What Sign Is The Twin Flame of Libra?

What Sign Is Libra Twin Flame?

Despite what some pessimists might want you to believe, there’s someone special out there for you. You just need to know where to look and who to look out for.

With astrology, you can know the zodiac signs you’re most compatible with, and even better, you can know your twin flame.

Twin flames are a bit different soulmates because twin flame astrology goes beyond the compatibility of two signs; it tells the extent to which both signs are compatible.

This is especially important for Libras, who usually have a lot of friends; it can help them sift through the multitude of options and find that perfect one.

So what signs are Libra twin flames?

Your twin flame sign is someone that brings passion, happiness, and growth to your life. For Libras, those signs are Cancers, Geminis, and Leos.

Read on to know more about why Cancers, Geminis, and Leos are Libra twin flames.

Who Is Libra Twin Flame?

Twin flame astrology analyzes the level of compatibility between two signs based on their astrological charts. That’s why twin flames differ from the average sign compatibility we are used to. Twin flames can be a mixture of unexpected signs and must not necessarily be from the same sign.

However, you’ll know your twin flame when you see them because your energies will immediately match; you’ll get this magical feeling of joy and instant realization of what’s happening.

As a Libra, you definitely want to know your twin flame, and the best way to start is by knowing the most likely signs.



Cancer being one of Libra’s twin flames proves that the twin flame astrology doesn’t care about the traditional compatibility we are used to. It’s common knowledge that Libra and Cancer have low compatibility.

Mainly because Libras are ruled by the air and are generally freethinkers and dreamers. Cancer, on the other hand, is a water sign and cherishes deep emotional connections.

However, the two are perfect twin flames because of their instinct to make others happy. Libras are natural-born people-pleasers, they love to bring joy to the life of anyone they meet, and the same can be said about Cancers.

Also, the difference in their personalities is a great advantage. Cancer can take control of Libra’s life by calming them and showing them the things that truly matter.

Libra can help by slowly bringing Cancer out of their shell, allowing them to express themselves more and have fun. This balance between the two personalities is the perfect foundation for the energetic bond the two signs will share.

Editor’s Comments

Cancers and Libras will have to find a way to communicate effectively because Libra might not like the Cancer’s direct approach. In contrast, a Cancer might feel that a Libra doesn’t take things seriously.

There’s work to do on communication, and they’ll have to figure it out if they want to maintain their twin flame energy.



Libras and Geminis are air signs, so they already understand each other. There are lots of similarities in their personalities that make it easier for them to bond.

For starters, Geminis, like Libras, are fascinated with the concept of bringing joy and happiness to people’s lives. As a Libra, once a Gemini is your twin flame, you’ll feel it immediately because the both of you will start to vibe together, share jokes, flirt, and have lengthy conversations.

A union between a Libra and Gemini will be filled with peace because they both hate to see people sad. Geminis are intellectual beings that love to argue at times; Libras tend to run away from such arguments.

Luckily, Geminis are emotionally intelligent and understand what the Libras are like, so they’ll most likely refrain from bringing up topics that might lead to arguments. Even if there’s a conflict in the relationship, they’ll prefer to give each other space and time to settle before calmly discussing the issue.



One of the major signs you’ve met your twin flame is the instant connection you feel when you see the person. Leos are the romantics of the zodiac, plus they share lots of similarities with Libra, so there’s bound to be an immediate attraction between the two.

Furthermore, Leos see themselves as royal beings and love to treat people the same. This is in line with the people-pleasing trait of the Libras.

They’ll both feel a constant urge to make each other happy, and due to their free-mindedness, every little time they spend together will feel like an eternity; it’ll feel as if they’ve known each other for ages.

But they won’t be perfect, and no one expects them to be. Finding a twin flame is about finding someone who, despite your differences, still loves and wants to be happy with you.

The Bottom Line

There’s a common misconception that twin flames must have the same zodiac sign mainly because a person’s twin flame is supposed to be a mirror version of them.

However, the mirror in question is the person’s soul and not necessarily their zodiac sign. In fact, the best of twin flames usually come from signs with low compatibility.

For Libras, a twin flame is someone who will bring stability and romance into their life. Libras are already fun and exciting; they need deep emotional connections, so their probable twin flame signs are Cancer, Gemini, and Leo.