Why Are Aquarius So Freaky in Bed? (4 Main Factors)

Why Are Aquarius So Freaky In Bed?

Many people tend to shy away from sexual discussions in the early stages of a relationship because they probably wouldn’t want to create a wrong impression of themselves early in the relationship.

However, having these conversations will help both parties understand their sexual compatibility, which is a huge factor that influences the outcome of a relationship.

For example, many people are unaware that Aquarius is the freaky type, which may lead to even more ignorant decisions when you are unsure about what your Aquarius partner is like and what they want.

Aquarians have their way of presenting themselves as though they are not interested in sex or anything related. They do this because they want the bar to be low, and when they unleash their whole ability, you would marvel and be left wanting more. Their freakiness can be associated with their love for trying out new things.

This article provides answers to most of the questions you might have about why Aquarians are so freaky.

Factors That Make Aquarians Freaky in Bed

Factors That Make Aquarians Freaky

Aquarians are considered the weird and most quirky set among all zodiac signs. This weirdness is even more evident in their sexual life, as they are overtly experimental regarding sex with their partners.

This usually surprises people because Aquarians barely talk about sex, except with people they are intimate with or their partners.

Numerous factors could be linked to this freakiness that an Aquarius person might have, but the most notable ones include the following.

Their Constant Urge To Be Different

One of the most common attributes that Aquarians share is their never-ending urge to break the norm and do things differently. They hate being constrained by societal values or trying to conform to some activities because it’s how others behave.

An Aquarius person will never be scared to stand out from the rest and do what they want, how and when they want it.

An example of the activities above is sexuality.

While most people try to restrain their sexual prowess because they are scared of how their partners would react, an Aquarius will unleash all their sexual skills on you, not minding what impression it will leave on you.

As much as Aquarians are sexually liberated, they don’t engage in the habit of bragging about their sexual prowess. They find it uncomfortable talking about sex randomly, not because of societal values, but just a behavior typical to people born under that zodiac sign.

As such, people are always shocked to discover the freaky part of an Aquarius person because they think of them as uptight individuals.

Their Experimental Nature

Aquarians are one of the most adventurous Zodiac signs, and this attribute applies to every aspect of their life, including their sexuality.

They are always forward-thinking, and they derive joy in doing things differently from how others would. It is almost impossible to shock an Aquarian with anything related to sex because there is a high chance that they must have engaged in that activity previously.

When it comes to sex, Aquarians are always willing to try something new, and with time, they get to become experts in a wide range of styles and methods that apply to sex.

When you have an encounter with an Aquarian, who has been through all these stages and garnered enough experience, you will marvel at how freaky they are.

You might wonder how they get to be so freaky, but the reality is that they probably garnered the knowledge over the years, thanks to their experimental nature.


One of the key ingredients that can significantly spice up your sex life is being spontaneous about sex. Most people are used to having sex the conventional way, and at a point, it becomes a routine and tedious activity.

If you have always experienced sex this way all your life, when you eventually get to be with an Aquarian, you will be amazed at how better sex could be with them, and that’s because of their spontaneous nature.

With an Aquarian, you can never tell what the next sex will be like and when it will happen. They are so spontaneous that you will likely not get used to their sexual life.

When you feel like you can predict their next move, they will surprise you with a new one. If you are the type that enjoys these types of things, you will thoroughly relish being with an Aquarian.

They Are Highly Emotional

There is a way that emotions help heighten how great sex turns out. Engaging in sexual activity with passion makes everything different, but some people find it very hard to attach emotional connections to sex.

On the other hand, people who belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign can effortlessly channel their emotions into sexual activities because they are naturally passionate people.


Sex is an essential part of a relationship, yet it is one of the most avoided topics. Consequently, many people miss the opportunity to spice up their relationships because they abstain from discussing ways to make their sexual life spontaneous.

Aquarians might also be guilty of not having the habit of talking about it, but they always find a way to master the art of sexuality.

Due to some of their characteristics, Aquarius is one of the best in knowing their sensuality and that of others.

They are so freaky because they have an experimental habit and a nonchalant behavior that enables them to showcase their sexual prowess without worrying about how it would affect people’s opinions.

Their natural emotion-filled attitude also contributes to their being exceptionally good in bed.