Why Leo Man Pulls Away: The Most Common Reasons

Why Leo Man Pulls Away

Leo men are famous for being extra passionate and loving with their partners. They are always attentive and ever-ready to shower their partners with attention.

This makes it very easy to know when they gradually detached from a relationship. If your Leo man is slowly drifting away, you will be able to tell almost as soon as he starts.

The only thing you might find difficult to know is why he is doing it. In such a case, the best you can do is talk to him about it or find out why a Leo man will pull away.

One of the most important reasons is that they hate being disrespected. If you ever insult or embarrass a Leo man in any way whatsoever, he will not hesitate to pull away from you entirely in no time.

Leo men are highly egoistic and would never allow anyone to trample upon them, regardless of their relationship with the person.

Follow us as we discuss different things that can make a Leo man drift away.

Factors That Make a Leo Man Pull Away

Factors That Make A Leo Man Pull Away

Suppose you ever notice your Leo man becoming detached from you and the relationship. In that case, you should consider going through this list to see if any of them relates to the situation surrounding his reaction.

If a Leo man starts to pull away, it’s most likely because of one of the following reasons:

He Is Angry

He Is Angry

Due to their enormous ego, Leo men find it very hard to express their feelings.

Suppose you offend a Leo man, probably by insulting him or talking down on his achievements, instead of letting you know that what you said didn’t go down well with him. In that case, he will rather walk away from the relationship altogether.

Leo men act all tough and carefree, but the truth is that their ego is incredibly sensitive, and they will do all they can to protect anyone from bruising it.

Once a Leo man realizes that he is not well-respected in a relationship, he will gladly walk away.

If you have recently had a confrontation with your Leo man, and he has started pulling away, it’s perhaps because you have said some hurtful things to him.

He Feels Embarrassed

He Feels Embarrassed

When Leo men become comfortable around you, they can share everything with you, even their biggest insecurities.

If you ever try to use any of this information that he has shared with you to tease him, albeit jokingly, he most likely will not take it well.

Instead of cautioning you, a Leo man would cut himself away from you because he would never trust you with such information ever again.

It is essential to know that Leo men are very different from other Zodiac signs, and they tend to take things personally very quickly.

You should avoid trivializing anything he shares with you, especially if it has to do with his insecurities.

Leo men don’t believe in mending relationships and giving second chances. He is mentally done with the relationship when you hurt him and will immediately start pulling away.

He Is Scared of Commitment

He Is Scared Of Commitment

A Leo man may be scared of commitment for various reasons, ranging from the fear of being in a relationship where there is unrequited love, being afraid of having to change lifestyle after being committed, suffering a heartbreak, etc.

Sometimes, the fear of the unknown makes Leo men run from committing to relationships. Their first instinct is to pull away from you and the relationship altogether when this happens.

The good thing about this is that when Leo men detach themselves from a relationship due to fear of commitment, they most likely will come back if you give them reasons to see that they have no cause to fear.

If this is the case with your Leo man, all you have to do is show him that you want the commitment as much as he does and that he won’t be the only one making efforts to make the relationship work.

He Has Mood Swings

He Has Mood Swings

As much as Leo men mainly become distant when they are hurt or angry, sometimes, they simply pull away because they need space.

Leo men are obsessed with showing the world that they are rigid and as such, whenever they are in a bit of a rough or sad mood, the first thing they will do is pull away from anyone and everyone.

They do this because they don’t want anyone to witness them in their vulnerable state.

Their pride and ego would not let them live with the fact that someone out there could one day taunt them with the way they reacted when they had a mood swing.

However, you can have a clear conversation with your Leo man to ensure that this is the reason why he is pulling away.


There are several reasons why a Leo man will pull away, but most times, it is advisable to talk to him about it and be sure of the specific cause. Instead of making assumptions that might turn out to be wrong in the long run.

If talking to him about it is out of the question, then you should consider looking out for factors that make Leo man pull away. These circumstances may include insulting or embarrassing him, his fear of commitments, and sometimes his mood swings.