What Animal Represents Libra?

What Animal Represents Libra?

Libras are kind, intelligent, and diplomatic. As the sign of the scales, they always seek balance and harmony in everything they do. They value equity, and they have a good sense of justice.

Libras love fashion, art, and all the fine things of life. They have a more laid-back approach to life and are people pleasers. However, Libras don’t hesitate to put themselves first when necessary.

They believe in second chances and forgive easily, but they don’t forget. They learn from their mistakes and ensure they don’t make a mistake twice.

So what animal represents Libra?

The gray wolf embodies the Libra personality. It’s intelligent, protective, loyal, and compassionate. It communicates with other pack members through vocalizations and body language. In the same way, Libras also express their feelings in different ways.

Continue reading to learn more about the grey wolf and other animals that represent Libra.

1. Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf

Wolves represent leadership, resilience, and even love. They have a brash exterior, but they’re softies on the inside. It’s the same with Libras. Libras look unapproachable, but deep down, they want to be approached. They want to make friends and meet new people.

Like the wolf, Libras are often misunderstood. People think Libras are out to hunt, manipulate or tear them apart. But it’s actually the opposite. Libras want to love and be loved. They enjoy the company of close friends and partners.

The similarities between a Libra and the grey wolf are more than you think. Wolves are pack animals. They raise their young ones until they’re ready to start their own pack, and they stick to their partners. Does this sound familiar? Yes, Libras value long-term relationships. They’re not the types to engage in flings.

Like the gray wolf, the Libra is absolutely mesmerizing. They like to stand out in any crowd and attend every event in their best outfit. Every gray wolf is different. They have alluring eyes and pelt depending on the species and their environment.

Libras are the same way. They’re unique people with great quirks. You may see them acting like everyone else because they’re masters of adapting to their environment, but once you get to know a Libra, you’ll know just how irreplaceable they are.

Lastly, the grey wolf is loyal to the core. Wolves care about family more than anything else—the same with Libras. As long as they trust you, they can do anything for you. But if you take their trust for granted, they’ll find it hard to trust you again.

2. Swan


The swan is another animal that represents Libra because of its elegant and gracious nature. With its white feathers, it swims slowly, showing off its beauty and purity. Like swans, Libras are beautiful and pure in and out.

Even in the most troubled times, Libras keep their cool. They look at the bright side of every situation and swim elegantly. Swans are also territorial. They don’t let others trample on them no matter how beautiful or kind they look.

In the same way, Libras fight for what is right and what they believe in. Their love for justice helps them do what is right even if the odds are against them.

3. Raven


This talking bird represents perception and insight. Libras are highly perceptive of their surroundings and form inferences from these perceptions. Afterward, they think of the best course of action.

Ravens are also playful creatures. They’ve been depicted in movies and literature as dark and mysterious, but they’re actually quite cheerful. Young ravens play games where they drop sticks from the sky and swoop to catch them just before they reach the ground.

Does this remind you of someone? Yeah, a Libra. Libras appear condescending, arrogant, and mysterious, but once you get to know them, you’ll discover they’re cheerful and optimistic.

4. Rabbit


The rabbit is an easy-going sociable creature. It represents the laid-back side of Libras. Libras like to go with the flow. Sure they can be organized, but they value spontaneity in their lives.

Rabbits are also loving animals that show affection in several ways. Although they can be shy at first, they’ll still come to sit near you or nibble at your socks. In the same way, Libras are open to love, even though they sometimes fail to express themselves well.


Like the gray wolf, Libras are loyal, resilient, and unique. They also possess the elegance and purity of the swan. Let’s not forget the perception and playfulness of the raven, and lastly, the love and friendliness of the rabbit.