Why Are Cancer Men So Difficult? (Their Worst Traits)

Why Are Cancer Men So Difficult?

Everyone loves to speak about the Cancer man and how awesome they are in relationships. Their sensitivity and ability to love deeply have earned them a reputation as good lovers. But while all these are true, Cancer men are from perfect and can be very difficult lovers too.

So, what makes the Cancer men so difficult?

Cancer men are difficult because they can be exceptionally sentimental, possessive, and jealous. They also know how to hold a grudge for long and are experts at keeping secrets.

However, you’ll need more than this to understand why Cancer men are so complicated. Read through to learn more about Cancer men’s personalities.

Reasons Why Cancer Men Are So Difficult

Reasons Why Cancer Men Are So Difficult

Loving a Cancer man can be the most wonderful feeling because they are great companions who always love caring for their partner. However, they can also be difficult sometimes, and you might not even understand why.

Here, we’ll take a look into the characteristics of a Cancer man and why they can be very difficult at times.

Extremely Sentimental

The truth is, Cancer men are overly sentimental. But don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having deep emotions; it’s actually one of the most important factors in any successful relationship. However, when it becomes excessive, it can get a little tiring.

For starters, you never know the things that can hurt him. You might be having a fun conversation with your Cancer man; the next minute, he’s all moody or furious. This can be due to a word you said or him remembering something that happened before.

A Cancer man is very difficult to deal with because you must be careful when you’re around him. Due to their sensitive nature, you’ll have to treat their fragile emotions like an egg. At times, they might even get mad at you even when you’re not at fault.

However, the good news is that they don’t stay moody or angry for long. They’ll eventually realize they were in the wrong and apologize to you. If you can endure these occasional mood swings and stand by him regardless, you’ll have no problem with any Cancer man.

They Are Possessive

When a Cancer man loves, he loves with all his heart. However, this love can cause paranoia and put him in constant fear of losing you. This will also make him possessive of you.

Little possessiveness in relationships can be sweet, but it can make you feel trapped when it gets too much.

Jealousy is another product of this fear. Cancer men are extremely jealous and hate to feel threatened in a relationship. They fear heartbreak and need constant assurance that their partner belongs to them.

The constant need to prove your love to a Cancer man can be tiring, but once you fully understand his possessiveness stems from insecurity and fear of losing you, you might not have to worry much.

Editor’s Comments

When you’re in a relationship with a Cancer man, you can relax knowing you have someone to rely on at any time. That’s the same assurance he wants in you and why he might be too possessive.


For a sign that can express emotions profoundly, Cancer men are pretty good at hiding things. Their secretiveness can make them very difficult to read because you’ll obviously know that something is bothering them but have no idea what it is. Even worse, it’s impossible to know what’s on their mind unless they tell you.

Most times, it’s not like they don’t want to share things with you. It’s mostly because Cancer men love to take things gently; it’s in their nature. They probably feel you’re not ready to know and will open up to you when they feel it’s right.

On the bright side, their secretive nature makes them excellent at keeping people’s secrets. If you confide in a Cancer man about something private, be rest assured that you will never hear it from anyone else.

They Hold Grudges

It’s common to feel bad or hold a grudge when offended, but Cancer men take grudges seriously. A Cancer man will forgive you, but there’s a high chance he’ll never forget.

That’s why you have to be careful when dealing with them. You could be having a light conversation, and they say a joke that hurts him. He’ll always remember those words even after you’ve apologized. He might even bring them up in future arguments.

Most times, they only accept apologies for peace to reign at that moment. It takes Cancer men longer to process forgiveness, even from people they love.

The inability of Cancer men to forgive and forget easily can cause serious damage to their relationships. Because even when the other person might have moved on and changed, the Cancer man will still have trouble trusting them.

The Bottom Line

Being in a relationship with a Cancer man can be one of the best feelings in the world. However, before entering one, you should know that things won’t always be rosy. Cancer men are like every other man; they have imperfections that sometimes make them difficult.

Some of the reasons why Cancer men are difficult include being overly sensitive and temperamental. They’re also very jealous and can be possessive about their lovers. Lastly, Cancer men tend to hold grudges longer than men from other signs and are very secretive. 

Frequently Asked Question

Are Cancer men difficult to deal with?

Yes, they are. Like their symbol, crabs, it’ll take a while for a Cancer man to come out of his shell. They might have difficulty showing you their real self and will leave you confused.

Are Cancer men controlling?

When a Cancer man is in love with someone, they tend to be jealous, possessive, and a bit controlling. This is all because they are scared of losing the person.

What is the weakness of Cancer Man?

A Cancer man’s weakness is his high sensitivity. The fact that he can easily get hurt for the slightest of reasons is a big weakness.