How Does an Aries Act When Feeling Hurt?

How Aries Act When Hurt

Before going into the topic, let me tell you a few things about our Aries zodiac sign. This zodiac sign is outspoken, does not hesitate to try something new, and can act on impulse. But these characteristics make them good leaders and can often lead to innovation. 

However, they have a fierce temper and can get angry quickly, but they do not hold such a fiery temper for long. So, knowing the personality of Aries, you can already guess how they will act when hurt. 

However, to clarify, here comes the question, how do Aries act when they are hurt?

When Aries is hurt, they will be direct with you, and the experience won’t be pleasant, as they are known to throw tantrums. For starters, Aries will draw a boundary, then start acting cold, and as they are bad at bottling emotions, you will soon know from their erratic behavior.

So, if you want to know more about how Aries acts when hurt, continue reading for more. 

How Aries Act When Hurt

How Aries Act When Hurt

Aries, whether man or woman, share the same characteristics when hurt and follow the same pattern.

So, these actions work both ways, which are as follows:

They Will Avoid You

This is an obvious sign that your Aries is angry with you.

The first step they will take is trying to bottle up their emotions. You may still be able to tell from their eyes or reddish face.

So, they will take it upon themselves to avoid contact with you. But it is not right to go straight to them and ask whether they are hurt or not.

Aries want to be seen as strong-willed and not this side to be seen by anyone, so if you want to get things sorted out, handle things patiently, let them sort their thoughts, and unwind their emotions. 

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They Will Be Angry

The next step after avoiding is letting their anger out. People with the Aries zodiac pull all the stops when displaying their wrath, and things get ugly if you do not handle it well. 

The grumpy character will be the start of the display. You may see your Aries passing sarcastic comments and getting angry over little things, as they are not good at hiding their feelings.

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Things Will Get Physical 

Aries are among the top six most childish zodiac signs, so you better be careful where the place is when they are about to let their anger out. 

Your Aries may regret these actions later on, but they do not care what comes and goes in the heat of the moment. They only want one thing, which is revenge.

So, they may end up saying things out in the open that may hurt you deeply and feel like a betrayal of trust (that is their goal at that moment), or let out their anger physically, e.g., keying the car, punching a hole in the wall, or destroying the stuff you own. 

It may seem immature, but Aries does not care what comes their way later on, so if you do not handle things carefully, get ready to have some of your stuff trashed.

Editor’s Note

The only difference between the actions of an Aries man and a woman is your Aries man will try to be secretive from the start about his emotions. But your Aries woman will show her temper right away.

Handling the Anger of an Aries

Handling The Anger Of An Aries

The ways to handle differ based on sex, so we will discuss each side here, but the good news is people with this zodiac sign are known to not hold grudges for long. 

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For Aries Man

If you want to get over the anger of an Aries man smoothly, then you need to do two things:

Straight and Genuine Apology

For starters, you need to avoid saying any contradictory facts right away. You should act tactfully to get those facts across but apologize first to show that you accept your Aries man’s words, which will mellow down his anger.

Give Him Space

After apologizing and letting your Aries man get everything off his chest, the next best thing you can do is give him some space. It will be awkward for him, and you will also need some time. So giving him some space kills two birds with one stone.

For Aries Woman

Remember, prepare for an outpouring of your Aries woman’s anger if you want to handle it without a hitch. Be prepared for an earful before you gloss things over.

Apologize and Show It With Actions

A simple apology won’t do in this case. You have to show it with your actions because your Aries woman will keep an eye on you for a while to avoid getting hurt again, and she will make sure you get her message.

Let Your Aries Woman Get Her Anger Out and Be Patient

The second thing is letting her get those bottled-up emotions out. It won’t be easy, but you need to have patience. Listen to her, show her that you care for what she wants to say, and cherish her. By doing this, you will be able to get her to cool off quickly.


Lastly, to avoid hurting your Aries, you need to ensure that you are honest with them, don’t go around in circles when talking, never disrespect them, and never boss them around.

So, knowing how Aries acts when hurt is pretty simple because they are among the zodiacs that are open books. So, you can tell right away when your Aries are hurt by their actions because they show it by acting angry or cold. 

But remember, it is not a good sign if your Aries is acting cold towards you. It means you have caused them deep grief or have lost their trust, and if you do not take action readily, you may lose them.