wildest dreams with him can lead to a great conversation where you ask for his help. You can also ask him what he thinks of your dream and its meaning. Scorpios are generally fascinated with supernatural, paranormal, and mystique things. He’ll be eager to tell you his thoughts.

Furthermore, Scorpio men like to feel special. When you’re telling him a secret or mystery, remind him that he’s the only one you’ve ever told. This will mean a lot to him. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your secret getting out because Scorpios are the most loyal in the zodiac.

Flirt And Send Sexy Texts

Before you flirt or send sexy texts and pictures to a Scorpio man, you must be sure you have an existing bond. Please don’t do this too early, as you might scare him off.

You can test the waters with a flirting guessing game. Ask him something like, “Do you know what’s on my mind right now?”

  • If you notice him moving with the flow, you’re free to be a bit dirtier, like, “Can you guess every piece of clothing I have on with their colors? There’s a prize for being correct too .”

With his consent, you don’t have to worry about anything else. Scorpio is the sex sign of the zodiac and will most likely take charge of the sexy conversation.

You can also send him a sexy photo with a dirty caption. Scorpio men are very sensual, and he might send you something sexy too.

The Bottom Line

Chatting with a Scorpio man can be so much fun, but that’s only possible if you know what you’re doing. Scorpio men don’t like to waste time on things that don’t interest them, so if you aren’t matching their vibe, they might just ignore your chat.

Scorpio men are intellectuals so ask him intelligent questions about different areas of life. He’ll be glad to explain things to you. Also, try not to jump from topic to topic carelessly. You’ll quickly lose his interest.

Ask about his well-being and convince him that you’re someone he can talk to. Also, share personal things with him but leave an aura of mystery, and lastly, appeal to his sensual side by flirting and sending him sexy texts and photos.

Do all this, and you’ll have a Scorpio man who wants to text and see you all the time!