What Is the Dumbest Zodiac Sign? (All Signs Ranked)

What Is The Dumbest Zodiac Sign?

Every zodiac sign is unique in its own way, and it’s hard to judge intelligence since some are more adaptable than others, some make quick and accurate decisions, and some are creative.

However, some star signs are lacking in most of these areas, and they’ve been labeled dumb. You don’t need to be book-smart to be intelligent; geniuses thrive even outside their comfort zones.

Intelligent people are flexible and can easily adapt to any situation they find themselves in, they have good problem-solving skills and are very creative.

So what is the dumbest zodiac sign?

Cancer is known to be the least intelligent zodiac sign. Not because they’re bad at math or science but because they fail to make logical decisions. Cancers are usually overthinkers, and they let their emotions cloud their judgment.

Below is a list of the zodiac signs ranked from the least to most intelligent.

1. Cancer


Cancer is known to make decisions impulsively. They don’t consider both sides of the argument and fail to see even the most obvious things.

They’re far from logical. This water sign follows their emotions instead of facts. Their emotional nature can make them make the wrong decisions at times, and they’re easy to swindle.

People see Cancers as easy prey because they’re hypersensitive overthinkers. However, when it comes to making emotional decisions, Cancers are intelligent. They’re usually happy, and they don’t regret their decisions.

2. Sagittarius


The reason why Sagittarians fail to make intelligent decisions is that they tend to be self-absorbed. They think of themselves first in any decision they make.

They’re easygoing and flexible, however, they don’t ask questions. They also try hard to force their point of view on you.

They’re second on this list because they’re mostly not open to new information, and they trust themselves more than anyone or anything else.

3. Aries


You know that person that you think is both smart and dumb at the same time? They’re probably an Aries. Aries can be smart or dumb when they want to be.

Most times, they don’t take things seriously. As a fire sign, they’re naturally aggressive and hot-headed. They stand up for what they believe in, even if no one supports them.

However, this aggression makes them mishandle situations and not think clearly. Some might also say Aries are insensitive because they never really care about how others feel.

4. Libra


Libras understand people’s emotions. They’re not really smart or dumb; they’re more in the middle. They may seem intelligent, but that’s because of how they carry themselves.

Libras are known to be manipulative. They can do dumb things just to get what they want. They’re perfectionists, so they tend to be indecisive. This is because they don’t want to make the wrong decision, and if they do, they’ll regret it longer than usual.

One great trait they have is a good sense of justice. They easily resolve conflicts or arguments.

5. Leo


Leos are egocentric. They can do dumb things to be in the spotlight or get the attention they want. They are confident, passionate natural-born leaders.

Leos care too much about what others think of them, and this hinders objective reasoning. However, they are usually self-aware, and they try as much as possible to learn from their experiences.

6. Taurus


Tauruses find it difficult to recover from rejections and setbacks in life. They take rejections personally and overthink them until it starts affecting their lives.

Their tendency to overreact shocks a lot of people. A Taurus is the type to feel flustered and act illogically when faced with adversity.

Although they’re very practical people, they lack creative and imaginative aspects. They often succeed in their careers, but mostly because of their dedication and support from friends and family, not their intelligence.

7. Pisces


Pisces are highly creative, emotionally intelligent, and artistic. They’re compassionate people who put the needs of others before their own.

Although they’re not very intelligent, they enjoy speaking to other people about various topics. They usually have too many ideas they can’t execute, and they get overwhelmed.

They’re imaginative, but they rarely take action because of their lazy nature.

8. Gemini


Geminis are known for thinking fast. They consume and process information at an incredible speed, and when you speak with them, you’ll notice how smart they are.

They also have an excellent sense of humor. A clear sign of intelligence. They easily make new friends because of how smoothly they talk, and you can never get bored with them.

9. Scorpio


Scorpios are the masters of mental games. You can’t fool them. They’re always thinking one step ahead of you, and they’re perceptive.

This water sign has a great mix of emotion and logic. They have an emotional side but don’t let it get in the way. They’re great at picking up little details that others miss.

10. Capricorn


Capricorns are deep logical thinkers. They’re lifelong learners who know how to use their brains. However, people don’t usually see how smart they are because of their cold disposition and introverted nature.

They are highly ambitious individuals that think and act in a structured way. You can trust them to be organized and dedicated to what they do.

When they make a mistake, they see it as a learning experience instead of a setback. They prefer to work alone because they don’t like other people holding them back.

11. Virgo


Virgos are usually laser-focused on whatever they do. They’re the perfect combination of intuition and logic. They’re more curious than most people and have the drive to find answers to everything.

To a Virgo, no problem cannot be solved. They either find the answer or create their own answers. Never get in an argument with a Virgo to avoid obliteration.

12. Aquarius


Aquarius is the most intelligent zodiac sign because they analyze everything. They often get lost in thought when trying to find solutions to problems.

They’re cool-headed and open-minded and always take a step back to see the problem differently. They love contradicting viewpoints but never come to any conclusion without corroborating evidence.

Final Thoughts

Again, every zodiac has its unique characteristics. No one is fully dumb or smart. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to intelligence, Cancer has the least of it, and Aquarius the most.