Does an Aquarius Like To Be Chased?

Does An Aquarius Like To Be Chased?

Aquarians are free-spirited, which explains their element of air. But these zodiac signs are also intelligent and hate to be grouped into the norm, meaning they are rule breakers. This side of Aquarians brings their creative natures to light.

To get enamored by such a zodiac sign, you are in for a fun time, but they have a flirtatious side, which can make you give the wrong idea about these signs. Also, rather than going for a romantic relationship, Aquarians like to make friends first.

That’s why; it brings us to the question, do Aquarians like to be chased?

The straightforward answer is no. These zodiac signs are the ones to play the chase rather than want to be chased by others. So, to make your Aquarius chase you, start on a friendly foot and let the time do your bidding while showing off your independent side.

Here, we will discuss why Aquarians don’t like being chased and what you should do to get these Aquarians enamored by you. So, let’s dive right in.

Why Don’t Aquarians Like Being Chased?

Why Don't Aquarians Like Being Chased?

Aquarians are the signs that like to have their independence, which is due to their personality traits. This free-spirited nature makes them hard to pin down, and if you try to take a clingy approach, it will only push them away.

Aquarians are the life of any party and have a very social personality, so it is a no-brainer for them to talk to someone new and make friends with them. These traits show the dominant side of Aquarians, but it isn’t a matter of being chased or chasing for them.

Freedom is the most significant deciding factor that comes into play when it comes to this, as they are among the freedom-loving zodiac signs. Also, diving into a relationship isn’t easy for these zodiacs because of their spontaneous and independent nature.

All these factors combine to make chasing and being chased a part that doesn’t fit with Aquarians, and they are most likely to stay single type. However, if you have to break it down to whether they like to be chased or do the chasing, they fall into the latter category.

Aquarians Will Do The Chasing

Aquarians Will Do The Chasing

Whether it be an Aquarius man or woman, doing the chasing is more up their alleyway than being chased. They are not the type to shy away, so taking the lead is easy for these zodiac signs.

The first and foremost step will be him trying to know more about you, and due to their intellect, they will try to see if you both click on the intellectual side too. After ensuring you are the one for him, he will pull all the stops to chase you.

However, these zodiac signs are notorious for a child-like attention span, and as long as you are satiating their curiosity, they will keep chasing you. But if they feel you cannot satisfy their thirst for curiosity, they will move on.

Editor’s Note

While these characteristics may make Aquarius seem like a fickle person; however, if you are the one for them, these zodiac signs stay loyal.

How To Keep Your Aquarius Enamored

How To Keep Your Aquarius Enamored

That’s why, if an Aquarian is chasing you, just keep these five points in mind, which are as follows:

1.  Stay Independent

Aquarians are independent zodiac signs and expect their partners to match their pace here. Showing your Aquarius that you have things going on in your life and have a steady path cut out for you will score you pretty high in their books and keep the relationship lively.

2. Don’t Let Jealousy Take Over

The flirty traits of Aquarians are due to their social and friendly nature. That’s why; every time you feel jealous if your Aquarius is being overly friendly with someone of the opposite gender, the relationship will get stuffy, and your Aquarius will ghost you.

3. Don’t Be Clingy

The most crucial of all is to never be demanding or clingy of your Aquarius. The independence-loving zodiac sign gets these characteristics from the air element.

A carefree relationship is the starting point for Aquarians and what they look for, and having their personal space is the most significant aspect for them.

They test the water by staying reserved for a while, so if you cling to your Aquarius or be too demanding, they will feel controlled and try to get away from the relationship.

4.  Take Things at Your Own Pace

Let time do the bidding for you, and patience holds the key in this matter. The more you adhere to your principles, the more charming you will become for your Aquarius.

The more time you spend dating an Aquarius, the more you will feel what it really feels like to date one. That’s why rather than pushing for things, take things slowly and go with the flow.

Your Aquarius will try to get entangled with your affairs, and you can kill two birds with one stone, i.e., giving them the space they require and keeping them engrossed with you. It will also make your Aquarius open up to you and tell more about himself to you.

5.  Be Their Friend First

Friendship is something that is like bread and butter for these zodiac signs. For Aquarians, friends hold a special position even over their lovers, which is why starting the relationship as friends is even more significant.

Aquarians have a wide circle of friends, so to develop your relationship, you need to be their close friend and lover, and if they let you in their personal life, you have won the game.


Before wrapping up, Aquarians are hard to keep in a relationship because of their free-spirited natures. However, these zodiac signs are the ones to play the chase if they ever get into a relationship, not the other way around.

That’s why; you need to show off your independent, grounded, and friendly side while giving these independent zodiac signs the space they desire to keep your Aquarius intent on chasing you and wanting to know you better.