Why Do Women Believe in Astrology?

Why Do Women Believe In Astrology?

In a 2009 survey in the United Kingdom, Gallup (an American analytics and consultancy organization) discovered that women are more than twice as likely as men to consult a psychic, astrologer, or fortune teller.

These days, you can’t seem to scroll through your Facebook feed or read a women’s magazine without encountering some form of astrology. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Demi Moore have admitted to being avid believers in the zodiac.

So what is it about astrology that makes it so appealing to women?

Many women turn to astrology because it gives them a sense of control in their lives. It can be incredibly empowering for women to have a handle on what will happen in their lives, even if it is just an illusion. It is also a source of communication for them, either with others or spiritually.

In this article, we will dive into the understanding of why women believe in astrology and how it shapes their lives.

Main Reasons Why Women Believe in Astrology

Main Reasons Why Women Believe In Astrology

There’s no doubt that astrology is having a moment. Whether it’s weekly horoscopes in magazines or celebrity “astrologers” giving readings on TV, astrology is suddenly everywhere. And while some people dismiss astrology as nonsense, many women believe in its power.

But why is it so? There are 3 main reasons.

  • Media: Media portrayal of astrology tends to be positive and harmless. It’s often presented as a fun way to learn more about yourself and the world around you.
  • Provides Explanations: Astrology can be used to explain away bad luck or adverse life events. If a woman is experiencing a tough time, it can be comforting to think that it’s just due to her astrological chart and not anything she could have controlled.
  • Connects People: Astrology can be used as a way to connect with other people. Because so many women believe in astrology, it can be a great way to bond with friends and loved ones.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, there’s no denying that it’s become a mainstream phenomenon. And for many women, it’s an essential part of their lives.

Support During Difficult Times in Life

Support During Difficult Times In Life

Many women turn to astrology during difficult times in their lives. They read their horoscope in the newspaper or online, looking for guidance and answers.

Sometimes, they find comfort in the words of an astrologer who understands their situation. Other times, they are intrigued by the possibility that the movements of the planets could influence their lives.

Some see it as a way to connect with the natural world or the cosmos. Others believe that it can help them understand themselves and make better decisions. For many women, astrology provides a sense of hope during difficult times.

It is a way to believe that there is something bigger than themselves at work in the universe. Even if they cannot see or touch it, they know that it is there, affecting their lives in ways they may never fully understand.

Comfort and Empowerment

Comfort And Empowerment

Some people laugh at the idea of astrology, but it’s a serious matter for many people. Women find comfort and empowerment in believing in astrology. They feel that it gives them a sense of control over their lives.

And who can blame them?

In a world that is often chaotic and unpredictable, it can be reassuring to believe that there is some greater power at work, even if that power is just the alignment of the stars. For women who feel overwhelmed by the choices and decisions they have to make every day, astrology can be a way to simplify things.

It can be a way to filter out the noise and focus on what really matters. At its best, astrology can be a tool for self-reflection and personal growth. It can help you to understand yourself better and to make better choices. So, even if you don’t believe in astrology, it’s worth considering why so many women do.

Expanding Perspectives About Themselves

Expanding Perspectives About Themselves

Women, more so than men, tend to be more open to expanding their perspectives about themselves, making them more apt to believe in things like astrology.

Women are also more likely to seek guidance and answers outside traditional male-dominated institutions like the government and religion. Astrology provides a sense of control and empowerment for women that they might not otherwise feel in their everyday lives.

It helps them make decisions based on something other than logic and rationale, which can be refreshing in a world that often tells them they must conform to a certain set of standards.

For women, believing in astrology is often about reclaiming their power and finding a sense of peace and calm in an otherwise chaotic world.

It Is a Mode of Communication

It Is A Mode Of Communication

It is no secret that women have been interested in astrology for centuries. In fact, some of the most famous names in history – such as Cleopatra and Isabella of Spain – were known for their interest in the stars.

So, what about astrology has made it so popular among women? It’s that astrology provides a mode of communication.

For example:

  • If you are a woman who is feeling lost, you can go to an astrologer, and (s)he will help you make sense of your feelings by communicating with the stars. This is because, at its core, astrology is about understanding the language of the universe.
  • And if you are feeling lonely and broken, you can open up to the night sky and feel connected to something bigger than yourself. You can talk to the stars and know that you are not alone.


So, we conclude that women believe in astrology because it provides them with a sense of hope, empowerment, and peace. In a male-dominated society, astrology gives women a way to reclaim their power and make decisions based on something other than logic and reason.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, it’s worth considering why so many women do.