Decoding Virgo Men: Are They Players?

Are Virgo Men Players?

Virgo men are known for their perfectionist side, honesty, dependability, and practical natures. Their practicality is a mix of these men following their brain and heart, i.e., Virgo men aren’t always calculative and follow their hearts in important decisions, especially in the case of relationships.

However, the problem arises because of their perfection-loving natures because it makes them too critical of others and themselves. Also, to add insult to injury, they become obsessive, which worsens the matter.

All these traits paint an image of these men, i.e., committed to their partners, but the one thing that is best not neglected is their people-pleasing side. It may result in your Virgo man playing around with your feelings until he has decided who to pursue.

That’s why the question of “are virgo men players” is crucial.

Virgo men in a relationship are loyal, but if you are trying to get into a relationship with them, they can play you. To notice the signs, you need to see how he behaves around you, i.e., reluctance to meet, keeping secrets, becoming distant, and so on.

Here, we will dive into the signs a Virgo man exhibits when playing you, so continue reading to know if your Virgo man is playing you!

Signs a Virgo Man Is Playing You

Signs A Virgo Man Is Playing You

Virgo men are Earth signs, and it is extremely rare to find Virgo players, but it doesn’t mean you won’t come across one. Virgo men are indecisive, and their people-pleasing natures make them susceptible to cheating, but all these negative aspects on one side, their loyalty outweighs all.

That’s why; if you are the one he has his eyes set on, you don’t have to worry about your Virgo man playing around with your feelings. But their indecisive nature makes it hard for them to choose, especially if they are romantically involved with more than one person in hopes of settling with one.

It results in Virgo men playing with all until they find the right one. To capture the heart of your Virgo man, sincerity and assuring your Virgo man that you want to become entangled in a long-term relationship with them is the best bet you have.

However, if you are still getting uncertain vibes from your Virgo man, then you need to watch out for the following signs:

1. Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter To Him

Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter To Him

The first and foremost sign to watch out for is how your Virgo man behaves when you state your opinion. Virgo men draw a clear line on what they like and dislike, and if they are playing with your feelings, the first sign is your Virgo man disregarding your opinions.

It may be due to them being part of the most narcissistic zodiac signs. However, Virgo men are open to sharing opinions and respect others’ opinions if they are genuinely interested.

On the other hand, your Virgo man will interrupt your conversation, won’t have any interest in what you want to say, and will consider his opinion to be the final say in the matter if he is playing you.

On that note, all these signs must not be mistaken for the blunt natures of people with this zodiac sign; that’s why it is a warning sign to watch out for.

2. Reluctance To Let You Meet His Family/Friends

Reluctance To Let You Meet His Family/Friends

Hesitation to meet with your friends and family or the other way around is a red signal when dating a Virgo man. Virgo men are people pleasure and find it difficult to say no, but if they are playing around with you, you will notice them canceling plans or avoiding the topic.

It may also be due to their over-critical side because they want to achieve the best for themselves and you before striving for a committed relationship. Also, your Virgo man will tell you about his struggles and what he wants if he is serious about commitment.

However, the thing to watch out for are flimsy excuses your Virgo man will make to prevent a meeting between his/yours family and friends or bailing out on you at the last moment.

3. Keep Secrets From You

Keep Secrets From You

One of the dead giveaway signs is your Virgo man keeping his guard around you constantly. Virgo men rank pretty high among the most secretive zodiac signs, but once they become familiar with you and get comfortable, they will let you in on their feelings.

It doesn’t mean he will be an open book, but your Virgo man will let you know enough to keep you in the loop.

So, if you notice this to be the case, you should first affirm the situation, as Virgos like to make plans before proceeding with anything, and it may be him trying to get ready before divulging.

The thing to avoid is trying to be clingy or pushing for answers, as it will only make your Virgo close off more. Contrarily, if it is the former case, it is a sign of your Virgo man’s dishonesty, and he is playing you.

4. Cold Behavior (Become Distant)

Cold Behavior

The cold behavior is another indication that your Virgo man isn’t serious about the relationship. You may notice him very restricted about how intimate he is with you, how much time he can spare, and when he calls you.

It also includes going on dates. You may see your Virgo man only calling you when he needs you and not interested in whatever plans for dates you have. It is one of the most evident signs that you should rethink your relationship with your Virgo man.

5. You Aren’t Included in His Future

You Aren’t Included In His Future

Planning is a significant part of a Virgo man’s life, and preparing for the future is one of the major aspects of those plans, as they are among the zodiac signs who plan for their futures.

Therefore, if you see your Virgo man avoiding any talk regarding what the envisioned future looks like and how you perceive the future, chances are he is only taking the relationship as a temporary fling.

To ensure that is the case, you should check whether your Virgo man introduces you to his friends, shares his thoughts with you, or how important your opinion is to him.

If all these don’t fit the bill, you can be sure your Virgo man isn’t sincere about his relationship with you.

Editor’s Note

Virgo men in a relationship put a tight lid on their mood swings to not make their partners feel bad, but if he stops doing that, it is a sign of his dishonesty and playing with your feelings.


Before closing, all the negative aspects and signs aside, the point to note is that Virgo men are some of the most loyal zodiac signs if you are the one they have their eyes set on. They will stay committed and will make plans centered around you.

However, it reverses if a Virgo man is playing with your feelings. While chances are less that your Virgo man will be a player, these aren’t zero.

The signs to watch out for include; your Virgo man trying to be secretive, displaying cold behavior, having no interest in your opinions, and keeping you away from his friends and family. That’s all!