What Are the Spirit Animals of Pisces?

What Is Pisces Spirit Animal?

Pisces are arguably the most misunderstood signs, and sometimes, they also seem to be confused about their actions personally.

Today, they might be all coolheaded and sweet, but the next day might come with lots of energy that would make you wonder how they went from that mood to this one in less than a day.

The answer to this lies in the spirit animals associated with Pisces, but the main question is, what is Pisces’ spirit animal?

A Zodiac sign spirit animal can help unravel why they act the way they do. Understanding their spirit animal will help them have explicit knowledge about their world and how to take charge of it completely.

Pisces spirit animal is a little complicated because they have different spirit animals. They include fish, deer, seahorse, chameleon, and crow.

Read more to discover the attributes that Pisces share with their spirit animals.

5 Animals That Represent Pisces

Given that Pisces is a water sign and its symbol illustrates two fishes swimming in opposite directions, Pisces spirit animals should naturally be aquatic. Nonetheless, Pisces also share a lot of spirituality and traits with other types of animals. Their spirit animals include:

1. Fish


As stated earlier, fish is the known symbol of Pisces, and as such, they share the most similarities with it.

No matter how troubled water is, the fish will always find a way to swim through it. This attribute best explains the vigor of Pisces, as they are always known to have a way of dealing with everything life throws at them.

Also, like a fish, Pisces only want to find themselves in a peaceful environment, away from all troubles. However, they also have the flaw of finding it hard to decide what or who influences their decision, just like a fish will helplessly follow the water wave.

2. Deer


Deers and Pisces share many similarities, but vulnerability is the most notable one. A deer always does everything to avoid being mixed up with animals that will prey on it.

Similarly, Pisces will strive to keep chaotic people away from their space. When the trouble finally comes, they are most times always able to get through it, but they still try to avoid it regardless.

Another significant attribute that a deer and Pisces share is the act of compassion. A deer is harmless when not cornered. You can be in the presence of a deer and not have to battle to save the animal from attacking you. Equally, Pisces are easy-going, lovable people who exude positive energy only.

3. Crow


When it comes to intelligence and wisdom, Pisces is the apex Zodiac sign. They are famous for always being the intelligent ones in the bunch. This attribute makes them similar to crows, one of the most intelligent birds.

Crows and Pisces also share similarities in being mysterious. Often, crows are regarded as evil birds because of their appearance and nature. That’s equally the way people misunderstand Pisces a lot because they are unpredictable.

4. Seahorse


Once again, Pisces proves its natural affiliation to water because of the similarities it shares with a seahorse, another aquatic animal. Persistence and security are the traits that a seahorse and Pisces share.

Like Pisces, seahorses appear timid, but they are actually strong enough to take on the world. Pisces are also always concerned about the security of their loved ones, as Seahorses care for their offspring.

5. Chameleon


When you ask most people what comes to their minds when they hear about a chameleon, their answer will most likely be about its ability to change its color to blend into whatever environment it finds itself.

Pisces, similarly, are also gifted with adaptability. They are susceptible to the energy in their immediate environment and will devise a means to blend in quickly when required. This attribute gives both Pisces and chameleons an edge over their adversaries.


Comprehending the spiritual connection between Zodiac signs and animals is essential when figuring out your characteristics or that of someone else. Knowing which animals represent you spiritually, you can wield the attributes of such animals that you possess willfully.

Pisces have several spirit animals, but as a water sign, the most relatable ones are aquatic animals like fish and seahorses. However, Pisces also share similarities with animals like deer, chameleons, and crows.