10 Best Crystals for Taurus Energy

Best Crystals For Taurus

The science behind using crystals and stones lies in the belief that they bring balance to our bodies by interacting with our energy fields. Some people go as far as to say that their success in life is attributed to these stones.

While you may want to get a similar crystal for yourself, each crystal interacts differently based on the zodiac sign.

The Taurus zodiac is represented by a bull and the planet of beauty, Venus. You can guess most of their personality traits from these two, i.e., stubbornness and beauty lovers.

To control the stubborn energy and enhance the hardworking and success-loving side, you can use stones, which brings us to the question of what crystals are best for Taurus.

The best stone for Taurus is none other than the May birthstone, i.e., Emerald, as it clears your mind and brings confidence. However, other crystals that suit a Taurus are; jade, lapis lazuli, selenite, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, carnelian, blue kyanite, rhodonite, and malachite.

Here, we will discuss a list of several crystals that enhance the positive traits of Taurus and keep negative energies under control. Continue reading for a deeper insight into each crystal.

10 Best Crystals for Taurus Energy

Before going straight into what crystals suit a Taurus, learn about the personality traits of a Taurus for a better grasp on how these crystals enhance these attributes.

1. Emerald


Emerald is often known as the stone of royalty, and people with Taurus zodiac signs are naturally attracted to it (because of their ruling planet, the planet of beauty, love, and money – Venus), as it brings harmony to these zodiacs.

Emerald helps Taurus mitigate the negative energies by bringing a sense of calm. People with this zodiac sign can wear emerald stones in rings, necklaces, wristbands, etc.

2. Jade


Jade, especially green jade, is the best pair, like emerald for Taurus. These crystals can be and have been used as charms since ancient times. The effect of these stones relates to balance, virtue, and eternity, which highlights the healing characteristics of these crystals.

Jades prevent excessive energy build-ups, which help deal with the stubborn nature of these zodiac signs.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli, like emerald, is associated with royalty, but that’s not all; courage, wisdom, and truth are some other significant aspects of this crystal.

The beauty lover, Taurus, will naturally be attracted to this crystal, and it will provide the necessary strength and courage to get them out of their shells.

This crystal also relates to self-discovery, so people with the Taurus zodiac sign can make better decisions for their future selves.

4. Selenite


Selenite helps people with Taurus as their zodiac sign by imparting the attribute of purification, which removes any confusion from their life. To enhance the effect of selenite crystal, try wearing it while meditating or when you are out in nature for a stroll.

The healing factor of selenite works on the subconscious and helps Taureans decide with a level head devoid of any confusion. It makes Taureans ready to take on challenges in their personal or working life by enhancing their intuition.

5. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

As the name suggests, the tiger’s eye carries a similar shade and pattern to a tiger’s stripes, hence the name.

This stone is related to bringing stability and money into a Taurean’s life. It is best when things are transitioning around you and if you plan to start a new business.

6. Quartz


Rose quartz is best for Taureans that want a long-lasting romantic relationship, as people with Taurus as their zodiac sign are among the most romantic zodiac signs.

While rose quartz relates to the romantic side, wearing clear quartz helps Taureans in their friend or familial connections. That’s why clear or rose quartz is the go-to option for any person with the Taurus zodiac sign if they encounter setbacks in a relationship.

7. Carnelian


Carnelian crystals impart life energy to Taureans. These stones help promote digestion, bodily functions, and nutrient absorption, which ensures Taureans have more than enough energy to deal with any situation that may come their way.

These stones are more suited for bodily healing than spiritual balance and help Taureans stay down to Earth.

8. Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite

For people with Taurus as their zodiac sign, blue kyanite helps them voice their opinion and stay firm in their beliefs without fearing what others may think. It helps Taureans understand that different people may share different views, and there’s beauty in that.

It guides them in making new connections and helps them understand old relationships from a neutral standpoint. These crystals are best for a Taurean when dealing with disagreements.

9. Rhodonite


Rhodonite helps Taureans overcome past emotional traumas and is related to healing old emotional scars. The energies from this stone help Taureans build mental strength and keep negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety away from them.

To achieve the best result from this stone, you should wear it in a necklace so that its energy is close to your heart.

10. Malachite


Like rhodonite, malachite also deals with emotional scars for Taureans. However, it differs from rhodonite as it helps Taureans move on by coming to terms with whatever was bugging them for a long time.

These crystals are best for Taureans who want to improve themselves, as it boosts their willpower, provide emotional healing, and ward off any ill feelings, i.e., keep you stress-free.

Editor’s Note

It is best to avoid wearing a bunch of crystals, as they may interact with each other energy wavelengths. Even if you want to, check which gemstones are compatible with each other.


Lastly, if you want emotional and physical healing, a charm to boost your chances of success, or evolve into a better person, crystals are a perfect way to start your journey.

For people with Taurus as their zodiac sign, lapis lazuli, emerald, rhodonite, malachite, blue kyanite, carnelian, tiger’s eye, jade, selenite, and quartz are some well-suited crystals.