How To Hurt a Virgo Man (And Get Your Revenge)

How To Hurt A Virgo Man

Hurting any man can prove to be a difficult task, especially if that man has Virgo as their zodiac sign. That task becomes easier if that man has feelings for you. Men with the Virgo zodiac sign are not known to be overly emotional creatures.

So, how can you hurt a Virgo man?

It is possible to hurt any man, no matter what zodiac sign they belong to, if they are in love with you. Small actions such as criticizing him, messing with his personal space, or betraying his trust will hurt every Virgo man.

Even though these are small acts, you need to know the reason behind each of them, and the perfect combination of these acts can help you achieve your goal of hurting a Virgo man.

Keep reading below to find out how to get on the nerves of a Virgo man.

1. Criticizing Him Relentlessly

Criticizing Him Relentlessly

All men have a giant ego, and if you plan on hurting the ego of a Virgo man, you have to criticize him. The relentless barrage of criticism will surely bruise the ego of your partner.

Even if you two aren’t close, he will not be able to brush off your criticism if you constantly badger him with his imperfections.

Sometimes, these criticisms are warranted, but if you intentionally want to hurt him, you have to criticize him even for things he doesn’t have any fault for. These minor criticisms will soon build up and peck away at his confidence, leaving him emotionally distraught in the long run.

2. Spreading Rumors About Him

Spreading Rumors About Him

This is a very potent form of attack against a Virgo man, especially if he has done something in the past to hurt you. I only advise you to do this as a form of revenge because it can ruin your target if not used wisely. The best way to start rumors about a Virgo man is to spread them amongst your mutual friends.

These could be true or outright lies, all designed to hurt the public image of your target.

Here is a scenario: your friends think of this Virgo man as a kind and generous person, but whenever you interact with this individual, all you get are harsh words and mistreatment. You have to tell your friends about this Virgo man’s indiscretions to put him back in his place.

Let’s say that a Virgo man has told you a dirty little secret in confidence, and this secret makes him look bad. Keep this weapon in your pocket and use it whenever you feel like that individual has wronged you.

It is very easy to gather dirt on a person on the internet. A few days of research and legwork, and you have everything you need to ruin the reputation of your Virgo man. But only use this as a last resort as there is no going back from this step, and it may permanently sour the relationship between you and your Virgo man.

3. Betraying His Trust

Betraying His Trust

Virgo men are masters at masking their genuine emotions, so it is not apparent when they are upset. This is true for most cases, but if you happen to betray him or his trust, he will make it very evident that you are not welcome in his presence.

There are multiple ways of betraying your Virgo man. Maybe you are not loyal to him as a partner, and perhaps you spill his secrets to his friends. Or maybe you just like to bicker about him when he is not present.

When he finds out about your actions, he will not take too kindly to your indiscretions as Virgo men take betrayal to be a serious offense against them. So, only use this strategy if you are prepared to weather the consequences of your actions.

4. Create Problems With His Personal Space

Create Problems With His Personal Space

All Virgo men have a personal safe space that they consider sacred, and they don’t like being disturbed when they are in their safe space. If you are actively trying to hurt a Virgo man, he may decide to retreat to his safe space, but you have to take advantage of his moment of weakness if you want to hurt him.

A man’s home is his sacred space, and if you mess with it, you can start to mess with his emotional state. Whenever you get an opportunity, mess with his personal belongings. Try to make him feel as uncomfortable as possible by intentionally causing a raucous at his house.

This will deeply hurt him when he sees that you don’t respect him or his safe space. Being rude to him in front of his family can also set him off.

5. Creating a Sense of Insecurity in Him

Creating A Sense Of Insecurity In Him

Virgo men are notorious for seeking stability and security in their relationships. If you start messing with that, you can get back at your Virgo man with a vengeance. If you are unreliable or emotionally unavailable when he needs you the most, you can start creating a sense of insecurity in him.

If you happen to cancel your plans with him at the last minute or make him feel like you don’t value his time, you will start to hurt him deeply. Backhanded comments or sarcastic remarks about his appearance will also make him insecure.


Disrespecting a man can have multiple side effects. The sure-fire way of hurting a Virgo man has been outlined above, but you should be prepared to permanently remove him from your life as a couple of these strategies may do more harm than good in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a Virgo man regret losing you?

The best way to make a Virgo man regret losing you is to show him that you have moved on from him. Another way is to make him feel less important by being constantly busy and canceling your plans with him.

What are the weaknesses of a Virgo man?

Virgo men are known to be very critical and tough on themselves, so criticizing them will profoundly impact their psyche. They go crazy when they make even the smallest of mistakes, and they don’t always ask for help even when they need it the most.