How To Get a Gemini Man To Chase You (Major Tricks)

How To Get A Gemini Man To Chase You

Having a crush on someone is not something that is out of the ordinary, as many men and women have been in this situation numerous times.

You can develop a crush on someone for various reasons, but some of the most prominent reasons are good looks and smartness.

The latter explains why you have probably found yourself liking a Gemini man.

Gemini men are mostly always intelligent and intuitive, which makes it easy for anyone to fall in love with them quickly. The only issue you might have will be trying to get them to love you back because Geminis are known for always being capricious.

However, if you know the right strategy to use, you will likely accomplish your mission.

So, how can you get a Gemini man to chase you?

Mystery and self-sufficiency are two significant characteristics that can quickly help you get a Gemini man to chase you. Geminis love independent women and will quickly get along with someone who has proven that she is self-sufficient. Their adventurous spirit also makes them find mystery appealing.

The following strategies can help you achieve this goal if you follow them judiciously.

4 Major Tricks You Can Use To Get a Gemini Man To Chase You

4 Major Tricks You Can Use To Get A Gemini Man To Chase You

There are several things you need to know about Gemini men before taking this crush you have for him to the next level. You need to understand that while most Gemini men may be highly flirtatious, they don’t genuinely love the idea of commitment.

Moreover, if they want to venture into a long-term relationship, they must do the chasing.

Gemini men are not like men from other signs who would not mind being chased by you. It is also advisable you let him woo you because that will give you some assurance that he genuinely likes you and want something serious with you.

Hence, while trying to get him to chase you, you should endeavor to be very subtle about your tricks.

1. Show Him You Are an Independent Woman

If you are an independent woman, it will be easy to use this strategy because you will only have to be yourself around the Gemini man.

Otherwise, you will have to learn how to act like an independent woman because, without this crucial factor, you won’t even stand any chance of getting a Gemini man to chase you.

Gemini men prefer going into committed relationships with independent women because it reduces the stress of the relationship for them.

By being with this kind of woman, who is most likely self-sufficient, the Gemini man can always get to enjoy some of the freedom he so craves to have.

Be careful enough not to mix up moments of intimacy with clinginess. Gemini men don’t mind sharing special moments with their partners from time to time.

The problem only occurs when their partner becomes too clingy and would not allow them to have some personal time at all.

2. Be Expressive

While it is essential to be wary of making a Gemini man feel like you are chasing him, you also have to be expressive sometimes but make sure you don’t overdo it, as this may turn him off.

Nevertheless, you can always tell him that you admire him or directly point out the attributes you like about him.  

If you can successfully do this without making it look awkward for the conventional man, he will appreciate your honesty and applaud your bravery.

Communication is one of the major keys to a Gemini man’s heart, so it will be incredibly beneficial if you can elucidate your opinion of him.

3. Be Fickle

Giving someone a taste of their medicine is one of the oldest yet most effective tricks in the book. Gemini men are mainly known for their erratic behavior, which frustrates their partners and admirers.

If you can be proactive and be the inconsistent one, you will successfully position yourself at the core of their world.

You can do this by taking unpredictable moves like making yourself unreachable to him just after declaring your interest in him. When you do this, the Gemini man would be perplexed and see it as a form of challenge that he has to ace.

If the Gemini man has thought you would be an easy one for him to get because you have told him you liked him, the moment he finds out that you are not eager to talk to him anymore, he will begin to put more effort into trying to impress you.

4. Maintain Some Aura of Mystery

Maintaining an aura of mystery will help you get the Gemini man to pay more attention while trying to unlock the secret he thinks you have locked away.

Being inquisitive is one of Gemini men’s most significant attributes, and it will help if you can use this to your advantage.

When you have the Gemini right where you want him, ensure that he does all the talking while you give off vibes of you holding back some information.

Their inquisitive nature would never allow them to miss this cue, and this will be your gateway into making the Gemini man chase you because he would want to know more about you by all means.


Sometimes, you can be lucky enough to develop feelings for someone who equally has feelings for you, which will make the whole relationship smoother.

Other times, you will find yourself crushing on someone who has yet to have affection for you.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation with a Gemini man, you first should know that this man does not like being chased. He would rather do the chasing.

To get a Gemini to chase you, you must exhibit the characteristics of an independent woman. Be expressive and also have some aura of mystery.