How To Hurt an Aquarius Man (The Most Upsetting Ways)

How To Hurt An Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are mostly always independent, and despite this attribute being a positive one, it consequently makes it hard for them to sustain a relationship without getting the urge to back out and be on their own for a while.

As a result, many women tend to harbor resentment toward Aquarius men, and truth be told, their reason is almost always justified.

Perhaps, an Aquarius man has done such to you or hurt you in any other way, and you are hoping there is a way you can get back at him. What you should focus on learning is how to hurt an Aquarius man.

Aquarius men are susceptible to hurting quickly, and as such, you wouldn’t have to do too much to hurt him.

If you’re going to teach him just a little lesson for his actions, you should take subtle steps, such as lying to him, restricting his freedom, and being unnecessarily dramatic. When you want to go all the way with your mission to hurt an Aquarius man, you can attack his intelligence, betray his trust, and even break his heart.

Read through to the end if you are looking for ways you can hurt an Aquarius man.

Things You Can Do To Hurt an Aquarius Man

Things You Can Do To Hurt An Aquarius Man

Sometimes, paying people back in their coins could be the preferred option, and even though two wrongs can not make a right, it could at least give you some satisfaction. If your man hurt you and you decide to do the same to him, no one would blame you as long as your revenge doesn’t transcend his offense.

However, hurting an Aquarius may not be as easy as it sounds because they are very nonchalant people who barely take anything seriously. If you don’t know an Aquarius well, you might fail to discover his weaknesses and how you can hurt him.

Nonetheless, through some of their typical Zodiac traits, here are some deduced ways through which you can do it.

1. Be Dramatic

It might not seem like much of a big deal to most people, but when a lady becomes unnecessarily dramatic in a relationship, it always makes Aquarius men feel like they are in hell because they have a brief attention span that they would rather spend on fun or productive activities.

If you make them exhaust too much time on figuring out what they have done to offend you, they will become extremely frustrated.

One of the ways you can do this is by giving him the silent treatment even when he has not mainly done anything terrible. This strategy will best work when he has forgotten that he has hurt you or thinks you have forgiven him for that particular offense.

If you consistently go on with these silent treatments, the Aquarius man will have a hard time coping with other things apart from trying to figure out what he has done wrong.

2. Attack His Intelligence

Aquarius men are naturally brilliant, and they constantly strive to garner even more intelligence every day. They do this to better themselves and have bragging rights over others.

This is usually one of their most significant attributes, and they unrepentantly pride themselves on it. If you want to hurt an Aquarius man and see the result quickly, make constant insinuations about how stupid or dumb he is.

An Aquarius man may take many insults with fun, but when you attack his intelligence, he will know you are all out for blood and switch to his defense mode almost immediately.

For maximum impact, keep hammering on how much he overrates his brilliance and that he is more stupid than he thinks. If you execute this strategy flawlessly, you will sting the Aquarius man where it hurts the most.

3. Put a Lid on His Freedom

This is another strategy you can use to aim for subtle but quick results. As stated earlier, Aquarius love their independence so much, and they find it hard to cope in a relationship that doesn’t accord them some freedom.

When an Aquarius is choked up by someone or activities for a long time, it makes them lose their minds.

Therefore, if you want to hurt an Aquarius man by frustrating him, you can try to choke him up with activities such as work, chores, or anything he might not find fun. You can also do this by being in his every move.

Don’t grant him the liberty and satisfaction of being alone or enjoying the freedom he desires.

4. Break His Heart

Perhaps what the Aquarius man has done to you is unforgivable, and if you are confident he still has feelings for you, then your best approach will be to aim to break his heart.

There are countless ways you can do this, but the best option will be to cheat on him and let him find out about it. Doing this would bruise his ego and cause him so much pain.

This strategy might eventually cause him to break up with you, but that is another way to punish him. Aquarius men usually invest too much in relationships, and they take a lot of time to heal from a failed relationship.

Regardless of the outcome, he would be the one hurting, as long as you are prepared for whatever happens.


Many people may not subscribe to the idea of hurting people for doing the same to you, but sometimes, that is the best way to get closure and heal from whatever they might have done to you.

If an Aquarius man hurts you and you intend to do the same to him, you should be strategic enough to hit him where it will hurt the most.

You can do this by being the dramatic type, stifling his freedom, and ultimately shattering his heart by being disloyal to him.