What Is Capricorn’s Favorite Color?

What Is Capricorn'S Favorite Color?

Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorns are ambitious go-getters who constantly strive for success. And while they may come across as serious and strict, they actually have a great sense of humor—especially when it comes to making fun of themselves.

Capricorn is an earth sign and, as such, tends to gravitate toward shades that are classic, elegant, and time-tested. Think black, white, grey, camel, tan, brown, and cream. And while they may not be the most exciting hues, they definitely reflect Capricorn’s practical and down-to-earth nature. 

But that’s not to say that a Capricorn can’t appreciate a pop of color every now and then. In this article, we’ll explore Capricorn’s favorite color and the meanings and symbolism behind it.

Capricorn’s Favorite Colors

Capricorn'S Favorite Colors

Whether in clothing, makeup, home decor, or art, Capricorns are most drawn to colors that represent power, prestige, and sophistication. For a Capricorn, confidence is crucial—and what better way to exude confidence than by wearing the colors that make you feel your best?

Some of the most popular power colors for Capricorns include:


Black is the color of authority and power, and it’s no surprise that Capricorns are drawn to it. After all, they are one of the zodiac’s most ambitious and hardworking signs.

To a Capricorn, black represents strength, success, and determination. It’s the perfect color to wear when you’re going for that promotion or giving a presentation.


Like black, grey is a very serious and practical color. It’s the color of wisdom and knowledge, two things that Capricorns value highly.

Grey also symbolizes neutrality and balance. So if you’re feeling pulled in too many directions, consider wearing gray to help ground and center yourself.


Capricorns are drawn to camel because it represents both luxury and practicality. It’s the perfect color for a power suit or a fabulous handbag.

And while camel may not be as flashy as some of the other colors on this list, it definitely makes a statement of understated elegance.


Tan is another earthy color that Capricorns are drawn to. It represents strength, stability, and grounding, all of which Capricorn values highly.

If you’re feeling a bit unmoored, consider wearing a tan-colored sweater or scarf to help you feel more centered and stable.


White represents purity, innocence, and new beginnings. And while Capricorns may not be the most sentimental sign, they can appreciate the symbolism of starting anew.

Whether you’re trying to manifest a fresh start in your career or personal life, consider wearing white to help attract positive energy and new opportunities.


Brown is a warm and down-to-earth color. It represents nature, earth, and stability—all things the Capricorn values.

If you’re looking for a powerful color that is also very grounding, consider brown. It’s the perfect hue to wear when you need to feel centered and focused.


Cream is a softer version of white, and it represents luxury, wealth, and success. To a Capricorn, cream symbolizes all the things they are striving for.

If you want to attract abundance and prosperity, consider wearing cream-colored clothing or using cream-colored decor in your home.

These colors are all excellent choices for a Capricorn. But don’t feel like you have to stick to them rigidly-after all, variety is the spice of life! Consider incorporating some of these colors into your wardrobe, home, or art collection to feel more connected to your sign.


This is not to say that other colors don’t hold meaning for Capricorns-after all, they are drawn the full spectrum of hues.

But these power colors definitely reflect this sign’s practical and ambitious nature. So if you’re looking to channel your inner Capricorn, consider incorporating some of these colors into your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are associated with Capricorn?

Capricorns’ most popular colors include black, grey, camel, tan, white, brown, and cream. These colors all reflect the practical and ambitious nature of this sign.

How can I use color to channel my inner Capricorn?

If you’re looking to channel your inner Capricorn, consider incorporating some of their power colors into your life. This could mean wearing black, grey, or camel-colored clothing or decorating your home with shades of brown and cream. You might even consider painting a wall in your home black or grey to really capture the essence of this sign.

What are some other ways I can connect with my Capricorn energy?

In addition to power colors, use crystals that embody the energy of Capricorn to help you tap into this sign. Black tourmaline, white quartz, and brown agate are all excellent choices.