How To Hurt a Leo Male (& Get Your Revenge)

How To Hurt A Leo Male

Leo men are powerful and confident. They act like kings, and it’s because they actually are. A Leo man will cover himself in pride, ego, possessiveness, and perfectionism, but deep down, they are soft and sensitive like everyone else.

This is just to counter the claim that Leo men are impossible or difficult to hurt. If you fully understand them, you’ll realize that they’re actually one of the easiest to hurt.

So how can you hurt a Leo man?

If you want to hurt a Leo man, break the trust he has for you. Also, be unappreciative of his efforts, ignore him, mock his appearance, and make him jealous.

However, there’s more to hurting a Leo man than the summary above, and here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

1. Be Disloyal To Him

Be Disloyal To Him

Leo men love to build trust with their friends, family, and partners. They like people they can rely on and share things with, someone they’ll stand by no matter what.

If you want to break a Leo man’s heart, break his trust in you by being disloyal. The hurt will forever be with him, especially if he rated you highly.

Cheating on him is not the only show of disloyalty, although it’s one of the most painful; sharing his secrets with others or not turning up for him when he truly needs it are ways you can break his heart.

For example, Leo men are very proud and always try to mask their flaws, but once they’re close and trust someone, they tend to open up about the things they’re insecure about. If they trusted you with such information and you spread it without their knowledge, it’ll break them down.

However, be careful because Leo men take loyalty very seriously. It’s an important part of any of their relationships, so once that trust has been broken, you can hardly ever fix it. In most cases, they’ll push you away forever.

2. Mock His Appearance

Mock His Appearance

Leo men might be kindhearted, but they’re also superficial and vain. They are kings after all, and they like to look like one. So they put extra effort into their looks because they take pride in being the star of attraction wherever they go.

If you want to hurt a Leo man’s feelings, come for his looks and make it personal, something you know he’s insecure about.

While his confidence might allow him to ignore insults from people he doesn’t know, the insults can get to him when they’re from somebody close.

You can use something he told you in the past to insult him. This will be a mixture of insults and betrayal, two things that can truly hurt a Leo man’s pride and ego.

For example, you can criticize his height, new top, or haircut. Most times, this won’t be enough to make a Leo man cut ties with you, but if it continues for long, the hurt he feels with every criticism will grow into a deep resentment for you.

3. Be Ungrateful

Be Ungrateful

Leo men are always the leaders of any group. They love to be in charge, like taking care of people, so if you’re in a relationship with a Leo man, he’ll treat you like a queen.

Dinners in fine restaurants, fun trips, and expensive and thoughtful gifts are some things they do for their partners.

While many argue that they do this because of their high ego and love for power, that’s not true. Leo men are kindhearted and love making people happy.

They usually ask for nothing in return; they do it because they enjoy it.

However, they also like to feel important in people’s lives, and once their efforts are constantly going unnoticed, it can hurt them though they’ll try to hide it.

If you’re always ungrateful and unappreciative of his efforts, you’ll make him work harder to please you. He’ll also start doubting himself and feel responsible for your unhappiness.

For example, when you show no interest in the trip he spent time and money planning for you or when you refuse to wear any jewelry or clothes he bought for you. You’ll really hurt him by questioning his abilities as a provider.

Editor’s Note

Never tell a Leo man that he’s too needy or proud; even if you are only joking, he will never forgive you.

4. Ignore Him and Make Him Feel Unimportant

Ignore Him And Make Him Feel Unimportant

A Leo man will rather you stab him than ignore him; this might seem a bit of an exaggeration but ignoring a Leo man is one of the worst things you can ever do to him. It’ll hurt him so much.

It’s common knowledge that Leo men always crave attention and power. They love to be the center of attraction and will crumble when they don’t get it.

If you’re in a relationship with a Leo man, he’ll respect your privacy, but he still wants your attention. So rejecting his calls or ignoring his texts all day will really hurt him. While he expects you to have a life of your own, he expects you to reserve some time for him.

Also, you can exclude him from outings with your mutual friends. Once he sees that you no longer value his company, it’ll leave him hurt and wondering what he did wrong.

5. Make Him Jealous

Make Him Jealous

Leo men are very self-centered and proud. If you’re in a relationship with one, he’ll always brag about you to his friends and parade you like a trophy. You can use this to hurt him by making him jealous, giving him the impression that he’s not the only one who’s got your attention.

For example, you can flirt with another guy in his presence. Even worst, you can do with somebody you know he’s threatened by. This will truly hurt his ego, and he’ll feel he’s not doing enough to keep you.

However, you must be wary of this tip. Leo men are very possessive and will hold on to you as tight as possible. But they will withdraw their energy once they feel like you’re no longer interested in them.

Even if you were only doing it to make them jealous, you could still hurt them because they hate deceit. The thought that someone could outsmart them hurts them because they rate themselves highly.

The Bottom Line

Leo men are known to be self-centered and stubborn. They always see themselves as the number one in every setting and make others feel like they’re untouchable.

However, beneath the strong skin, there’s a sensitive guy that deals with his fair share of insecurities. This sensitive side is how they get hurt.

To hurt a Leo male, betray his trust, insult his appearance, be unappreciative of his efforts, ignore him, and make him jealous.