Which Zodiac Sign Cries the Most?

Which Zodiac Sign Cries The Most?

All zodiac signs have attributes that are peculiar to them. Such as anger, impatience, passion, honesty, etc. Some can conceal these character traits, and some have mastered the art of gaining control over them.

However, naturally, some zodiac signs are very emotional and would start crying at every given opportunity. For some reason, you might be curious to know which zodiac sign cries the most.

When it comes to being emotional and susceptible to tears, the battle for who holds the medal will be between Pisces, Cancer, and Leo. Those three signs do not find it hard to have tears streaming down their faces whenever they face situations such as heartbreak, disappointment, and even sometimes when they watch emotional movies.

Further, in this article, we will be highlighting the zodiac signs that cry the most and what triggers them.

Three Zodiac Signs That Cry the Most

It is normal for everyone to cry at some point in their life, and some studies even assert that crying is essential in sustaining good mental health. However, some people find it easier to cry, even in situations that don’t call for it. Most of the time, this happens because of their zodiac sign. The highly vulnerable zodiac signs are:

3. Leo


Leos are naturally hard on themselves. They always tend to overthink things and blame themselves for every mistake.

Leos strive hard to control their tears in public and prefer unleashing the stream of tears in the comfort of their home. However, if the situation is too overwhelming for them, they will burst into tears right there in public and would weep uncontrollably.

Also, Leos don’t have to go through the biggest heartbreaks or difficult situations before they find themselves shedding tears.

They could be triggered by watching a romantic movie. They could also be triggered by the emotional events of their friends or families.

2. Pisces


When it comes to being extremely and uncontrollably emotional, Pisceans are always at the forefront.

Their most significant disadvantage is that they are highly compassionate about people around them, and, in turn, they expect people to bestow them with the same level of compassion. Once they don’t get the treatment they expect, Pisceans get hurt and cry about it.

People who are used to being around Pisceans don’t get fazed when they start being emotional around them. It is what they are known for, and as much as they claim they have genuine reasons for crying, those reasons don’t seem severe enough to make people around them bother.

Pisceans are also over-thinkers who would rather focus on what they could have instead of what they have.

In doing this, they get to hurt themselves and demand too much from themselves. This situation might also trigger them to start crying if they feel they are not doing as well as they are supposed to.

1. Cancer


Cancers are regarded as the most emotional zodiac sign.

They are like a walking bag of emotions and would never fail to let the tears flow whenever they are in a situation that is too overwhelming for them. Different things, ranging from anger, embarrassment, regrets, and failure, can easily hurt cancers.

Cancers hardly care whether they are indoor or outdoor. As long as they feel hurt, they would start crying uncontrollably, so much that they would not be able to talk without having slurred speech.

When they break down, they do so thoroughly, and it will require a lot of consoling for them to comport themselves.

They are also very empathetic and would even get emotional over someone else’s worries and disappointments. Cancers care about how their loved ones would react when they are in a terrible situation. They are very fragile and sensitive to all sorts of distress.


Crying is a natural phenomenon for anyone, regardless of their zodiac sign. It is okay for people to cry when they are hurt. However, some people find it very easy to get triggered into crying, resulting from their zodiac sign.

Determining which zodiac sign cries the most is a tough contest between Leo, Pisces, and Cancer. Those three zodiac signs are famous for being extraordinarily emotional and susceptible to tears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which zodiac sign is quick to get angry?

Aries gets angry very quickly. At every sign of provocation, they always flare up and rain fire and brimstone. They also get frustrated quite easily.

Which zodiac sign is the most compassionate?

When it comes to being empathetic towards others, Pisces, Cancers, and Scorpios are the log leaders in this category. They are always quick to tend to the needs of people around them and also share in their emotions.