How To Keep a Capricorn Man (Things You Should Know)

How To Keep A Capricorn Man

Capricorn men want to be seen as independent and capable individuals who can thrive on their own without the support of others. For this reason, Capricorn men tend to keep to themselves most of the time, making it hard to determine their true feelings.

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to know where you stand in the relationship, so it’s understandable for you to want to learn how to keep a Capricorn man.

You can do many things to keep a Capricorn man, some of which you can learn by paying attention to his personality and treating him how you feel he might like.

Nonetheless, you can still follow some general techniques that guarantee that your Capricorn man will not leave you. These include regularly showing your entertaining side, being a constant admirer of his works, giving him adequate respect, and keeping the drama away.  

Read further as we discuss several ways you can use to keep a Capricorn man.

Strategies You Can Use To Keep a Capricorn Man

Being in a relationship where your partner is constantly moody can become tiring over time. It is understandable if you are looking for a way to keep your man in the relationship when you are not sure about your status in his life.

Capricorn men often prefer the ambiguity of their emotions, which is why they like when no one knows how they feel.

Regardless, there are specific steps you can follow if you want to make a Capricorn man remain yours.

Be Entertaining

Be Entertaining

Most times, Capricorn men like to focus on doing productive activities, and this may make them look too serious all of the time. If you make the mistake of entirely steering clear from their part because you want them to focus on the productive activities, you might create even more gap between you and him.

Regardless of their overly serious demeanor, a Capricorn man will always fancy a little bit of entertainment from time to time.

You should be able to keep him captivated with your entertaining side always. This trick will make him cheerful and help keep the spark between you and him alive.

No man would want to leave a woman who always puts effort into lightening up his day with fun.

Admire His Work

Admire His Work

Capricorns are highly ambitious, and they never stop chasing goals or accomplishments. Most times, Capricorn men barely have friends who always know about their business and work activities.

The only person who knows everything about them is their partner, and they enjoy getting feedback from them.

While they act nonchalant about people praising them when they achieve certain feats, letting them know that their activities are evident and commendable will give them a sense of fulfillment.

Whenever he attains a milestone, let him see how impressed you are and that you are proud to have him as yours.

Respect Him

Respect Him

One of the most significant errors people commit in a relationship is that they believe that admiration should go out the window once they have attained a certain level.

As much as this is okay for some people, Capricorn men don’t always find it appealing. It does not have to be an employer-to-employee kind of respect but enough to make him feel regarded in the relationship.

The moment you start disrespecting your Capricorn man, he would begin to withdraw because his ego isn’t strong enough to withstand harsh words that you might say to him, even when you don’t mean them.

Capricorn men can take a few jokes once in a while, but when it starts looking like your aim is to disrespect him jokingly or not, such a man will certainly not remain in the relationship for too long.

Keep the Drama Away

Keep The Drama Away

Capricorn men hate drama because they believe it is a time-wasting tool. Most Capricorn men would rather spend their time creating goals and achieving them than spend a minute of their life engaging in dramas.

If your relationship with a Capricorn man ever diminishes and you need some tricks to help keep everything afloat, don’t make the mistake of using drama.

When you become unnecessarily dramatic in the relationship, a Capricorn man will consider you a distraction and keep his attention on more creative activities.


Starting a new relationship may seem like the most challenging part of the relationship, but it is not. The truth is that the beginning is full of fun, and people are always willing to make adjustments and compromises to make the relationship work.

The crucial hard work comes in when you get to the bumpy part where everything doesn’t seem all lovey-dovey anymore. This part is where you will need to learn the tips that can help you keep your partner.

Fortunately, zodiac signs can help you figure out a few tips that could keep your partner in the relationship. For instance, if your partner is a Capricorn man, all you will have to do to keep him is to continue doing the things that made him become yours in the first place.

Capricorn men barely have time to go for entertaining activities. Hence, they would find you always captivating when you put effort into entertaining them with a bit of humor regularly.

Constant admiration of his works and achievements can help keep a Capricorn man enthralled by you because he would see you as his source of motivation and biggest fan.

You can also ensure that your Capricorn man never leaves by always showing him how much you respect him and being less dramatic in the relationship.