How To Get a Pisces Woman Back (Easy & Effective Steps)

How To Get A Pisces Woman Back

Pisces zodiacs are among the signs that follow their intuition and are emotionally sensitive. They have creative thinking and are imaginative, and they go to extreme lengths for the person they fall in love with. Also, they are known as romanticists and compassionate.

The grace period to get back with your partner is three months, but the chances to get back with this zodiac sign are pretty high because Pisces women are emotionally sensitive. They try to make others feel better if they think they are hurting inside.

So, if you are trying to get back together with your Pisces woman, here is how

The first and foremost step is appealing to her emotions and evoking her empathy. Next, listen to her, be understanding, promise her to be better, and avoid making her distrust you. Lastly, earnestly request the support of her friends’ circle and give her time to spring back up.

Due to their personalities, Pisces can sometimes enjoy the pain accompanied by the heartbreak or breakup, which is why they are also among the zodiacs with the highest chance of getting back with you.

Let us explore more about how to get a Pisces woman back.

Appeal to Her Emotions

Appeal To Her Emotions

If you are trying to get back with your Pisces woman, try appealing to her emotions. This step involves a little manipulation, and as underhanded as it may come across, it is a surefire way to get back with her.

You need to show your Pisces woman that you are devastated by this breakup. This zodiac sign has a forgiving nature and a big heart. They try their utmost to make sure the people around them are happy.

Arouse her guilty conscience by showing how disturbed you are by this and want to get back.

Doing so will make her feel restless, and she will try her best to find ways to help you in any way she can, eventually leading to the reconciliation of the relationship. You can check out Pisces personality traits here.

Editor’s Note

Remember, while manipulation is well and good to show her that you are hurting. Do not manipulate her into thinking she is the one at fault, or you may lose any chance you have.

Be Understanding and Listen to Her

Be Understanding And Listen To Her

Be sure to be a good listener, and understand her point of view on what she thinks. If you are patient and let her carry on at her own pace, you have a high chance of reconciling.

A Pisces woman will try to get the load off her chest, so she will open up to you about the underlying cause of the issue and tell you earnestly about her feelings.

It means she is ready to get back together with you and wants you to know her better and avoid such a thing happening again.

Avoid Making Her Distrust You

Avoid Making Her Distrust You

Losing the trust of anyone and trying to gain it back is no easy feat, and Pisces do not open up to anyone easily, so when they open up to you, it means you have earned their trust. Check out why Pisces is so secretive here.

Try to be completely honest with her and show her that she can still trust you and that whatever happened was due to a misunderstanding. If not, assure her that it was a mistake on your part.

If she finds a slight hint of dishonesty on your part, she will not give you any further chance.

Promise To Be Better

Promise To Be Better

If you earnestly show her that you are ready to listen to her feelings and what she expects from you and act on them, you can get back together. It also means you are genuine with her, and she will test your intentions.

Try to acknowledge the problem behind the breakup even if you have to take the blame and be highly sensitive to her feelings. Avoid a clingy approach; otherwise, she will slip away from you as fast as a fish. 

Also, show her you are trying your best to be better, and Pisces are romanticists and love to fantasize.

Make her heart flutter by sending her a flower bouquet or planning a horse carriage ride, which will show your love and care for her, increasing your chances of being together again.

Give Her Some Time Alone

Give Her Some Time Alone

The tricky part, yes! Give her some time alone, but do not leave her be for too long.

Pisces hold a grudge and do not forget things easily because of their nature. If she takes an alternate approach to let out her depressive thoughts, you can kiss your chances goodbye.

So, giving a few days to her to sort her thoughts and think about the time you spent together is enough and is the opportune time to strike. A Pisces woman loves fantasy, which is why she keeps the lights on till the very last moment for you.

This zodiac sign is among the zodiacs that appreciate some personal space, so giving her some alone time will provide double the effect.

However, she will avoid reaching out first due to the hurt she has received, so let her ride on your apology and pave the way to reconciliation.

Request Help From Her Friends

Request Help From Her Friends

The last weapon in your arsenal is reaching out to her circle of friends. Pisces have a strong bond with their friends and often go above and beyond to help them. 

That is not all; despite the nature of Pisces to keep to themselves, they tend to share their secrets with friends rather than family, so a close friend of theirs vouching for you is likely to have a positive effect.

That is why try your best to sincerely convince her friends and show them you genuinely want to get back with her, which can enhance your chances of getting back with her. Check out which zodiac signs are the best match for a Pisces here.


To finish off, always remember that Pisces may come off as a water sign that is very forgiving and readily gives you a second chance, but they are also quick to draw boundaries.

So, if you want to win your Pisces woman back, as they say, honesty is the best policy. Also, understand her feelings, listen to her, be apologetic by setting aside your pride, and make sure she does not retreat to her shell, i.e., no pressuring her, and show her unconditional love.