How To Seduce a Scorpio Woman Through Text

How To Seduce A Scorpio Woman Through Text

Trying to seduce a Scorpio woman through text may not be one of the most straightforward tasks because women born under this sign are highly intimidating.

Scorpio women are unlike women from other zodiac signs that sweet words can easily maneuver. If she doesn’t like you or deem you worthy of her time, you will never get the chance to seduce her through any means.

Getting a Scorpio woman to like you is also not easy because they take their time to assess people before letting them into their close circle. Hence, it will help if you are sure you have passed this test before attempting to start flirting with her. Else, you risk losing your access to her.

When you are sure of your stance, the next question on your mind would be how can you seduce a Scorpio woman through text?

To seduce a Scorpio woman through text, you must have an aura of mystery around you and be genuine with your intentions. A Scorpio woman needs to find you fascinating before you can get a chance to seduce her. Nothing about you will fascinate her if you are too plain or fake.

This article contains vital information you might need if you are looking to seduce a Scorpio woman through text.

4 Tricks To Seducing a Scorpio Woman Through Text

4 Tricks To Seducing A Scorpio Woman Through Text

If you are conversant with how texting works, you will know it is easy to misinterpret the tone or impression behind a text.

If you mistake sending a skeptical text to a Scorpio woman, you may not get the chance to explain what you mean before she cuts you off completely.

As a result, you must take utmost precautions when trying to seduce a Scorpio woman through text. Knowing the right thing to say and when to say it are crucial factors you must discern.

The best thing to do in a situation like this is to use some of the following tips to help reduce the possibility of you messing things up with the Scorpio woman.

1. Be Concise

Texting is not a Scorpio woman’s favorite mode of communication because it deters them from studying the body language of the person conversing with them.

They tend to overthink or misinterpret a lot while texting, so your best bet is to keep your messages to the barest minimum in the early stages.

Your messages should be long enough to highlight your purpose for texting them and short enough to ensure they don’t get bored and misinterpret any word you say.

Doing this will create an excellent build-up that will make the Scorpio woman anticipate spending time with you.

2. Create an Aura of Mystery

Another major mistake most people tend to make when dealing with a Scorpio woman is laying their cards all on the table.

While women from the other zodiac signs might appreciate such gestures, Scorpio women would only get put off by it because they don’t fancy a man that is like an open book.

To keep the Scorpio woman fascinated, you must hold back on some information that you know might trigger her curiosity.

Scorpios are usually mostly secretive, and when they meet someone equally mysterious, they always try to figure out what the person is hiding.

If you can prevent her from quickly discovering what you are concealing, she will become even more fascinated by you.

As such, it will become relatively more straightforward for you to seduce her through text, especially if you don’t get to say too much to make her lose interest in you.

3. Be Genuine

Regardless of how right you play all your cards with a Scorpio woman, if you are not honest with your intentions, you risk losing all forms of communication with her.

A Scorpio woman will eventually figure out your lies, no matter how long it may take.

Dishonesty is not something a Scorpio woman can easily forgive because they do not take their ego and self-respect with levity. Lying to them is equivalent to taking them for a fool, and this is one thing that Scorpio women detest so much.

Hence, your best bet is to be genuine with her from the beginning. Even if it might mean that your advances may not be successful, it is preferable to fail at seducing a Scorpio woman than to be in her black book.

If you fail at flirting with her, you can always get to try some other time again, but when you get into her black book, there is no coming back.

4. Be Cocky

As stated earlier in this article, Scorpio women are highly intimidating and would try to boss you around when you start texting them.

If you make the mistake of always obliging to her wishes, the Scorpio woman will most likely lose interest in you because they only fancy men with guts and egos.

As opposed to women from other zodiac signs, Scorpio women are attracted to men who show off their wealth or priced possessions.

To successfully seduce her, you need to tick all her vain boxes and let her see that you could be the braggadocios type she wants.

This characteristic assures the Scorpio woman that you are more than capable of handling her excesses and that you will not always cower to her demands.

Before reaching this conclusion, the Scorpio woman will give you several tests to confirm if you are indeed up to the task.


There are several ways you can seduce women, but when the woman is an unconventional type like those born under the Scorpio sign, you must also use unique tricks to get the job done.

To seduce a Scorpio woman through text, you will have to be cocky and also genuine with your intentions.