Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You (7 Ways to Tell)

Signs An Aquarius Man Likes You

Aquarians are known for their creative natures and spontaneous behaviors, which are some of the most common traits of these air signs. Also, people with this zodiac sign are the life of any party with a friendly personality, as they are outgoing and love to know people.

That’s why you may think it is hard to grasp whether your Aquarius man likes you. However, if you notice the subtle signs by taking a step back, you won’t find any other zodiac signs as easy to read as Aquarians.

But if you are still having trouble, this article is for you, which brings us to the question. What are the signs that an Aquarius man likes you?

The first signal is that your Aquarius man is curious about you and finds you fascinating. He will try to start a friendly relationship and deepen it, be flirty with you, and show off his quirks when you two are alone. Also, he will let you in on his secrets, will want to spend more time with you, and will plan for an outing with you.

Here we will discuss several signs and behaviors that an Aquarius man displays if he is interested in you or likes you. That’s why; stay tuned for an in-depth view.

1. He Will Want To Know You Better

He Will Want To Know You Better

The first and foremost sign comes from your Aquarius man trying to know more about you. His sudden interest in you, wanting to know you better, or about what you like and other life activities and experiences is the first ringer that your Aquarius man is interested in you.

Aquarians are one of the most intelligent zodiac signs, and it brings about their curious nature to know everything there is to the world. This spark of interest in you will form a flame for your Aquarius man if he finds that you both click intellect wise too.

That’s why if you notice your Aquarius man coming back to you to chat about whatever topic may spark his interest, i.e., science, politics, culture, etc., that’s a surefire sign that he likes you. By knowing your thought process and opinions, he wants to know you better to make sure of his feelings.

2. He Will Try to Deepen His Friendship With You

Aquarius men are independent, which is attributed to their zodiac traits. That’s why your Aquarius man will want to deepen your friendship instead of going straight away for a romantic relationship.

While that is one of the reasons why your Aquarius man wants to pursue a friendly relationship, Aquarians are among the signs that are afraid of commitment, so it is a way for them to test the waters. But it doesn’t change that he likes you even if he takes this route.

However, if you notice him giving you priority over other meetings, your friendship has reached the point where your Aquarius man wants to pursue you and develop your relationship into more than friendship.

3. He Will Show Off His Flirty Side

He Will Show Off His Flirty Side

You may not find Aquarians among the zodiac signs that excel at flirting, but when it’s just the two of you, you will see a new side of your Aquarius man, and he will try flirting with you.

This flirting is another indication that you have grabbed the interest of your Aquarius man.

Another sign of your Aquarius man’s liking you is his trying to get your attention by showing off his skills. It may be a hobby, his encyclopedia of knowledge, socializing skills, or something else, but if you see him doing that, your Aquarius man is interested in you.

4. He Will Share His Secrets With You

If your Aquarius man talks to you about his problems or shares his secrets, you can be 100% sure that he is interested in you. Aquarius men are the type that can chatter a lot but won’t share anything about themselves.

So, if your Aquarius man lets you in on a secret, you should also open up to him. It will make him feel comfortable around you and keep his interest rather than making him feel insecure or vulnerable, as these zodiacs divulge their feelings once in a blue moon. 

5. He Will Want To Spend More Time With You

He Will Want To Spend More Time With You

Aquarians are the social butterflies, adventuring, conversing, and getting to know more people is the bread and butter for these air signs. However, when they are entranced by you, Aquarians will push their other appointments to another date and prioritize having more time with you.

If you notice your Aquarius man compromising his plans to be with you, that’s a sign that he likes you. Your Aquarius man will walk an extra mile to ensure you have a good time with him.

6. He Will Feel Safe Around You

Partying, chatting his time away, and trying new and exciting things that can captivate their intellectual side is how Aquarius men spend most of their time.

However, that’s only the half-truth because people with Aquarius as their zodiac like some time to themselves. It helps them concentrate on their thoughts and ideas.

So, if you notice him drifting off into thoughts, it is a sign that you are more than just a friend to your Aquarius man. It hints that he has let you inside his bubble and feels comfortable around you.

7. He Will Invite You to Outings

He Will Invite You To Outings

Another obvious sign is an invitation from your Aquarius man to an outing.

Aquarians love to adventure and make the best travel partners, so it is a sign of his interest in you that keeps him wanting to have you around and share his experiences with you.

Editor’s Note

If your Aquarius man takes you to see his parents, you can consider it a sealed deal that he likes you.


To conclude, you have to look at the situation from a third person’s perspective to see whether an Aquarius man likes you.

But if you notice your Aquarius man wanting to have you around, letting you in on his secrets, showing off his flirty and new side when you are alone, being more friendly or keen about you, he likes you.