How To Make a Libra Woman Miss You

How To Make A Libra Woman Miss You

Generally, Libras have fantastic personalities. Their women are adorned and pleasurable, which explains why they are treasured and wanted by men of other Zodiac signs.

Perhaps you are one of such men, and you have set your eyes on a Libra woman, wondering how you can make her want you as much as you want her, or you probably are in a relationship with her already and wish to keep the spark alive.

To make a Libra woman miss you, you must first find a way to her heart. Once you have won her love, you will have to continue exhibiting characteristics that probably made her pick an interest in you in the first place.

After which, you will capitalize on some tricks that would compel her to want more of you at all times. You can do this by not being overly available to a Libra woman, as she would always crave to get more of your attention and love.

In this article, we will discuss tricks to use when you want to make a Libra woman miss you.

Steps To Follow When You Want To Make a Libra Woman Miss You

Libra women find it hard to conceal their feelings, especially when it comes to love. If you follow the following guidelines well, you will be able to quickly notice if the tricks are working or not from the reaction of your Libra woman.

1. Be Selectively Available

Be Selectively Available

This trick may be the hardest to execute because if you don’t do it right, you might end up making a mess of the relationship you have with your Libra woman.

Libra women love affectionate men who would spoil them with attention always. However, doing this all the time may cause her to get too used to seeing you around.

Occasionally, you can intentionally make yourself unavailable to her by postponing dates and other activities you have planned together.

However, ensure that you present reasonable excuses whenever you intend to change any of the plans you have both had because if she suspects that your reason is not genuine, she might start questioning where she stands in your life.

2. Be a Decision-Maker

Be A Decision-Maker

Libra sign is typically associated with indecisions. Half the time, they spend more time contemplating what they want than actually executing the said thing.

As much as this is their nature, Libra women hate this about themselves. Hence, they always look out for a man that would gladly take up the decision-making aspects of their lives.

If you have mastered the art of being decisive and your decision mostly turns out well, a Libra woman will always require you to make most of her choices for her. As such, you will always be on her mind, especially in moments when you are both apart.

This strategy works significantly in ensuring that Libra woman misses you.

3. Socialize Without Her

Socialize Without Her

Libra women are fun lovers and would cherish going out to have fun with their partners. If you intend to make her miss you sometimes, you should go out with your friends without taking her along.

You can upload the event pictures on your social media pages if you are sure she will see them, or you could send the images directly to her.

This action will trigger her to miss you because she would wish to be a part of all the fun you are enjoying with your friends.

Do not make a habit of this, though, because if you leave her out of your social life continuously, your Libra woman will resort to marking out her fun with other people. If this continues, it might eventually make you and her drift apart.

4. Be Mysterious

Be Mysterious

A little bit of mystery does wonders in spicing up relationships. Libra women find it exciting when they have to go an extra mile or two to unravel mysteries about someone they love.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal of a secret necessarily. You can hold back on telling her some information about yourself or give her a vague explanation of why you would be absent from dates or hangouts with her.

By doing this, your Libra would become highly interested in your movement and would always want you around her. It would work even better if you could fake having a secret conversation with someone else.

The moment a Libra woman senses that there is someone else in the picture, her possessive spirit will pop out and will heighten the feeling she has for you. This feeling will cause your Libra woman to crave you more.

5. Give Her Gifts

Give Her Gifts

This age-old trick pretty much works wonders most of the time. Make a habit of buying gifts that will always remind your Libra woman of you.

It doesn’t have to be expensive gifts, but it is preferable if it’s something she uses every day. It could be a bottle of perfume, a necklace, or even a journal if she is an old soul that would appreciate such.

The aim is to buy something that will be a part of her daily activities. Since you know her better, you should be able to figure out more ideas for gifts you can buy for her.

Doing this, you can be sure that every day, thoughts of you will cross her mind, and this will help you achieve your ultimate goal, which is to make a Libra woman miss you.


Several reasons might compel you to want to make a woman miss you, some of which might be to reignite the spark in the relationship or figure out where you stand.

Whatever your reason, if you are trying to make a Libra woman miss you, you should endeavor to do it cautiously because Libra women struggle with decision-making and don’t like when their partner is also not decisive.

If they should mistake your gimmicks for indecision, they might just up and leave the whole relationship altogether or refuse your advances entirely if you are not in a relationship with them already.

It will help if you use subtle methods such as being selectively available, giving her gifts, and being mysterious.