How To Hurt a Pisces Man’s Feelings (Break His Heart)

How To Hurt A Pisces Man’s Feelings

Pisces are sweet, kind, romantic, and compassionate. Their sweetness makes it easy for people to fall in love with them. However, when they hurt, the pain goes straight to the marrow. How, then, can you hurt them?

A Pisces man can be hurt when you say negative things about him, hang out with other guys, or criticize his ideas or innovations.

Now, let us delve in. The rest of this article will reveal how you can hurt a Pisces man feeling. Relax, I’m not teaching you toxicity, just a sprinkle of wickedness.

7 Ways To Hurt a Pisces Man’s Feelings

7 Ways To Truly Hurt A Pisces Man's Feelings

Pisces men are some of the most sensitive and caring individuals you will ever come across. They often give their all to relationships and can be extremely hurt by even small acts of negativity or betrayal.

Say Negative Things About Him

Pisces men love compliments and positive feedback always. They place the utmost importance on what others say about them. They are very emotional and sensitive.

An average Pisces man is influenced by encouragement and praise from others. Give him a sarcastically offensive comment when he expects you to compliment his outfit, achievement, or general outlook. Yes, this is where you get him.

Don’t be sweet or romantic with your words. You could choose harsh words like “why is your tie dangling like the tail of a lion?” “Your suit looks oversized. Have you lost some weight? “He’ll definitely start doubting himself. You are hurting him already.

Hang Out With Other Guys

To get a Pisces man, show him that he’s not the only one. One of the most hurtful things you can do to a Pisces man is to let him know he is not the only one you are seeing. He could do something stupid hearing that.

You could go out with some friends and post your pictures with the guy. He’d see it and feel very jealous and hurt. You can also receive male friends’ calls in his presence. On the phone, you can gist with the guy about how sweet and romantic the last date was.

If he confronts you about it, pretend as if you have done nothing wrong. Be intentional and unapologetic about it. By doing this, you will not only hurt him, but you will also make him lose his self-worth and self-confidence.

Avoid Him

A Pisces man loves to hang out with his partner always. Sometimes, he can be overly clingy. He is one of the most emotional among the zodiacs.

Declining his invitations and avoiding him when he obviously needs you most will not only make him feel lonely and isolated but very hurt. Pisces desire the presence of their woman and always want to have their woman around.

Avoid him without giving any valid reason. It will make him feel less of himself and will hurt him. I know you love that.

Criticize His Ideas or Innovations

One of the most valuable traits of a Pisces man is his creative and innovative ability. A Pisces man cherishes his ideas and inventions. He loves when his partner corroborates his ideas. It serves as a source of motivation for him.

Now, this is where you strike. A Pisces man always wants his ideas assessed and constructive criticism given. So, when he needs your honest assessment of his ideas, rubbish them and make him know that he is absolutely embarking on a wasteful project.

This will not only hurt a Pisces man but also rob him of his brilliance and self-confidence. You have your way, right?

Don’t Return His Generosity

Kindness and compassion are some traits that Pisces show to everyone around them. They are a very loving and caring soul. A Pisces man provides all his woman’s desires as long as he can afford them. Gifts, flowers, and random romantic surprises are what a Pisces man loves doing.

However, a Pisces man detests when his care and kindness are taken for granted or underestimated. You can hurt him by ignoring his gifts or simply refusing to thank him after buying you stuff.

If he challenges your ingratitude, simply reply by letting him know you didn’t ask for a gift or beg for flowers. Damn! You have just sent a shiver down his spine.

Complain About His Sensitivity

A Pisces man is a weak and very sensitive being. Pisces men are prone to complaining about everything. They act like a baby in the hands of their partners and love being pampered, and their sensitivity is understood.

So, to hurt a Pisces man, complain bitterly about his sensitivity. Make him feel weak and insecure by telling him that men are strong-hearted, intentional, and tough, unlike him. Let him know real men don’t fidget around like a baby being breastfed by his mother.

Pisces men are hurt when their major weaknesses are used against them. You are sure to hurt him if you do this.

Ignore His Emotion

Pisces men rely on their partners for companionship and support. They are triggered when their emotions and feelings are noticed, especially by their partner. They are blown away when sweet words are used on them.

So, to hurt a Pisces man, ignore him whenever he talks to you about his fears, worries, or problem. When he’s angry or annoyed about a situation, don’t ask him what the problem is. When he cries, pretend as if you are unaware of the situation.

A Pisces man will not only be hurt but absolutely broken when you ignore his emotions and feelings.

In a Nutshell

As we discussed above, you know how to hurt a Pisces man. Wicked, right?

So, to hurt a Pisces man, you have to deliberately ignore his feelings, make him feel jealous by hanging out with other guys, and give harmful comments about his ideas. If you do all these, you will surely hurt a Pisces man.