How To Make a Gemini Man Miss You (Smart Strategies)

How To Make A Gemini Man Miss You (Smart Strategies)

Sometimes, it is always challenging to tell what your future is in a relationship. This position is not a good one because you would have so many things going on in your head, and you might even start seeing signs or red flags that aren’t there.

When this happens, testing your partner to see if they will miss you is one of the best strategies you can use to determine your stance. However, this strategy may be tricky for a Gemini man because of their naturally withdrawn habit.

Therefore, you might specifically need to learn how to make a Gemini man miss you.

A Gemini man might love you very much but still crave his personal space frequently. They do this so much that you might even start to doubt if the love they have for you is genuine.

If you try using simple means to make a Gemini miss you, you might arrive at a false conclusion based on his occasional carefree attitude, which is a natural habit for him.

To make a Gemini man miss you, you have to genuinely put effort into positioning yourself in such ways that would make him want to be around you always. It means creating some mystery around you and making yourself a fun person to be around.

You might want to read this article to the end before you embark on the mission of making your Gemini man miss you.

Smart Strategies That Make a Gemini Man Miss You

Smart Strategies That Make A Gemini Man Miss You

Trying to get your partner to miss you is a procedure that could go sideways if you don’t take all the necessary precautions. You might think you are doing it right when in actuality, you are only creating more gaps and damage to the relationship.

It is even riskier when the person you’re trying to get to miss you is a Gemini man because they rarely ever miss people.

Gemini men enjoy their personal space so much that they could even start relishing the gap you create too much for comfort. While this does not necessarily mean he doesn’t love you, you might pick up the wrong signal and act brashly, creating chaos in the relationship altogether.

However, you can make a Gemini man crave your attention by doing the following.

1. Be Mysterious

Geminis are mostly always curious about everything and everyone. They always want to be the first to have someone all figured out.

They pride themselves on being the Sherlock Holmes in the bunch, picking out the information that most people would ignore. Once they find a hard nut to crack, they will not back off until they find a way to figure it out.

You can use this attribute of theirs to your advantage by creating some mystery around yourself. Intentionally hold back from sharing some information about yourself and watch the Gemini man become obsessed with unraveling it.

It would be better if you could devise a means to make it seem like you are trying so hard to prevent him from figuring it out.

The more you try to protect the mystery, the harder a Gemini man will become obsessed with you.

2. Be Entertaining

One of the most common attributes of Geminis is their playfulness. They play a lot because of their short attention span for things that are not fun to do.

If you make your relationship with a Gemini man too serious, he will get bored from time to time, and he might not have more reason to crave to be around you because he would be bored regardless.

On the contrary, if you can spice up the relationship with several fun activities, having intellectual conversations, and exhibiting your sense of humor regularly, your Gemini man will always look forward to every next minute he wants to spend with you.

You will successfully position yourself to be his center of attention, and as such, he will always miss you whenever you are away for too long.

You can do all these by lining up recreational events for both of you to attend every once in a while. This event could include hiking, skydiving, road trips, etc.

By doing this, you will strategically remold your Gemini man from being a loner and enjoying his own company to being obsessed with you.

Before he knows it, his entire routine will be built around you, and he will barely be able to do these fun things without you.

3. Keep Your Distance

Now that you have established yourself in the heart of his activities, it is time to go through with the original plan of making him miss you by keeping your distance.

At this point, your Gemini man yearns for your attention always because you excite him so much. Continuously being around him might eventually condition him to get bored again.

Therefore, you need to restrict the amount of time and activities you spend with him. Once in a while, make yourself intentionally unavailable to him.

Let him feel the need to have you around so he will appreciate the luxury of being around you.

You can do this by excusing yourself from some activities you have both planned to do together because you are taking an extra shift at work or due to some other certain unforeseen circumstances.


There is always the possibility of a time when your relationship may not be going exactly the way you want it to go.

When this happens, you might not be left with much of an option but to use the age-old trick of making your partner remember how much you mean to them by making them miss you.

This strategy has proven to be highly effective over the years, but it has also failed on several occasions.

Before using this trick, endeavor to take a lot of precautions and take your time to study the person. If you are planning to use it for a Gemini man, then you should be sure that you are in the position to make him miss you in the first place.

If a Geminis man’s activities are not centered around you, and he is the type that enjoys being alone sometimes, trying to make him miss you might be a little challenging.