What Are Sagittariuses Afraid Of? (Their Biggest Fears)

What Are Sagittariuses Afraid Of?

No matter how fearless some people might seem, the truth is that they will undoubtedly have something that they are afraid of because everyone does. Some only tend to have the ability to hide it better than the rest, while others may have little or no control over it.

This logic applies mainly to individuals because of their peculiarities, but people who fall under the same zodiac sign tend to share similarities in the things that cause them to be afraid.

If you are a Sagittarius or you are involved with one, you might be interested in finding out the things that scare Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is one of the most straightforward zodiac signs you can trust completely. They also make good companions because they are highly optimistic, and this energy gets to rub off on people around them.

However, as perfect as they seem, they also have things that they dread so much and would strive to keep away from always.

For Sagittarius, freedom is everything. They hate and fear anything that would deprive them of the liberty to do whatever they want and when they want.

You will find this article helpful if you are interested in discovering what Sagittarius are afraid of and how they get to avoid such things.

Circumstances That Can Make a Sagittarius Scared

Circumstances That Can Make A Sagittarius Scared

Being afraid sometimes is one of the essential factors that make us humans. It’s almost impossible for anyone who has lived for quite a while to claim that they have never been in a situation where they were gripped by fear or do not have anything they are afraid of.

These phobias may come in various forms, such as the fear of heights, being underwater, staying in an enclosed place, etc.

Sometimes, a particular phobia may be common to a specific zodiac sign. Such that most people born under that sign will likely have that phobia.

However, there can always be exceptions because some people probably have found a way to overcome their phobias. At the same time, others may never have that particular fear like the rest of the people in their zodiac sign.

As a Sagittarius born, you will likely have at least one of the following fear factors.

Lack of Freedom

Lack Of Freedom

A Sagittarius will understandably compromise a lot of things for people around them, especially their partners, but when it comes to their freedom, there are no compromises.

A Sagittarius’s liberty to decide on something and act on it without worrying about any form of constraint is one of their most immense pleasure. Taking this pleasure away from them will leave them awful and rebellious.  

Sagittarius are mostly over-thinkers, and they get all worked up even when there is nothing to worry about. These worries will significantly increase when their freedom is restricted or taken away from them altogether.

Sagittarius may have a couple of other things that scare them, but this particular one is considered to be their biggest fear. They will do all within their means to avoid being in a situation where their freedom will be jeopardized.  

Also, Sagittarius hates being at the mercy of others. They like to be the masters of their destiny, and when they don’t get the chance to be the ones calling the shots, it makes them feel constrained.

Sagittarius think of themselves as free birds that can only channel their creativity when they have all the freedom they need. Being controlled by someone will take away all this independence from them.



This factor also shares similarities with lack of freedom because often, relationships come with lots of boundaries and some rules that you might have to follow to keep the relationship afloat.

While most people may find all of these exciting to do, Sagittarius may find it a little inconvenient because it will cause impairment to their independence.

Sagittarius dread being in a relationship because it deprives them of many privileges.

When they inevitably find themselves in a relationship, they find it hard to cope with compromising their freedom, especially if their partner is highly demanding and possessive.

However, they may have a soft landing if their partner is a reasonable person who will understand the type of people Sagittarius are and accord them enough freedom.

Missing Out

Missing Out

When you are so used to being the life of the party among your friends, you will understand how terrible it would feel if you get left out by your friends when they go on the activities you used to attend together with them.

To prevent this from happening, a Sagittarius will strive to keep up with being in the good books of everyone around them and contribute their quota to the fun activities.

If you haven’t been in this situation, you might find it hard to understand why the fear of missing out is such a big deal, but it is a big deal for people who have experienced such.

Going from being the person everyone wants to be around to becoming the secluded one can cause a significant dent in one’s self-esteem and mental health.


As against popular belief, fear is not entirely a sign of weakness. It is merely a reminder that you are human and that you have emotions running through you.

Everyone has something they are scared of, but some people have more control over how these things make them react. While some have extreme fears like that of height, some have trivial ones like the fear of spiders.

For others, their fears are connected to life-inclined situations like the fear of failure and rejection.

When it comes to Sagittarius, the list is not that much, but the feeling itself might be more heightened than others. The greatest phobia that Sagittarius have is the fear of losing their freedom.

Many people have various factors that they consider the essential element of living the good life, and for Sagittarius, that element is independence.

Once you take away their freedom, it will almost feel as if their entire existence has been deprived of them.