What Do Scorpios Think of Pisces?

What Do Scorpios Think Of Pisces?

One of the essential benefits of zodiac signs is that it helps to determine which zodiac is compatible with another and differentiate the ones that can not bear to be in the same room without aiming for each other’s heads.

Naturally, some signs don’t just agree with each other, and as such, their coming together is always chaotic. Each zodiac has its favorite and the top qualities that they find fascinating.

If you are a Pisces trying to get involved with a Scorpio, you need to find out what Scorpios think of Pisces.

There is a form of long-existing mutual respect that Scorpios and Pisces have for each other. Scorpios mostly find it very easy to create a bond with Pisces because they feel similar to them. In most cases, people born under these zodiac signs end up falling in love, but even when not romantically, they still have respect for each other.

If you are wondering if Scorpios and Pisces could keep a decent relationship or if you are curious to know what Scorpios think of Pisces, you should probably read this article to the end to find out.

What Do Scorpios Think of Pisces?

What Do Scorpios Think Of Pisces?

Scorpios and Pisces are a match made in heaven. They are two water signs that understand each other on a deep level.

But what do Scorpios really think of Pisces? Here are some insights into the Scorpio-Pisces relationship.


There are a lot of similarities between Pisces and Scorpios, but the most apparent one is sensitivity. This singular trait is why they get to understand each other’s feelings and thought processes. However, they also have differences that could cause a little problem in their alliance.

Scorpios are a tad bit brutal in some of their actions. On the other hand, Pisces are delicate and would always do what they can to avoid anything or anyone that stands as a risk to their delicacy.


One of the essential conclusions that a Scorpio gets to first deduce and love about Pisces is their empathy. Scorpios are always quick to spot this because it is also an attribute they possess. There is something about compassion that gets Scorpios to be constantly intrigued.

Scorpios believe that people born under the Pisces sign are the most compassionate of all zodiac signs, and they rate them more highly than others because of this. This feeling is always mostly mutual between both of these signs.


Another significant opinion that Scorpios have about Pisces is that they are incredibly trustworthy. In a world where finding dedicated people seems impossible to achieve, Scorpios find it very easy to develop a good level of trust for Pisces.

This explains why it doesn’t take these signs too long to develop feelings for each other and commit to relationships. Naturally, a Scorpio feels comfortable around Pisces, and this logic also applies to their relationship with Pisces.


Scorpios quickly let go of their heart completely and drown themselves in the ocean of a Pisces’s love.

Although significant factors come into play for this to materialize, the ability to quickly earn each other’s trust is one of the vital keys that makes a relationship between a Scorpio and a Pisces run without hassle. Once trust is established in any relationship, it is almost impossible for that relationship not to thrive.

Betraying Trust

However, if any of these two should in any way whatsoever betray the other’s trust either by cheating on them or doing any sinister thing, their fallout is always fatal. It is advisable that they end the relationship instead of looking for ways to patch up the already broken seal of trust between them.

Scorpios are harsh when you give them a reason to be, and betraying their trust in you is one of the easiest ways to get a Scorpio to lose every atom of love and respect they have for you.

Showing Too Much Emotion

One of Scorpios’ few negative opinions about Pisces is their inability to communicate appropriately without getting their emotions in the way.

Scorpios are sensitive people who pay substantial attention to empathy, but sometimes, they love to confront things directly without having emotions cloud their judgment. Having this kind of conversation with people who belong to the Pisces sign may be a little difficult because they are susceptible to being hurt and could be bruised by some words you might say in the heat of the moment.

Similarities Between Pisces and Scorpios

Similarities Between Pisces And Scorpios

To further understand the relationship between Pisces and Scorpios or what Scorpios think of Pisces, you might need to know the things they share in common.

Sensitive Nature

This is the most significant similarity between Scorpios and Pisces. They are incredibly compassionate people who are always willing to show love to everyone around them. However, Pisces are way more sensitive than Scorpios, and this mostly poses a downside for them.


Most times, you don’t have to say much before people born under the Pisces and Scorpio signs would completely understand what you are driving at or figure out your genuine intention.

They have a sixth sense that gives them the edge over others. This is another major reason why they both get along quickly.

Final Thoughts

Every zodiac sign has its resentment and admiration for every other star sign. Some naturally love each other, while others may be hostile to each other.

The reason for all these possibilities boils down to their preexisting opinions of one another. These opinions may not necessarily be based on facts but only on attributes of some of these zodiac signs. However, some people may not have all traits attributed to their star sign.

One of the few that have mutual admiration and respect for each other are Scorpios and Pisces. Scorpios rate Pisces so highly, and they find it easy to relate with them as friends or even lovers.

Although they share a few differences, they have much more in common, making their relationship blossom even without trying too hard.