How To Flirt With a Taurus Woman (5 Smart Ways)

How To Flirt With A Taurus Woman

If you have your eyes on a Taurus woman and your intention for her is unclear, it is better to figure out what exactly you want from her before you embark on getting her.

Taurus women are not the type of women you will try to have a one-off situation with, as they are very intense and passionate about who they choose to be with at every point in time.

When you are sure about your plans, you can then embark on learning how to flirt with a Taurus woman.  

Taurus women are one of the diciest people to date as far as the Zodiac sign is concerned. Due to their no-nonsense attitude, it may be a little challenging to figure out how to flirt with a Taurus woman.

However, if you follow some proven methods, such as earning her trust by demonstrating your reliability, indulging her regularly, and looking good whenever she is around, you will easily find your way into her heart.

Read more if you are interested in knowing all the unique steps you can take if you want to flirt with a Taurus woman.

5 Smart Ways To Flirt With a Taurus Woman

Dealing with a Taurus woman is like walking at the edge of the line. One wrong move and you will be thrown out of the circle completely. Hence, it is essential to put in all the hard work if you want to flirt with a Taurus woman. You have to be intelligent and calculative about your every move. You can achieve these by using some of these brilliant tricks.

1. Exercise Patience

Exercise Patience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when dealing with a Taurus woman is to try and rush her into doing anything.

Taurus women intensely hate when someone tries to influence their decisions forcefully. Their primary reaction to such will be to either cut you off silently or have a full-blown confrontation with you. When it gets to this point, there will be no going back.

To prevent such from happening, you need to be highly patient when dealing with Taurus women.

First, you make her be as comfortable as possible around you and feel like every bit of emotion occurring is organic. Don’t pressure her into taking any decision, but rather, let your calm demeanor do the job for you.

2. Be Elegant

Be Elegant

Taurus women always strive to come across as incredibly empirical people who are only concerned about the vital aspects of everything. The truth is that even they will swoon at the sight of an elegant man.

Taurus women always have the constant urge to please all their five senses and will fancy a man that puts in the work to indulge them.

If you are going on a date with a Taurus woman, you should appear sophisticated and amplify your look with a good smell. By doing so, you already tick two out of the five senses, and this will undoubtedly have her captivated.

You can manage to pull off the other three by telling her the words she would like to hear, preparing or ordering a sumptuous meal to satisfy her taste, and occasionally holding hands with her to trigger her sense of touch.  

3. Earn Her Trust

Earn Her Trust

Although Taurus women possess the attributes that might make people think they love spontaneity, in reality, most of them don’t fancy it.

Planning to hit on a Taurus woman randomly would probably not work because if they are not comfortable with you, there is nothing you can do to impress them. It will help to create a build-up before you reach the stage where you will unleash your flirting prowess on a Taurus woman.

Due to their personality, it is difficult for a Taurus woman to trust people. Every ounce of trust you get must be duly earned.

You have to prove to a Taurus woman that you are trustworthy and reliable. Only then will she even pay attention to see if you are making moves to flirt with her. Without the trust, the chances of getting her to notice you are next to zero.

4. Compliment Her Regularly

Compliment Her Regularly

Passing genuine compliments to women generally can never go out of style. Women love compliments, but Taurus women love it more.

Most of them have a few insecurities that they may not tell anyone. When they get reassurances from you about how they look and how brilliant they come across, it helps boost their self-confidence.

Taurus women are mostly creatives, and they love to show off their works to anyone willing to see them. It will help if you constantly endeavor to have positive remarks for her each time she exhibits her creativity to you.

This trick can double as a way of encouraging her craft and also an avenue to flirt with her.

5. Show Off Occasionally

Show Off Occasionally

The romantic aspect of a relationship is essential to Taurus women, but before they consider that, they would first access your capabilities as a man. A Taurus woman may be a betting woman, but they only stake when the risks are minimal.

Before a Taurus woman would even agree to give you a chance to flirt with her, she would have placed you on an invisible scale to see if you are worthy of her time and attention.

To score good points, you can show off your worth once in a while for her to know that you have the stability she requires in a relationship.


Most of the qualities that people want in women are present in Taurus women. They are independent, fun to be with, and highly intense. No one would find it weird if you had suddenly had your heart stolen by a Taurus woman because they are a great choice to make in a relationship.

However, making them feel about you the way you think of them may be dicey. Regardless of the adrenaline of emotions pumping inside you for a Taurus woman, you must control it because if you overwhelm her, she might feel pressured. As such, she will withdraw herself entirely from you.