What Happens When You Ignore a Cancer Man?

What Happens When You Ignore A Cancer Man?

One of the most popular tricks that people play in a relationship when trying to get the attention of their partners or admirers is ignoring them.

This age-old style has worked on so many occasions in decades past, and as such, it is mostly always the go-to trick. However, if you are wondering if this stunt would work on all Zodiac signs, then you might need to know what happens when you ignore a Cancer man.

Cancer men are naturally attention-loving people. They thrive on attention and are insecure most time.

The moment they notice that your attention to them has reduced or drifted away, they don’t take it kindly at all. Ignoring a Cancer man is a terrible idea, and you should not resort to doing such unless you are ready and willing to lose the man completely.

In this article, we will be discussing the consequences of ignoring a Cancer man.

Why Ignoring Cancer Men Is a Bad Idea

Why Ignoring A Cancer Man Is A Bad Idea

Like every other Zodiac sign, Cancer men possess some attributes that are unique to them. Some of these attributes make them react badly to being ignored.

They Hate Being Ignored

One of the most hurtful things you can do to a Cancer man is to ignore him for a long time. Regardless of whatever transpires between you and him or what you wish to achieve, resorting to ignoring a Cancer man will likely cause more harm than good.

They are attention-lovers, and they never get enough of their partner’s compassion. Once you starve them of this attention they so crave, there will be grievous consequences that may be as bad as them taking an exit from the relationship.

They Get Hurt Easily

Cancer men are sensitive and insecure about a lot of things. They take solace in knowing that their partners love them wholeheartedly and will always be there for them. Ignoring a Cancer man will take away this assurance and make him feel like he is not good enough for you.   

If you care about your Cancer man, you should not involve in any activity that will trigger his insecurity about himself and the relationship. Their emotions are volatile and should not be toyed with at all.

They Are Passive-Aggressive

Unlike some other Zodiac signs that would flare up and bare out their minds when they are mad at you, a Cancer man would rather keep the anger to himself. You might be able to figure out that he is angry, but he wouldn’t tell you literally.

If such a situation keeps occurring in a relationship, it might end up causing him to lose interest in you over time. Cancer men don’t like it when they have to endure all manner of problems from their partners. Instead, they want to enjoy good loving and attention from them all the time.

Consequences of Ignoring Cancer Men

Consequences Of Ignoring Cancer Men

If you are planning to ignore a Cancer man for any reason whatsoever, you should be aware of the consequences of such actions. This outcome may vary from one person to another, but in general terms, these are the possible scenarios that will likely play out when you ignore a Cancer man.

They Will Seek Attention Elsewhere

Cancer men are big on attention and can not go for long without getting it. They prefer getting the attention of their partners, but when you starve them of it, they will have no choice but to get it from someone else. This person may be a family member or, sometimes, a friend.

The significant risk involved in this is that they may end up turning to a long-time admirer or a new friend that would like to go into a relationship with them. When this happens, you may eventually lose your partner to another person because you chose to ignore them for too long. 

They Will Back Off if You Play Hard To Get

If a Cancer man is trying to get you to become his partner, it is best not to beat around and get straight to the point. If you like him, let him know. Cancer men love when their partners are expressive and honest.

Playing hard to get for a Cancer man is a huge mistake that you should avoid, as they don’t like chasing for too long. Due to their fragile self-esteem, Cancer men don’t stay too long where they are not wanted. If you give him mixed signals, he will capitalize on the rejection and back off in no time.

If you also make the mistake of making a Cancer man compete with other men for your love, he would withdraw from the competition before it even starts because being competitive is not one of the natural traits of Cancer men. Once they realize that they would have to fight for your love, they would gladly withdraw their emotions and try someone else.

They Will Stop Trusting You

It takes a lot of time and effort before a Cancer man will trust you completely because he knows he has a fragile heart. As a result, he would not want his emotions to be toyed with for any reason, even when you don’t have any sinister motive.

If you ignore a Cancer man because you want his attention and he finds out that you did that intentionally, instead of regarding it as a romantic gesture, a Cancer man would consider it an act of betrayal. He might find it very hard to trust you again afterward, which may lead to him breaking up the relationship altogether.


It is not entirely a bad thing to try and gain your partner’s attention by using gimmicks such as ignoring him. However, if your partner is a Cancer man, you need to find out if he would be okay with you doing that because most Cancer men don’t react well when they are being ignored.

Ignoring a Cancer man may lead to different terrible situations in a relationship, and sometimes, it may cause the relationship to end. If this is the last option you have in a bid to get the attention of your Cancer man, endeavor to take lots of precautions in order not to end up making the relationship come to a premature end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when a Cancer man ignores me?

A Cancer man will most likely ignore you when mad at you. The best thing to do at a time like this is to find out what you did wrong and apologize.

How do I know if my Cancer man loves me?

When a Cancer man is deeply in love with you, he would always crave your attention all day, every day. If you notice he is detached, it could only mean he is seeking attention elsewhere.