How To Get a Pisces Man Back (Surefire Ways)

How To Get A Pisces Man Back

Like Jennifer Gwynne, you can decide to hold on to mementos from your relationship with a water element man and auction it for tens of thousands of dollars later on (of course, that’s if he turns out to be the world’s wealthiest man or even comes close).

Or you can decide to fix things, which I suppose is why you are reading this.

Whether you anticipated the breakup or it was out of the blue, the good news is that the relationship can be easily fixed –in most cases.

So, how do you get a Pisces man back?

The things you want to do to win a Pisces man back are: give him some time to process his emotions before reaching out, show him how much he matters to you, take responsibility for your actions, fix the relationship together, and finally, be sincere and don’t push blame in all you do.

Now we explore, step-by-step, how to get your Pisces man back in detail.

Getting a Pisces Man Back

Getting A Pisces Man Back

Lucky for you, getting a Pisces man back isn’t hard if you understand the right actions to take.

To get back your Pisces boo, follow the steps below:

Avoid Criticizing Him

While trying to get a Pisces man back (and even after), avoid aggression and criticism. Pisceans aren’t particularly excellent at handling criticisms, given their nature as a very emotional water sign.

They absorb all you have to say and get crushed within. In fact, men, in general, dislike confrontation. It distresses and pushes them away, reducing reconciliation chances.

Rather than blaming the Pisces man for the breakup and comparing him to other men, focus on his positive sides and compliment him.

Give Him Time To Process His Emotion

Pisces man or not, giving your partner time to process his emotion is integral to mending a fragmented relationship. Chasing after him will only complicate matters; you’ll be lowering your value and asserting why the relationship should have ended.

As a water sign, Pisces men want to go with their emotional flow and express themselves as fit after a breakup–alone.

How much time should you give him? Well, that depends on how fractured the relationship is. One thing you want to avoid is giving him too much time. Give him too much time, and he’ll likely get over you.

As a rule of thumb, you want to give about 3-5 days. Again, it could be more depending on what went down.

Reach Out

After giving him time to process and express his feelings, the next thing you want to do is reach out through text or calls.

You don’t want to come off as too emotional to prevent him from recoiling further, unfazed for him not to think you are doing it as an obligation or, worse, being too assertive.

Sincerely tell him how much you miss him and want to work things out. Calmly listen to whatever he says and abide by his wish if he requests more time.

However, make sure you let him know you care about him and are there whenever he changes his mind.

You can also send gifts. They don’t have to come with a huge sticker price. Rather, the gifts should be romantic and thoughtful, building on shared moments.

Keep in Touch

A quick note: whichever way you decide to keep in touch, make sure you don’t come off as a stalker.

Ideally, you only want to get in touch after it’s been quite a while since he has requested space and hasn’t been forthcoming (no clues or anything of the sort).

One way is to take advantage of Pisces’ nostalgic nature and take him down memory lane, reminding him of happier times by sending him happy memories photos with quip yet thought-provoking captions or sharing memories on your social media if he still follows you.

Another way is to ask mutual friends to remind him of collective shared memories and reassure him that being with you isn’t a mistake.

Although romantic, Pisces dreads commitment, and the reassurance might be the magic key that sets his heart right.

Pour Out Your Heart and Reconnect

Don’t hesitate to pour out your heart when you finally get to meet and talk, which you’ll most likely initiate since Pisceans are inherently passive.

Pisces are empathetic towards the feelings of others. Opening up to them will melt their heart. So, if you’ve got any grievances or pent-up emotions, now’s the time to discuss them. While doing so, keep blame pushing as minimal as possible.

It would be best if both of you also come up with solutions to problems, such as communication or privacy, you’ve had in the past.

Once the air is cleared, you can try something that resonates with both of you, say a picnic, exploration, or a romantic date, for a fresh start.

Share His Dream and Aspiration

Ruled by the planet of dreams, Neptune, Pisceans can sometimes be unrealistically optimistic, making support a huge thing for them. Pisces men need someone who understands and embraces their unique fantasy-riddled nature.

Knowing this, you can bolster your relationship with a Pisces man by tapping into this realm and describing pictures of the future you envision with him.

This act makes him realize the breakup was a gross mistake and sets his heart straight on committing to you.

Final Thoughts

Pisces men are one of the most romantic, collaborative, and responsive among the zodiacs, but that doesn’t mean your relationship with them is immune to a breakup. When it happens, fixing things isn’t a herculean task as long as you understand their unique nature.

Firstly, you want to give him time (and not too much of it, so he doesn’t let go and move on) to process and express his emotions. Pisces men value their privacy, and you don’t want to be labeled a pest.

Then you reach out for a chance to hash things out and reconnect. Finally, in all you do, you don’t want to push blame around. It never ends well.