Questions To Ask an Aquarius Man (To Spark His Interest)

Questions To Ask Aquarius Man

An Aquarius man does what makes him happy. This air sign is free-spirited, social, independent, and creative.

Whether you just started dating an Aquarius man or you have one as a friend, and you’re looking for the right questions to pique his interest, you’ve come to the right place.

So what questions should you ask an Aquarius man?

An Aquarius man is creative, so asking about his creative pursuits can initiate a conversation that can help you get to know him better. Also, ask about where he likes to hang out and what kinds of things he believes in.

Continue reading to learn about all the right questions to ask an Aquarius man and how to keep him engaged in conversation.

Questions To Ask an Aquarius Man

Questions To Ask An Aquarius Man

Want to get your Aquarius man talking for hours? Ask him these questions, you can choose to ask them in different ways but keep the same premise.

What Are Your Interests?

An Aquarius man thinks well and knows how to express his thoughts through art. His creativity knows no bounds, so asking him about his interests is sure to get him excited.

He likes attention, and although a lot of people already give him that attention externally, asking about his interests saves you the work of having to figure it out.

You don’t necessarily have to ask it exactly as it is, and you also don’t have to ask it on a first date, either. You both can just be having a casual conversation, and you can ask what he’s currently working on, what he has worked on, or what he’s passionate about.

What Do You Strongly Believe In?

An Aquarius man always has something he passionately believes in. These men don’t accept society’s definition of anything, they do their research and find logical reasons to believe in whatever they believe in.

Asking him what he strongly believes in not only helps you understand what he fights for but also helps you prevent future conflicts. Sure, you might have an opposing point of view, but you’ll talk things out and get along better when you understand him.

What Are Your Career Goals?

This seems cheesy, but an Aquarius man will appreciate you for asking about his goals. He usually does quirky things that he thinks no one will be interested in, so showing genuine interest in what he does will score you points with him.

It will also help you better understand how he might fit into your career plans if you consider pursuing a relationship with him.

How Do You Have a Good Time?

An Aquarius man enjoys quirky activities because he has an adventurous spirit. Asking him how he has a good time can open up a conversation about his unique interests and experiences.

He may enjoy activities like hiking, skiing, or exploring a new city. He could also have a passion for music, art, or literature.

He might prefer to spend his free time volunteering for a cause he believes in or attending parties and meeting new people. He might also have an interest in learning about new cultures or going on a spiritual journey.

Whatever his passions, he will be eager to share his experiences with you.

How Do You Handle Conflict?

Asking an Aquarius man how he handles conflict can help you understand his communication style, problem-solving skills, and how he may react in challenging situations.

It can also help you determine if his approach is compatible with yours and if his methods of resolving disagreements are something you can work with.

Again, you don’t need to be direct with the question, you can simply tell him to tell you an experience where he quarreled with someone and how he handled the situation.

He’s generally gentle and slow to anger, but asking this beforehand helps you know more about him, and you can never know too much about an Aquarius man.

Could You Tell Me About Your Past Relationships?

Aquarians struggle with relationships. Not because they’re bad at interacting with people, but mostly because they don’t give their partners enough time.

An Aquarius man is free-spirited. He’s the life of the party, and you can’t take that away from him.

Don’t get in a relationship with an Aquarius man if you’re the jealous type because he’ll interact and might even flirt with other people from time to time. He likes to live life to the fullest, and this can affect his relationships.

Asking him all about his previous relationships and why they ended prevents you both from making past mistakes and gives you insights into how he manages emotions, his communication style, and his overall outlook on relationships.

You’ll learn to manage your expectations in the relationship, and this is crucial for a successful relationship with an Aquarius man.

What Are Your Favorite Memories?

Who doesn’t love reliving their favorite memories? An Aquarius man is a good communicator so expect to hear his favorite memories in great detail.

Not only is this a recipe for a good laugh, but you’ll also know what he likes enough to remember for a long time and work towards creating better memories with him.

How To Start a Conversation With an Aquarius Man

How To Start A Conversation With An Aquarius Man

How will you get the chance to ask these questions if you can’t begin the conversation?

Starting a conversation with an Aquarius man isn’t rocket science, he’s not intimidating, and he’s lighthearted. It’s easy to walk up to him and say hi.

After introductions, it is important to keep things interesting. You should try to find topics that will draw out his creative and intellectual side.

Ask him thought-provoking questions about his interests, such as what his favorite books are, what stories he likes to tell, and which movies he finds inspiring.

Also, allow him to share his thoughts on current events and social issues. He will appreciate the chance to express his thoughtful and unique ideas. Let him know that you appreciate his unique perspective and share yours as well.

Lastly, try to make him laugh. Aquarius men have a great sense of humor and enjoy lighthearted conversations.

Final Thoughts

Don’t think too much about asking the right questions when you’re with an Aquarius man. The most important questions are what he’s working on and what he believes in.

Let the conversation reach different depths from these questions and keep it engaging.