What Do the 18 Degrees Truly Mean in Astrology?

What Do The 18 Degrees Truly Mean In Astrology?

Regardless if you are a novice astrologist or an astrology expert with many years of research under your belt – if you have discovered the infamous 18° in your birth chart, you might feel concerned and frustrated for obvious reasons. 

What do the 18 degrees truly mean in astrology, and does having 18° in your chart really mean you are doomed, and is there no way out?

Most likely, you are already aware that it is often labeled in names you would rather have nothing to do with – “the evil degree,” “the degree of death,” even “the devil’s degree”. However, there is more to the story than first meets the eye. There might not only be a glimmer of hope for you, but even hidden blessings waiting to be discovered.

There is a lot of speculation around the 18°, and different schools of astrology have different beliefs regarding this topic.

We’ve demystified the degree theory for you, so you can explore what 18° means specifically for you. Here you’ll find remedies for your situation and discover the potential and gifts hidden in your birth chart. 

Degrees in Astrology

Degrees In Astrology

The Degree Theory was developed and made popular by the prominent Serbian astrologist and author Nikola Stojanović. Stojanović was born in 1957 in Belgrade, and his books and discoveries made him famous in astrology circles around the world. 

The Degree Theory itself is quite simple, and the degrees follow the signs the way they show up in the calendar. The easiest way to think of this theory is by keeping in mind that each degree of the zodiac circle has the basic characteristics of the analogous zodiac sign.

It is important to stay out of the dualistic trap of thinking that some degrees are ‘good’ while others are harmful. In astrology, just like in all other esoteric sciences, anything is rarely considered purely good or bad. Rather, degrees should be looked at as tools for self-discovery that can help our destiny unfold most beneficially. 

The Degrees Theory in-depth

If you wish to study this theory in-depth, the best resource is Nikola Stojanović’s book titled ‘The Degrees Theory – The Secret of Exact Astrology.’ In this book, you can find detailed information about how degrees work and learn specifics about each of the degrees.

18 Degrees in Astrology

18° is ruled by Virgo. 18 degrees can be related to various mishaps, troubles, and even serious health issues. It might evoke drama in your family life, and it can be related to troubles at work and personal tragedies.

For this reason, self-study, understanding the mechanics of your life, and taking steps towards self-empowerment are crucial for you.

You have the potential to turn your curses into your blessings. The maxim ‘As Above So Below’ should be a mantra you remind yourself daily. Your life is a result of your own thoughts and actions, and only giving into the belief that you are ‘cursed’ will indeed attract this reality to you. 

You can take steps to discover the hidden gifts 18° has for you. Below you will find tips and keys that will transform your life. Apply these remedies mindfully, repeat them daily, and you will discover for yourself that having the 18° in your chart is very likely to be a blessing in disguise.

Life-Changing Remedies for the 18 Degrees

Life-Changing Remedies For The 18 Degrees

If you have the 18 degrees in your birth chart, you will have to forget about the concept of the magic pill. An effort is required, however, these tips can set you on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

Do not neglect or overlook them if some seem too simple or obvious. They might just be the key you’ve been searching for.



If you are reading this, it means you are already on the path of self-discovery. Keep up the great work! Self-knowledge is crucial for you.

All tools that help you better understand yourself, such as astrology, numerology, and psychotherapy, will empower you to turn your perceived weaknesses into your strengths.

Explore the Concept of Non-Duality

Explore The Concept Of Non-Duality

You might want to dive deeper into studying hermeticism, tarot, Daoism, and I Ching. These will specifically help you gain a deeper insight into principles of non-duality and interconnectedness of all things.

This knowledge can help you alchemize the negative aspects of the 18° and find the hidden gems on your path. 



Explore the concept of karma. Discover what it means specifically to you. Consider the presence of 18° in your chart as an effect, not a cause.

If you rip what you sow, what does it mean to you? What are you willing to sow for the future with your present thoughts and actions? 

Take Care of Your Health

Take Care Of Your Health

As Virgo rules 18 degrees, it is often associated with various health issues.

Take good care of your physical vessel and don’t overlook your daily practice, such as working out, drinking plenty of water, and eating as healthy as possible. Your effort or neglect of your health will accumulate over time. 

Learn to Regulate Your Emotions 

Learn To Regulate Your Emotions 

The previous tip doesn’t apply solely to your physical health. Mental and emotional hygiene is equally important. Invest time in learning how to regulate your emotions.

Your emotional world is directly linked to your nervous system and hormonal system. Taking time to study and purify your emotional world will help you tremendously.

Stop the Blame Game

Stop The Blame Game

It is tempting to blame others – the planetary placement, parents, spouse, or the government for your troubles. It is the quickest recipe for turning your life into a disaster.

Remember that you are the creator of your reality and everything around you is a mirror of you. Empower yourself by placing the locus of control within yourself.


Beyond the illusion of duality, the reality is intertwined. The bad doesn’t come without the good. Microcosm and macrocosm mirror each other.

By looking at the 18 degrees in your chart as a hidden gift waiting to be unwrapped and taking inspired action, your life will obtain new meaning and reach heights you haven’t even dared to dream of.